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Truedialer apps or true dialer apps alternatives are always in demand. There is an ever-changing requirement for these apps. This is because of changes in features and the variation of a database of the users using these apps.

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Hence, to keep the dialer of your phone up to date, you may use different Truedialer apps from time to time.

best truedialer apps alternatives

Top 10 Best Truedialer Apps Alternatives


  1. Caller ID & Call Recorder & Caller name – XCaller

    caller id & call recorderThis is a smart dialer app that will give you a better experience of searching and calling from your call log and contacts with unique call themes, attractive effects, call screen slide, and many others.

    Apart from that, it has got a very large database of phone numbers and so it will display information about the caller even if you do not have their number stored in your phone book.

    You can easily identify and avoid picking up calls from spam, frauds, and telemarketers. It enables you to add more information to each of your contacts.

    Also, block the phone number of unwanted people if you do not want to receive their calls. For this very reason, I consider this app as one of the best true dialer apps.

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  2. True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

    true phone dialerThis app contains a lot of features that can enhance your calling experience. It will help you in finding all your recent calls quickly and you can easily select any of them and add them to your favorites.

    You can add a lot of information to each of your contacts like their address, occupation, date of birth, and so on. It enables you to group your contacts in one place.

    It contains different themes for you to choose from and make this app look more attractive. Creating, editing, and sharing your contacts is made easier. All these features make it one of the amazing true dialer apps.

    You can upgrade this app to the paid version to enjoy the ads experience. Dual sim support is one of the unique features. Also, you can answer your calls with style.

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  3. EyeCon

    eyecon caller IDThis app enables you to know who is calling you as it displays information about the caller even if the number is not saved in your contact list. Therefore, you can easily avoid picking up calls from unwanted people or telemarketers.

    It can auto-detect your favorite person’s love calling every day and take you directly there. It works seamlessly with default android functions.

    Your phone and address book are made more attractive and you can add photos of your friends and family members along with additional information to it.

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  4. Simple Dialler

    simple diallerIt is a very easy-to-use dialer app which has got a lot of features included. You can easily change the font color and size of the keys which is very beneficial for people with poor vision.

    It has stored amazing font colors and two different themes- light and dark. You can quickly search your contacts and call any of them, but before each call, it will seek your confirmation.

    It has the symbol for international calls too. If your phone’s storage space is running out, in that case you may use this app. As it will not take much space.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. Clever Dialer

    clever dialerIt is one of the best apps which can recognize unknown phone numbers in real-time so that you get to know who is calling you. You do not need to worry about fake calls anymore.

    It does not need an active internet connection to perform its functions, therefore, it does not have much effect on your phone’s battery life.

    Apart from this, it has got the general functions of a dialing app but in a more conventional manner. The app is absolutely safe to use, it does not have any impact on your privacy. You can use the call blocker feature to block any numbers.

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  6. My Photo Phone Dialer

    my photo phone dialerThis is an amazing dialer app that is designed to take your dialing experience to the next level.

    You can customize your dial screen by adding any cutout picture you like or you will also have the option to choose from beautiful live backgrounds.

    It has got an attractive call screen and dialer keyboard themes, customizable call logs, dial pads, and contact lists.

    It will show your call history in a more convenient manner, searching for contact is made faster than the traditional one and you can also use its speed dial feature.

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  7. Truecaller

    truecallerWhen we talk about apps like this, Truecaller happens to be one of the most popular apps with a lot of features.

    It can recognize almost all unknown numbers and make it easy for you to avoid spam calls, calls from advertising agencies, fraud calls, etc. which are very annoying at times.

    You can instantly put anyone of them on the block list. It allows you to make phone calls and you can also use this app for text messaging instead of your phone’s default text messaging app. The call recorder option will help you to keep a record of important calls.

    Apart from all these benefits, Truecaller also facilitates instant money transfers from account to account and bill payments and acts as an online payment app as well.

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  8. Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID- Drupe

    contacts - phone dialerThis app helps you to identify the person calling you. It is very useful in identifying spam or fraud calls and you can block these numbers.

    It games a beautiful look at your device’s default call screen. You can call anybody more quickly in a convenient manner.

    This app has also got the feature of call recording; therefore, you can easily keep a record of any important call.

    It has many beautiful features like missed call manager, contact-based reminders, free themes, and so on. The easy search feature will enable you to quickly access your contacts.

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  9. Voice Call Dialer

    voice call dialerThis app will give you an amazing experience of dialing and making phone calls. It has got a user-friendly interface and you can use the voice assistant feature to make a call which is very useful when you are occupied with some other works and do not have much time to search for a contact.

    You can easily look at the call history and add anyone to your favorite list. The unique feature of this app is that you can also set a particular duration to pick up a call and dial someone.

    It also allows you to send text messages using the default text messaging app.

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  10. Contact+

    contacts +It is one of the best dialer apps available in the Google Play Store. You can add other details like addresses and birthdays to each of your contacts.

    It can also identify and display unknown phone numbers. It has got white and dark themes which you can choose as per your preference.

    This app is useful for not only making a phone call but also for messaging.

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So, these were some of the best true dialer apps which will completely change your dialing experience from a boring one into an amazing one.

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