Top 10 Wedding Countdown Apps For Android & iOS

Wedding Countdown Apps could really help you in keeping the track of the time left for your wedding. In everyone’s life, the wedding is one of the most special events that occur.

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As a result, everyone is always excited about their own weddings. In those scenarios keeping a track of the time left by using the wedding countdown apps could really take your excitement to the next level.

Personally speaking, I send the timers to all the individuals involved in my wedding using these wedding countdown apps. This helped everyone keep the track of the time left and ultimately everyone enjoyed the same.

wedding countdown apps

Top 10 Wedding Countdown Apps


bridebookBridebook claims to be one of the best wedding planning apps on the internet and rightly so. With some of the best expert reviews, Bridebook stands tall and proud among the jungle of wedding planning apps.

In the addition to wedding countdown, it provides so many other features that will add to your convenience while planning that perfect wedding. Now manage your wedding budget, guest list, or find the perfect venue for the wedding using the tools of the app. Feeling confused? Use the wedding advice of Bridebook.

Save your experiments and ideas in one place using a scrapbook to show your creativity. It comes free of cost but you can avail of some extra benefit at a nominal fee. If wedding planning is your priority, make Bridebook your priority as well.

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The Big Day

big day

Ready for your big day? If you are looking for an app that would take the burden off of your shoulder of counting the days until the D-day for you, then look no further.

The Big Day comes with not only a countdown, but you can personalize it with a background of your own choice. Manage the guest list, their seating sheet, the timeline of the events all from one application.

One of the special features of this app, i.e. budget planner helps you manage the books of the wedding so that you can focus on what is more important for you.

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countdownIn a fix for a perfect app that will fit all your needs including your wedding? Look no further, Countdown lets you count the remaining time in different units like months, days, hours, etc. but the interesting aspect of it is that, it counts the remaining time in heartbeats as well.

Apart from counting weddings, it can be used to countdown any events with customization that can put to shame many other apps.

The app comes as both free and paid person with no ads in premium. To add this widget on your home screen and countdown to your big day in style.

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Wedding Countdown

wedding countdownWant to be creative with your usual wedding countdown? Use the wedding countdown widget to get more aesthetic and interesting features. Count your remaining days in heartbeats and kisses instead of hours and days.

Use your photograph or from a set of amazing pictures as the background of the countdown or use some music to make it even more interesting. The paid version comes with multiple event countdowns and ad removal.

Wedding Countdown provides you quality features with ease of accessibility so that you focus more on your wedding and leave the job of counting it down on the app.

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Countdown +

countdown+The wedding countdown has never been more fun. With Countdown plus, you get a plethora of features that make your countdown even more fun than your regular countdown apps.

Keep forgetting that friend’s birthday? Or missed the wedding of your co-worker? Countdown+ syncs all your social contacts and provides you an unmatched experience. With the widget, you get to access important features from your home screen.

Use your favorite picture with the sound of your choice and make every day of your wait a memorable one. Available for both android and ios .

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wedding happyWeddingHappy is a wedding planning app. If you are just looking for a wedding countdown app, then hold on, this app might overwhelm you with the endless list of features that you might end up loving too.

With the widget, you can see the countdown to your wedding date, along with managing other aspects of your wedding like vendor management, payment tracking, appending summary, etc.

The one feature that stands out is, if your wedding date is changed, the app reorganizes everything like it was planned all along. So count down all your worries with the countdown option and manage all your problems with the useful set of tools of WeddingHappy.

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day beforeTheDayBefore claims as to the best app there is for D-Day. Now countdown your wedding using the best in the class widget that you can customize according to your needs.

It lets you count the number of days left in your wedding or the number of days from your last anniversary or any event for that matter so that you can always have that perfect moment on your mind and plan beforehand and make it even more special.

It even lets you set your favorite image for the background while you are at it and gives so many options for your change in taste and mood. You could also write a story related to a particular day that you can keep as a timeline of events that lead to the big day, your wedding.

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Big Days

big daysBig Days are not your regular event countdown app. Along with the features that it provides, it is a very stylish and lightweight app.

Now countdown not only your wedding but other events like appointments, holidays, birthdays, exams, etc. with the alarm feature that lets you know when an event is nearby.

Choose an image for your event from your camera reel or go over the internet and download some from Pixabay. You could also choose to show your favorite events every time you start up the app. All your events are managed with notification with your inputs synchronized at regular intervals. Do anything you can possibly think of and yet you will fall short on using the app to its full capability. Give it a shot. It won’t disappoint.

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Big Days of Our Life Countdown

big day our life

As the name suggests, it is the app to countdown all your big days in your life, be it your Wedding, birthdays, appointments, etc.

The app lets you set the date to many events at one go and track all at once. You could use your favorite image as the background for the events either from your camera roll or your phone gallery.

Use the “Remind me before” feature to set a maximum of 5 alerts for every big day in your list. The simple and lightweight user interface of the app gives you exactly what you want without any fuss.

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We Tales


Wetales is a wedding countdown cum planning app that comes with a load of useful features that you can use to get the best out of your wedding and shine like the star that you are.

Now manage invitation, guest list, budget, and everything else in addition to enjoying 120+ royal themes. You could also collect your wedding pictures and share them with your loved ones using the app.

Overall, this app is gonna make your work so much easier with the set of tools it provides.

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