10 Best Virtual Haircut Apps For Free {Must Have}

While getting a haircut, you cannot try different styles in reality without disturbing your hair length. But with technology and the help of virtual haircut apps, everything seems to be possible.

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Keeping the same thing in mind, here are some of the top best virtual haircut apps that you could use in order to finalize your look before you actually go in for the haircut.

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These virtual haircut apps are the latest apps that are updated regularly in order to meet current trends. Hence, you need not worry about the styles of haircuts. When you use these virtual haircut apps, you would be able to notice the latest designs and trends.

Top Best Virtual Haircut Apps

  1. Hairstyle Try On – Hair Styles and Haircuts

    hairstyle try onYou can use this app for getting a gist of how a haircut is gonna look on you. Hairstyle Try On brings to you the salon feel.

    You can sit in your house chair or sofa and feel the salon treatment. This app has a face recognition feature.

    You can simply take a selfie and the app camera will detect your facial features. It has a vast variety of haircuts and hairstyles that you can try on.

    Hairstyles for both men and women can be found. It has haircuts and styles for long hair, short hair, bob, bangs, layers, and everything. You can download any style, change your hair color and you are good to go.

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  2. Hairstyle Changer 2020 – Hairstyle & HairColor Pro

    hairstyle changerWell, the year 2020 did make us get locked in our houses. But it can’t stop us from testing on different hairstyles.

    Many of us have become a self-claimed hairstylist ourselves. We took the task of getting our hair cut into our own hands.

    Thanks to hairstyle changer working with scissors have never been so easy. With the help of this app, you can click your picture and put on different hairstyles over the picture.

    It is well-tailored to the needs of both men and women. You can also change your hair color from plain black to a beautiful rainbow shade. With just one click you can show an all-new side of yourself to the world. Do not forget this app is free to use.

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  3. Hairstyle Changer app, virtual makeover women, men

    hairstyle changer virtual makeoverAs the name suggests with this app you can try on different hairstyles yourself. Hairstyle changer app lets you get a feel, virtually, of how a haircut is going to look on you.

    With hundreds of hairstyles, you can choose the best for yourself. It has three collections- one is for women/girls hairstyle, the second is for men/boys hairstyle.

    The third and newly added collection is for men’s beards, mustaches, and beard styles. This app through the facial recognition system can detect what beard style will suit the most on men.

    The hairstyle changer app will assess your image and the underlying features. After assessing the picture it will suggest suitable styles for you. You just have to click a picture or can even dig your gallery for one and there you go “a new you with a different look”.

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  4. Best Hairstyles

    best hairstylesThe best hairstyles are absolutely amazing and free to use the app. Through this app, you can try on a variety of looks. It is an easy-to-use application with the littlest (or let us say none)of the hassle.

    All you have to do is click a picture through the app or upload it through the gallery of your phone.

    Then you can decide on whichever haircut or hairstyle you like. You can pick different colors like blue, purple, magenta, and many more. You can save the final outcome and share it on Instagram, FB, WhatsApp, etc.

    A single click and you can see how you would look like in that particular style.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. Hair Try-On

    hair try onWhether you have long hair or short hair, the hair try-on app gives you all the new looks in trend. You can check out different hairstyles for both men and women.

    This app too uses facial recognition to be able to give you the best results. It has a hairstyle simulator camera through which you can click your selfie.

    You will also find a hair color booth tab here where it enables you to change the hair color of your preferred style.

    With just a single click you can have the makeover of your life. It keeps you up to date on the latest trends in hair fashion. So click, pick, save, and share your new look with the world.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Hairfit – k-pop hairstyle simulator

    hairfitWe all know how K-Pop and K-Drama have climbed up the ladder of popularity over the past few years. Everyone has become a fan of their beauty and of course there always on-point hairstyles.

    You must have been introduced to these sleek hairstyles through BTS, black pink, twice, red velvet.

    Hairfit-k-pop hairstyle simulator makes available to you all the Korean favorite hairstyles. You can choose from the many looks and decide what suits you.

    It is not only for women but men too. You can also see which color will suit which style. In this app, you can also see what hairstyle is your favorite Korean celebrity carrying. Now you can save and share your new Korean look.

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  7. Woman Hairstyle Virtual Salon

    woman hairstyle virtual salonAre you worried about whether you will be able to pull off your dream hairstyle? Well, this app is made just for that. Freeing you from any worries by letting you try that hairstyle virtually.

    To use this app you do not even have to have an internet connection. You can simply download any look of your choice and try it later on at your convenience.

    It gives you additional features where you can manually adjust the shape and size of the virtual haircut and set it according to your face.

    You have the full freedom to customize the look as you like. It is free to use application which to our surprise is also light on your phone storage.

    Download From Google Play Store

  8. Woman Hairstyles

    woman hairstylesThis app is made to do what real hair salons can not. Without regretting the future you’re panicking over how the haircut turned out.

    We usually spend a lot of time deciding on the perfect hairstyle for ourselves. Woman Hairstyles has a collection of hundreds of new and trendy hairstyles.

    Be it a hairstyle that you need to get for your office work or you want to look extra trendy at a wedding.

    You will have to click a picture of yourself with the app camera or pull one out of the gallery. Put on your face any and every hairstyle you like.

    Make up your mind about the hair color out of the many provided. One of the brilliant features is that it also lets you put on extra accessories to the picture as well.

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  9. Men Hairstyles

    men hairstylesMen’s hairstyles app is like a little paradise for all the men who keep on trying new looks. It is just like a poster book of all the hairstyles that your barber shows you in the salon. It is just the perfect guide for all men to look cool and play their ace.

    You can find in this app multiple and block full of categories of hairstyles. There is plenty for your every need.

    You will find styles whether you have curly, thin volume hair, short hair, or want an undercut look, side fade, slid back, mid part bangs, taper, colored, and whatnot.

    It is a free app allowing you to save and share a creative look.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. Hairstyles Photo Editor

    hairstyles photo editorDo you want to bring out and show the new side of yourself to the world? Then you will find in this app everything that you have been wishing on.

    Hairstyles Photo Editor is not only allowing you to try and test different hairstyle looks of your choice.

    But you can also put on stickers of accessories on your picture as well. You can use stickers of hats, necklaces, earpieces, sunglasses, etc. to get a complete look.

    This app is capable of producing a high-grade picture of you in under 5 seconds. By using the app’s inbuilt camera snap a picture.

    Then in this picture, you can work wonders by applying different looks and stickers. Once you are content with the overall look you can save it in your phone’s internal or external storage.

    You can also use this picture to show it to your hairstylist the next time you visit your usual hair salon. Virtually this app is letting you get a look at every aspect of the soon-to-be unique you.

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