Top Best Websites Like Prankdial – Prankdial Alternatives

Prankdial has been one of the well-known prank call websites. In some countries, it is not available or there are restrictions, in that case, you can use the websites that are mentioned below in the list. All these websites like Prankdial are also good and a few of them are even better. Hence you can try all these websites and chose the best one for yourself.

Prank dial also has a prank calling app that is available on the play store to download. This is also a plus point that Prankdial has over other prank-calling websites. But there is a saying, “the more the merrier”. Hence you should try all the other Prankdial alternatives as well.

This is so because Prankdial does not have all the cool options. As a result of this, you should try all the other websites like Prankdial and choose your favorite one.

Websites Like Prankdial

Top Best Websites Like Prankdial

  1. Prankowl

    prankowlPrankowl is another great website that is famous for its free prank calls. It has a huge database of prank calls that you can try. They also give free tokens to the new users so that they are able to check the services and if they are happy, they could proceed with the full subscription.  Once you start using the Prankowl website you would absolutely love it. You also can check out sites like Prankowl.

    Some of the coll functionality includes making friends call each other, call from any number that you want. Prank using the pre-recorded messages. It has got operator pranks, spoof calls and other hilarious calls and messages to perform a successful prank call. You also can record the reactions and share the same on social media as well.

  2. Comedy Calls

    comedy_callsAs the name goes, it is also one of the awesome ways to perform a comedy prank on anyone that you like. The best part about comedy calls is it’s an awesome category-wise distribution of calls that you can choose from. As a result of which you would choose the calls according to the person that is being pranked.

    You can choose from, politics, romance, holidays and music, etc. For US and Canada users, you can send free prank calls to anyone. They have also placed the top categories that you can choose to prank. You can hear the reactions and also share your recorded pranks on social media as well.

  3. Ownage Pranks

    ownage prank callsOne of the most famous and upcoming prank call destinations for pranksters is Ownage Pranks. They also have a prank calling app for ios and android that could also be used for performing the prank calls. Hence you can say that it is becoming a one-stop solution for all your prank call requirements. They also have given a special section for their “weekly pick” which is another selected prank call that you can try.

    They also have included the section of prank call videos which you can view for entertainment purposes. You also have an option to request the prank by submitting some of the information required by their website and you will be sent a special prank call that you can use anywhere specially designed for you.

  4. Wacky Prank Calls

    wacky prank callsIf you want prank calls to be wired and different from others, then you should definitely try Wacky Prank Calls. You can easily play a wind-up on them without them knowing about your details. There is also an option that can make you hear the full wind-up call and record the same. You can laugh, giggle or scream but the person on the prank call will never know about your motives.

    You also can use the hints and tips for each and every call and can benefit from it. There is plenty number of wind-ups available for each and every scenario that you can think of. You also cause their website to make prank calls from your system as well.

  5. Prank Call Nation

    prank call nationAnother easy-to-use website for all prank calls is Prank Call Nation. They have the most diversified content and options present when it comes to prank calls. The developers keep on adding new ways and techniques of prank calls. As a result of which each and every prank lover awaits a new update from the prank call nation website. You also can use the chat feature to chat with other pranksters. All you need to do is to follow a simple registration procedure and you are good to go.

    They also have a YouTube option that shows all the latest pranks and prank ideas that you can use in real-world scenarios. Hence you can become a prank call expert yourself by following the YouTube channel.  They also have included different shows that you can watch and listen to all the latest content on the prank call.

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