Top Best Video Vault Apps To Save Private Videos & Photos

Video Vault Apps have become a necessity these days. It is not only important for your personal video security, but also from the cybersecurity point of view as well. Hence, video vault apps should be installed on everyone’s phone.

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For this very reason, I have written this article listing some of the best video vault apps that you will find on Google Play Store and Apple Store. These are free video vault apps hence, you do not have to spend a single dime on these apps.

As for the data security point of view, these apps are listed on the official app stores, hence they are really secure and legitimate apps. Now you will not have to worry about saving your private videos, you can easily save them in any of the below video vault apps.

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Since all of us have some private videos which we do not want to share with others. Using one of these video vault apps makes a lot of sense in this scenario.

Let’s right get into these details of each and every video vault apps. As I am going to discuss some of the best apps available today for Android and iOS devices with amazing features.


best video vault apps

Top Best Video Vault Apps To Save Private Videos & Photos

  1. Calculator- Photo Vault & Video Vault hide Photos

    calculatorYou can use this app for hiding videos and photos on your phone. No one will even think that you have kept your personal videos in this calculator. You can hide any size of files irrespective of their format.

    It will also allow you to take videos. Your safety will be increased when you search on the internet and install any files using the app’s personal browser.

    You can use different impressive themes for the app, unlock the app by using the fingerprint feature and close it just by shaking your device. You can also use this beautiful vault app as an original calculator for doing both normal and scientific problems.

    If someone else tries to access your privatized video files using the wrong password, the front camera will automatically capture his or her picture. Hence, in my view this just an amazing video vault app.

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  2. Video Vault- Video Player

    Video VaultThis app is one of the best video vault apps available on the App Store. It keeps your private videos fully safe and secured. You do not need a USB cable to transfer files between iOS devices or between your iPhone and computer.

    It can be done just by using Wi-Fi or the Apple App Store File Sharing feature. You can use both PIN code or fingerprint feature to access the files and also play any videos you want within the app itself. This app is designed for iOS 8.2 or later devices and is free.

    Using this amazing video vault app is a piece of cake. I personally faced no difficulty or slowness with my phone.

    Download From Apple App Store

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  3. Photo Video Vault by Data Skills

    photo video vaultThis is a secured vault app where you can hide your personal pictures or videos. This app has too many features. Hence, using it as a video vault app is really beneficial.

    You can hide any files by entering a password or using the Fingerprint protection or face lock feature and unhide the same very easily. You can hide as many files as you want from your device’s gallery and do not need to unhide to open those files.

    If you have somehow forgotten your password no need to be afraid, the app has password recovery options. You can easily manage the hidden files and if your app is in standby mode it will automatically close. If you want you can also share the hidden photos directly on any social media platform from the app itself.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  4. Photo Vault-Hide Photos Album

    photo vault hide photosPhoto Vault could also be used as a video vault app. Since there are no restrictions on the type of file. This app not only has a passcode and fingerprint option but also has a face lock feature.

    You can make different folders, keep your files and set a password for each folder. You can also hide your folders of videos. When using this app, you can also create fake folders and passwords. It can play full-screen videos.

    You can manage your video albums and also share these files through email. File transfer is made easy between your iOS device and PC. Set a security question earlier so that there would not be a problem if you forget your password. This app runs smoothly on iOS 10.0 and later.

    Not only iPhones, but you can also use this app on your iPad or iPod touch. The app is free, however, you can upgrade it to pro.

    Download From Apple App Store

  5. Gallery Vault- Hide Pictures and Videos

    gallery vaultIt is an amazing app. You can hide any type of videos, photos, songs, or any other files existing in your device’s memory or SD Card. You can store unlimited files in this app and close them merely by shaking the device.

    One benefit of using Gallery Vault is that you can store the hidden video files in your secondary memory. The app has an in-built web browser. It will alert you if someone tries to access these hidden files by using the wrong passwords.

    Apart from English, this app supports 13 languages like French and Italian. Dark mode, landscape mode and pattern unlock are its additional features. Your personal data will be secured.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Video Locker

    video lockerIt is a secured privacy protection app. You can hide your private videos to this app’s own gallery directly from your phone’s gallery and use the album view to look and control the videos quickly.

    You can access the hidden videos by entering a pin code or pattern. Using this video locker, you can share the stored videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platforms. You can not only set any themes you want to but also set thumbnail videos for your albums.

    You can lock multiple videos quickly and also export videos to your SD card. The interface of this app is very user-friendly which will enhance your experience of using it.

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  7. Sgallery

    sgalleryIt is one of the best vault apps to keep your personal pictures and videos safe. You can create a fake album and apply a fake password; if someday you are bound to open this app in front of others you can show this fake album to them.

    You can download any kind of video using the browser. Hence, in my opinion, this is one of the better video vault apps. The icon can be set as a calculator or even hide its own icon from your apps list so that nobody else will get to know about this.

    There are many impressive themes and the Fingerprint Unlock option will let you access your files more safely and quickly. Even if you have forgotten your password you can open the app and set another one if you have answered the security question if have set earlier. It can support any file format of any size and you can also record videos or click photos.

    Download From Google Play Store

  8. Private Photo Album Vault Lock

    private photo album vaultThis is a popular video vault app in the App Store. It could be used for any files, not only for photos but for videos and other files as well. The app enables you to lock, unlock, manage and delete many videos and photos in very little time.

    You can transfer files between your PC and iPhone using Wi-Fi networks, create and manage albums, add different photos and videos to it.

    Create an iCloud account to sync the files on the album so that it is accessible from any place at any time. You can also use the share option to share the files on social media platforms.

    The app also has the feature of clicking pictures and recording videos with autofocus and flashlight support. It works smoothly on iOS 7.0 and later.

    Download From Apple App Store

So these were some of the best apps with great features. You can easily use them as a video vault app. These will enable you to protect your videos and photos as well. Hence, they will improve your experience of using a privacy protection app.

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