How To See Who Viewed My Instagram

Do you use Instagram? If yes then this article has just awesome content for you. If you are posting pictures day in day out on your Instagram then the thought “Who viewed my Instagram ?” would have definitely crossed your mind. Using Instagram has no harm but you should be aware of the fact that the whole world can watch or view the content from your account.

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You might be wondering that this is some sort of clickbait article. Knowing who viewed my Instagram is impossible. But I have good news for you guys, I have exactly mapped that for you here.

Below is the step-by-step procedure that could let you know who is your Instagram stalker and is viewing your Instagram every day. I also have no crop apps for your Instagram as well.


Who viewed my Instagram

How Can You See Who Views Your Instagram

I personally use Instagram a lot, and I wanted to actually find out who was viewing my Instagram.  I also wanted to know who viewed my Instagram video. Hence, I came to know about some of the methods that are successfully working for me in this situation. These are legitimate methods to find out who viewed my Instagram. As a result, I have listed all of them in this article and it will help you as well.

These methods that I am going to mention will work on every Instagram post. By following the procedures you can also get to know about your Instagram stalker. You would also be aware of who is actually viewing all your Instagram videos and photos. All the insights about your Instagram post will also be mentioned there.

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Time To Find Out Who Viewed My Instagram

I have listed all the legitimate apps that you can use to find all about your Instagram followers. Using these apps you will get to know about your Instagram stalkers. After installing these apps you will also get to know can i see who views my Instagram.

  1. Follower Analyzer (Instagram)

    follower analyzerThe follower analyzer is also one of the best in the business. The main concern about this one is, some of the useful features are paid.

    Hence, for normal Instagram users, this might be an issue. If you are someone who is into the Instagram business and wants to expand the same, this is the app for you.

    The premium features are great and will present you with awesome features to track.

    You can easily grow your Instagram account and y checking who is viewing your Instagram video and who likes your post on your Instagram account.
    Hence, I would totally recommend the paid feature of this app and will give it a thumbs up.

    Download From Google Play Store

  2. Followers Insight for Instagram

    followers insightThis is the app that I am in love with. I just love it efficiency and the accuracy of the data reported to me.

    The best feature that they have to offer is that we can easily track multiple accounts using this one single app. You also have the option of checking out media analytic.

    By this way you will also get to know who is viewing your all the insta videos. For tracking purpose you would also be told about the effective time to post your Instagram videos so that you gain maximum likes and views on your Instagram video.

    Only one mandatory thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have an Instagram account to use this app.

  3. Who Viewed My Instagra Profile

    Who viewed my instagra profileThis app is pretty new one and is gaining popularity day in day out. The special thing about this app is you can easily analyze your profile data based on interactions with your profile such as likes, comments, requests.

    As a result you can find out your Instagram secret admirers. The developers of this app also state that the analytic data presented to you is a very accurate one and your data is safe as well.

    Hence, you can give them a try and rate this app yourself. I found this app easy to use and with great GUI and fast as well. They have used special and advanced algorithm so that you can get the most accurate data.

  4. Who Watched Me – for Instagram

    who watchedThis is yet another good app for the tracking purpose of your Instagram profile. This is an all-in-one free app that you can download from Google Play Store.

    Here you would find the lists the users in the order, who watched your profile most. Hence, you can be sure to rate your fans as well.

    This is the proven way to get to know about your insta stalker as well. Since the stalker would go ahead and be on the top of each and every post list.

    This is just awesome for your Instagram videos as you will be presented with the list of viewers of your Instagram videos. They are pretty new app, hence you can give them a try and see if it fits your requirements.

  5. Follower Tracker for Instagram

    folower tracker for InstagramThe follower tracker basically gives you the graphs of your Instagram analytics account. As a result, you can easily find out your non followers, Ghost followers, Loyal followers, and much more with this great application.

    There are great options that you could use to find out which type of Instagram videos are being viewed the most. Accordingly, you can decide the same and increase your Instagram followers and viewership.

    They have got more than 3 thousand downloads with an average rating of 4.2. You can also give them a try and check if this app is worth those ratings. I found this one to be fast and optimized.

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