10 Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS

Creating a whiteboard video is becoming a thing of the present world. To assist you with the same, you should have one of the best whiteboard animation apps installed on your phone.

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For this very reason, I have curated a list of some of the best whiteboard animation apps for android and iOS devices. As a result of which, there is absolutely no need for you to search best whiteboard animation apps anywhere else.

Personally speaking, of late, I have been using these apps and I find them pretty handy. I have also taught my father how to use these whiteboard animation apps and he also enjoys the same.

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whiteboard animation apps

Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Benime – Whiteboard animation creator

    The Benime whiteboard animation creator is one of the best whiteboard animation apps in the market. With the ever-changing and constantly growing world of technology, this app will keep you up to date.

    This app is a super-friendly mobile application that will make it easier for you to create your animations anywhere and at any time. When you will open this app you will see that the app lets you know whatever projects and movies you have created and saved in this app. In its create section you can start with your animation work.

    It gives you the option to choose from its collection of stickers, background screen, text size and style, and more. What is more surprising that you can do all this and more. That is you can also add music to your animation. You can select the music from your own phone playlist collection or use the ones in the app itself.

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  2. Wideo – Whiteboard Doodle Animation Video Maker

    Whether you are a marketing person who has great experience in your respective field. Or you are someone who has just started with this area of work. You should most definitely have this app handy and ready at your call.

    The Wideo whiteboard doodle animation video maker app brings the opportunity of quick video presentation and or project making to the user’s door. With just a simple tap you can enter into the make your project section and create the best movies and or projects that birth from your conceived ideas.

    Besides you can create movies here according to whatever format suits your needs. You can create movies for youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more such apps. Interestingly, this app not only lets you choose the video format but also the quality of the video. It gives you the options for what pixels you can use that are mentioned alongside the format details.

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  3. Explain Everything Whiteboard

    One more whiteboard animation app that makes it into our list is the Explain everything whiteboard animation app. You can download this app on the google play store app for free.

    While using this app you will realize that is highly easy to use and operate its feature. Furthermore, this app has an insane amount of pre-loaded features and formatting options. Because of these amazing features, this app lessens your work burden and even makes the dullest of tasks fun to do.

    They explain everything whiteboard app is a very unique and versatile app that generates thousands of new possibilities that will bend the time frame constraint of your work deadline.

    Now you can easily connect, meet, and collaborate with other users of this app. And get the chance to increase your engagement with more effective feedbacks.

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  4. Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle

    The whiteboard draws paint doodle app has the biggest working screen which is developed to maximize your workspace. So that you do not have any problems in being the best creative that you are.

    You can also easily create a beautiful whiteboard video which is loaded with information graphs and pictorial representations of these graphs or pie charts with your fingers.

    This app can not only be used for animation only but also as a drawing and doodling tool for adults and kids as well. Now get yourself some free time to relax by keeping your kids busy on this app.

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  5. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App

    When we started this year 2020 we all were so happy and energetic because it was again a new year and a new feeling. Some students were planning on enjoying their school life or college life to the fullest.

    But alas, you know the rest. For teachers and students alike this app comes to save the sinking ships. The liveaboard interactive whiteboard app can be used by teachers to make their classes more engaging and interesting.

    This app also lets you create multi-page boards from the pdfs on your phone. You can also record yourself working in live sessions and later share these recorded versions with others as well.

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  6. FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

    Animation is one among many of the new and growing industries that has still a lot more to do and even more to be discovered in it and through it.

    Through this mobile app, you can easily and creatively design and create animations of cartoons, movie making, sketching, designing gifs, and more.

    Whether you are doing it for the first time or you have done it million times before this app is there to make every single step of the way easier for you. In this app, you can use the art drawing tools, create animation with several layers ( up to ten ), video animation tools, audio with video, animated photos, and videos, and share it all with your friends and family.

    Furthermore, you can do all this and more in this app is you can draw and animate cartoons, anime, and more in this app and give visuals to your well-thought-out imagination.

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  7. Microsoft Whiteboard

    The Microsoft whiteboard is most definitely a worthy competitor and has successfully managed to hoist its flag in this list of animation applications.

    This app will help and ease out the monotonous and boring tasks that are to be done every day by people on the job. The big sword of time restriction on your head and the creative block that you go through ultimately makes you frustrated with your job.

    Well, this will not be a contributing factor anymore to this situation. Using this app you can create, edit, save, and share your artistic work with anyone and anywhere. No matter if you are sitting in your office cubical or are sitting on your comfortable couch you are now free to do your work as per your choice and in your unique way that too for free.

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  8. EasyTeach Whiteboard

    This is one of the apps where you realize yourself using this app your life has become so easy and fun all along. It is like a two in one mobile whiteboard and animation app.

    Using this easy teach whiteboard application is just like how it feels to use the actual physical form of the whiteboard. Besides, you can download this animation application for free on the app store.

    And use it on your iPad and or iPhone. The most interesting feature of this app is that first of all you can very easily create the sessions. And then you can also record these already created sessions into videos. And you can easily create and share your video session with your students if you are a teacher or with your friends.

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  9. Whiteboard Drawing – Simple Sketchbook

    The whiteboard drawing simple sketchbook app is one of a kind app in its own way. It is a full-screen whiteboard app that you can use as a simple 2D illustrator. And easily create and design multi-color drawings and animation.

    It comes with an endless color grade system. That you can use to bring your designs to life and make them presentable. And you can also see that there is a gridlines option which helps you in smoothly drawing your caricatures.

    And animate them in whichever way you want. Besides, before you save your work it gives you an option to see how your work will look on a big screen. Isn’t it so convenient to have this app ready on your devices to give life to your skill?

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  10. Squigl

    The last but definitely not least whiteboard application making its way into our list is the Squigl app. You can download this app for free on the google play store and enjoy its many perks.

    Through this app, you can create, design, edit, and modify each and every drawing of yours. It is the simplest way of getting your feet firm in the sector of animation. Besides, this app has many noteworthy features.

    And you import pictures and videos through your storage outlet and turn them into whatever you like. All the more, you can use this app on any of your devices for free.

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