10 Best VPN Apps For iOS That You Must Have {Updated List}

In my opinion, everyone should use one of the best VPN apps. Especially if you are an iOS user. By doing so, you would be able to bypass all the tracking systems that have been put in place to track your activities.

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Personally speaking, I have been using at least one of the best VPN apps for iOS since the time I owned a smartphone. I do not want anyone to know about my activities and what websites I am surfing.

Also, when you are using a VPN app, you would be able to unlock different shows on Amazon Prime that are blocked and banned in your region. Not to forget, you could also use some of the best Netflix alternatives as well.

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Top Best VPN Apps For iOS

  1. HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy

    Now you can stream and enjoy the services of distant places without any kind of hassle. This super VPN-free VPN client app works to make sure that every content reaches the app users smoothly.

    If you analyze this app carefully you will see that it takes every single measure regarding the user’s safety. The moment you download and open this app it prompts a security terms and conditions window.

    In this window cum contract deal you have to give your assent to use this app. This app also records and lets you see how long were you connected to foreign content using this app.

    You can download this app for free through apple’s own app store. And enjoy watching shows that are not available on any streaming platforms.

    Download From Apple App Store

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  2. Melon VPN – Easy Fast VPN

    If you ever need a reliable app that provides free and high-quality virtual private network connection. Then you should definitely check this app out.

    The melon VPN easy fast VPN connection app has an amazing and super awesome interface. The users are actually benefited from this user-friendly user interface. Because it makes it that much easier to use.

    It is quite literally the easiest and fastest VPN service provider app in the market. It has many features among which I would like to highlight some. First of all, it has a huge amount of servers with high-speed bandwidth.

    Then this app can work with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers. So this is definitely a plus point for this app over the others. You can download this app for free on the app store and unlock its many other features for free as well.

    Download From Apple App Store

  3. VPN Proxy Master for iPhone

    This app is really the most fantastic addition an iPhone user can make to its app list. The VPN proxy master for iPhone is a must-have because it lets you enjoy many other phone experiences as well.

    It allows super easy and most secure one tap connect to protect your personal data and other information. This app also provides multiple servers from many different countries so that you can establish a connection to all websites and content.

    And the best feature of all is that the user can serve for long hours without any extended loading time and connection issues. So what are you waiting for, this app is available on the app store and can be downloaded for free.

    Download From Apple App Store

  4. Windscribe VP‪N‬ 

    The Windscribe VPN app is part of the list of those best VPN apps. That is considered the most essential and easy-to-use VPN apps.

    It is without a doubt one of the best VPN apps that are free to use for ios users. With the Windscribe VPN app, you can browse the world of the internet in privacy just like it was meant to be. You can also import open VPN configurations and connect to any third-party app VPN server.

    Besides, the user can pick server locations from over 63 countries and 110 cities. This app also looks after the user’s security and has the auto secure feature. Also, it will disable any network which will cause problems to the user in any way. Download this app for free by using the link attached to this article.

    Download From Apple App Store

  5. hide.me VP‪N‬ 

    The hide. me VPN app is used and trusted by more than 20 million ios users from all over the world.

    While using this absolutely amazing app you can surf the internet with an encrypted connection.

    It has an awesome and quickest quick and easy setup feature. This app has the world’s fastest VPN that guarantees no logs and protects the user’s privacy. Besides, this app and brand is known and well trusted for its service since 2012. The user can select from over 70 strategically placed server locations. And with these server settings, you can access any and every website and stream its content. To download this app all you have to do is click the given link and voila this app is yours.

    Download From Apple App Store

  6. Best VPN Proxy Betterne‪t

    The best VPN proxy Betternet VPN app has gained worldwide recognition. And this app is used by many all over the world.

    First of all, this app is available on the app store with a well-detailed description of itself. The Betternet has the fastest VPN servers and the app shows your connection status.

    It has an adorable blue character that lets you know if your connection is on or off. And it also lets you know which country’s server you are currently using. Furthermore, anyone can download this without any hassle. All you have to is click and follow the link given below.

    Download From Apple App Store

  7. TunnelBear: Secure VPN & Wif‪i‬

    The tunnel bear secure VPN and wifi app, in all honesty, is one of the most manageable and useful VPN apps in the market.

    This app asks nothing from you, and you just have to download a bear to keep your location safe and private. This app turns your web browsing details into a form that can not be read and that is how it keeps your privacy in check. You can try this vpn app for the ios platform for free.

    And guess what you will 500 MB worth of data free for every month that you have had this app. Anyone can use the link given below to download this app for free either on their iPads or iPhones. If you want this app for either your iPhone and or iPad you can use the link that I gave below to install this app from the app store.

    Download From Apple App Store

  8. VPN – Faster Secure Internet‬

    With the VPN faster secure internet VPN app the user can enjoy and have full access to all the locked sites.

    This app really works best for the protection of user’s details and privacy. It has the best user absolute anonymity feature. Also, it ensures that your personal and private information does not leak and get out to third-party applications.

    Besides all this you can also take advantage of the many servers this app provides and access them as you like. So now whenever you feel like watching your favorite series is out of reach you know where to come. All the ios device users can download this app just by clicking on the link given below.

    Download From Apple App Store

  9. Hаrbоr VРN – Sесurе Cоnnеctiо‪n

    The next app that this list will make you aware of is the harbor VPN secure connection VPN app.

    This app has been around for some time in the market for VPN for ios users. And let me tell you it has won over many people’s hearts from around the globe. It acts as a lighthouse that lightens up your path on the internet and excludes all unnecessary stuff.

    This app has a list full of server connections and it also has the most stable VPN connection as well. It also comes with the best and most effective add blocker. All in all, it is one of the best VPN apps for iPhone users and it can satisfy all your expectations and needs. You can get this app for your ios devices through the app store. And the link that I mentioned below will take you directly to this app.

    Download From Apple App Store

  10. X-VPN – Best VPN Proxy master‬

    The x – VPN best VPN proxy master app makes surfing safe, secure, and privacy enables. 

    The first thing that I must let all you readers know is that it is the safest and cheapest route to get a VPN app. This app has over 8000 plus servers in around 50 plus global locations. The user can opt for servers of Germany, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, India, Finland, Hungary, France, Russia, and many more.

    It is a super fast and easy-to-connect VPN app that will secure your internet activity and also your wifi connection. You can use this app to get access to thousands of blocked streamable series on ott ( over the top ) platforms. The content can be accessed from Netflix, Hulu, SyFy, HBO and HBO max, WB (warner bros), and many other known sites.

    Download From Apple App Store

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