Top Best Vibration Apps For Massage – Android & iOS

Vibration apps for massage are really hard to find. Since there are so many apps listed but only a few of them actually work. Hence, to solve your issue with the vibration apps for massage, this article has been fabricated by me.

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These vibration apps for a massage could easily be used anywhere and anytime. Being a handy device, you will be able to relax whenever you want. That is the reason, these vibration apps for a massage could really be “one thing” that you always needed but never knew about the same.

Due to work-life stress, you might be living a hectic life. Also, being stressed could be a part of your daily life. And due to the ups and downs of life, you might have totally forgotten to relax. But not anymore, because you can easily use one of these vibration apps for massage. So here I am going to discuss some vibration apps which are developed with an aim to generate good vibes and free you from all the stress and pains you are suffering from. For relieving your stress, you may also use meditation apps.

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Top Best Vibration Apps For Massage – Android & iOS


  1. Vibrator Massage G-Vibe

    Vibrator Massage GVibeThis app is developed with the aim of giving you extreme pleasure and relaxation by vibrating. It has about ten different modes of vibration and works continuously until you turn it off.

    You can use it as a massager for your body and neck It can also help you fall asleep. It features password protection for your safety. This app was initially developed for iOS devices in the name of i-Vibe about which I am going to discuss later in this post.

    The best thing that I liked about this app is it’s 10 modes. You also can set the intensity according to your needs. Due to increased demand and popularity, it has been launched in Google Play Store too.

    Download From Google Play Store

  2. Vibrating Massage Pillow Free

    Vibrating Massage Pillow FreeMassage Pillow enhances your relaxation level. It features three levels of vibration low, medium, and high. You can easily set the mode you want and also the time you want your phone to vibrate.

    The app is very simple and will turn your mobile phone into an amazing vibration tool.  You can use it for muscle relaxation, body massage, and also other pleasures after going to bed. It helps you remove all the stress and tiredness of the day.


    Download From Apple App Store

  3. Perfect Mobile Massager +

    Perfect mobile massagerThis app works as your personal massager which can improve your mood and happiness level. It contains about twelve different modes of vibration. You can also set the speed of vibration along with the mode.

    It will bring you out of stress and give immense relaxation in your muscle and bones. It will help you cut the fats of your body through the vibration waves it produces.

    This vibration app for massage is a powerful one. Hence, you can use it for long term relaxation as well. There is absolutely no issues with this app.

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  4. Extreme Vibration App – Vibrating Massage & Relax

    Extreme Vibration App - Vibrating Massage & RelaxHave fun with this Extreme vibration app. This app is very easy to use and it can give you relaxation by the best massaging experience on your phone itself. You can set the duration for need the vibration.

    It features varieties of sounds like raining in the forest, raining on the roof, lightning, etc. It has different modes of vibration too. The battery consumption rate is absolutely low.

    This app is available on Google Play Store and can work on any resolution. It can work even when your screen is locked.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. iMassage U Vibrating Massager

    iMassage U Vibrating MassagerThis is a vibration app developed for iPhones. It has about ten different modes with amazing strength. You can choose any mode as per your preference.

    It helps you to feel calm and comfortable after your hard work the whole day. Your iPhone will just work like a massage machine and let you get rid of your body pain and make you go to sleep.

    It is very easy to use and it also works on Apple Watch. However, it does not run on an iPad.

    Download From Apple App Store

  6. Vibrator

    VibratorThis app featured customized vibration patterns along with voice commands for running the app’s functions. However, you should turn on your internet for using the “Voice Commands” and the strength of the vibration with highly dependable on your device’s capacity.

    You can also set the frequency level of the vibration and with the help of “Voice Commands,” you do not need to pick up your phone again and again.  You just need to set the language and voice recognition by going to its settings.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. Vibration

    VibrationThis is an amazing massager app with different combinations of vibration. It will work only when your phone supports vibration. You can easily set the duration and frequency all by yourself.

    When using this app, you can set different combinations of vibration patterns just by holding the phone’s buttons and can also save that pattern for future use. You can let your phone vibrate for a long period of time.

    Download From Google Play Store

  8. iVibe

    ivibeThis app is designed to work only on iPhones. It lets you enjoy a massage with different types of vibrations. It has about ten vibration modes which can make your phone a massager, improves your mood, and generates a feeling of positivity in you.

    iVibe will aid you in body and bone pains, make you feel relaxed and stress-free. It will also help in increasing muscle strength and boost important hormone production.

    The free version contains two patterns of vibration while its “good vibes” pack has got full speed vibration, pulse massager, and many other additional features. You can also use its password protection feature for your security and privacy too.

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  9. Body Massage Vibration

    Body Massage VibrationThis app enables you to let your mobile phone work as a body massager to you. It has different types of vibrations useful for body massage.

    There are nine modes of vibration like a deep massage, crazy massage, and fast to slow massage. It makes visual effects based on the vibration pattern.

    The app also has 9 different vibration modes. As a result, you can try each according to your need. Switching between the modes is really easy. The free app has ads but you can purchase the ads-free version as well.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. The Best Vibrator PRO

    Best Vibrator PROThis is one of the best vibration apps which turns your phone into a personal massager. The app is very simple and it does not contain any ads. You can set the duration of vibration and it will keep on running even if you turn off your phone’s screen.

    The app contains a variety of vibration modes which you can choose as per your preference. The unique feature is that you can use other apps and your phone won’t stop vibrating.

    Download From Google Play Store

  11. Massager Vibration App

    Massager Vibration App - Sleep & RelaxThis is a vibration stimulator app useful for a massage with four different modes and it will enhance relaxation level with high-quality nature and meditation sounds.

    It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. You can set the timer to start and stop vibrating automatically and there is no need to turn on your internet. The amazing sounds it features help you remove your sleeplessness and give you a sound sleep.

    Download From Google Play Store

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