10 Amazing Volume Booster Apps For Android & iOS

These amazing volume booster apps will take your breath away when you will experience their power-packed performance. Ideal ultimate volume booster apps will not only increase the volume but also enhance the performance of the music.

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Hence, you should try these apps, as it will provide you an amazing amplified music experience. The only point that you need to take care of is to choose an app that suits your phone from this list of awesome volume booster apps for android and iOS.

This is because every volume booster app might not suit your phone. Hence, you would need to try the different app before you settle for your choice of the best volume booster apps.

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Top 10 Ultimate Volume Booster Apps


  1. Speaker Boost

    speaker boostThis app is designed to increase your device’s volume so that you can enjoy playing games, listening to music without Wi-Fi, and watching videos at a louder sound.

    It also improves sound during a voice call audio for better hearing. This app is very simple and can increase your music volume with a single tap only.

    It enables you to better utilize your music equalizer and let your device’s speakers perform their best. You use this for your headphones too as it is going to give you a better experience than ever before.

    You can completely depend upon this volume booster app and let your phone speakers give their maximum.

    Download From Google Play Store

  2. Loud Volume Booster For Speakers

    loud volume boosterThis app works really great at increasing your phone’s volume and producing louder sounds than ever before. It is particularly designed for Android device users to improve their experience of watching any videos online or offline, playing any games, and listening to any songs on free music downloader apps.

    You can use it any time like jogging and workout. You can enjoy the loudness either by playing it with your phone’s speakers or connecting your headphones to the phone. The Soft boost feature will hide any noise that disturbs your hearing. It works smoothly even if you connect it with your Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth ear pods.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. Super Volume Booster

    super volume boosterIt is a very popular app among music lovers. It increases speaker sound to the extreme and you can choose any of the special sound effects it has got as per your choice.

    This app works the best for headphones, you can use the 3D surround sound effects while listening to songs to get an amazing experience. You can increase the bass of the songs or videos you are watching.

    Not only for songs, videos, and games, you can also use this application for increasing the volume of your ringtone, alarm tone, and notifications.

    Also, some users have suggested that this app works best for all the autotune songs. Hence, you can record the song when you are singing and boost the volume using this amazing volume booster app.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. Max Volume Booster

    max volume boosterThis app can expand your device’s volume up to 1000% with just a single tap. You can use this app for playing any type of audio songs, videos, or for gaming purposes too.

    It is designed for Apple device users and works smoothly on iOS 10.0 and later. You can even upgrade it to the premium version for removing any advertisement that may usually disturb in between.

    Also, eliminate the time limit that is applicable in the free version.

    One of my friends used a voice changer app and scared his brother by changing the voice to a scary ghost and boosting the volume up. It was a great prank.

    Download From Apple App Store

  5. Boom

    boomBoom is a fantastic volume boosting app and a lot of sound effects included in it designed to enhance your experience while listening to your favorite songs.

    It has got its default equalizer or you can manually adjust the equalizer as per your preference. The 3D sound feature is very effective in this app as it produces the sound in a more natural manner. It works amazingly on any headphones.

    The unique feature of this app is that you will get access to thousands and thousands of radio stations worldwide. It has a user-friendly interface; you can increase your bass to the extreme and feel the music.

    Also, I personally used this app for my karaoke sessions, and I loved this amazing app and its volume-boosting capacities.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Super High Volume Booster

    high super volume boosterThis app is very good at increasing your phone’s volume for giving you a better listening experience while you are playing any game, listening to your most liked songs, or watching any kind of video.

    It can boost your phone’s loudness by 60% approximately of system defaults when you use it. You just need one tap to increase the volume.

    The size of this app is very less so it won’t take much of your device’s storage and you can easily feel the music better than you used to by using this app. The sound quality will always be at its best.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. AmpMe – Speaker Volume Booster

    ampmeIt is a very well-known app among iPhone users. This volume booster app enables you to connect your phone with any other phones, Bluetooth speakers, or even laptops and play in all of these at a time to enjoy a louder sound.

    You can play music from any online source you want or even from your own device gallery. This app is free but you can subscribe to the paid version for unlimited experience.

    This app is compatible with iOS version 10.0 and later. It has got different types of themes too for you to choose from.

    Download From Apple App Store

  8. Bass Booster & Equalizer

    bass booster and equilizerIt can increase your volume up to 55% than normal so that you can enjoy your favorite music more than you used to on your phone. You can also connect it to any external speakers or headphones.

    The sound quality is amazing and you can experience it without any distortions in between. It does not require any prior permission from you to run the app so it does not have access to any of your personal data.

    So, it is completely safe to use. This volume booster app is very simple and it works on almost every device.

  9. Volume Booster 2020

    volume up sound boosterThis app is a very good volume booster that supports any kind of sound. The bass booster feature works the best in headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

    The app has got beautiful themes and you can choose any one of them at a time depending upon your preference. The extra volume will enhance your music listening experience.

    It is very easy to use and it contains many sound effects which you can select by yourself. You can increase the volume by just one tap.

  10. Extra Volume Booster

    extra volume boosterThis is one of the best volume booster app as it can increase the volume up to 200% then your phone usually delivers.

    It has got different types of effects like stereo sound and bass booster effects. The sound will increase to the maximum which will improve your music listening experience.

    You can connect your phone to any external speakers and fill in its effects if you want to. It can increase your voice call audio sound.

    This app is very good for bass boosting when you listen to songs. You do not need to restrict yourself to your phone’s default volume anymore.

    In some cases, when the audio format is not supported, this volume booster app will not work.

So, these are some of the best volume booster apps. You do not need to worry about the lower sound of your phone anymore. However, the maximum sound that each app can deliver will also depend on the capacity of your device.

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