How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone To Mac, PC, iCloud & AirDrop

The camera quality of an iPhone is amazing and so you cannot avoid us from importing the photographs that we have clicked from our iPhone to Mac so that it gets stored forever. There are many options for importing pictures from an iPhone to a Mac.

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Initially, people used to make utilize the photo transfer feature that comes inbuilt in every Mac. There are other ways too with the help of which you can import pictures from an iPhone to Mac such as iCloud. If you have the newer versions of Mac then the best option available for you is the Airdrop.

Airdrop provides you the easiest way to transfer pictures from your iPhone to the Mac. Transferring photos from your phone to a computer seems to be irritating and time-consuming at the same time. However, this is not what it seems like. In this article, you will understand how to transfer files from an iPhone to a Mac in the most efficient manner.

iCloud apps could also be used to perform the data transfer from one device to another.

How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone Mac

Let me discuss the steps to transfer pictures from iPhone to Mac:

  • The first and foremost step is to connect your iPhone to your Mac with the help of a USB cable.
  • Once you have connected the USB cable the photos app will itself open on your Mac screen. Even if the application does not open then you do not need to worry about it. You can open the application folder and select that particular app.
  • In the next step, you need to select the file and then click on the import option.
  • You can hold the command key on your keyboard and then click on all the pictures that you are willing to transfer on your Mac. But you need to remember that you should hold the command key the entire duration in which you are clicking and selecting the photos.
  • After you have selected the photos you can click the “Review for Import” option which will appear in the lower right corner of your Mac screen.
  • If you have previously imported any of the photos that you have selected now, Mac will alert you about the same by displaying the message on the screen. It will also provide you the choice to skip those files and continue with the remaining pictures. If you want to transfer only the new pictures, then you need to click on the “Import New Photo” option.
  • However, if you are willing to import all the pictures that are pre-existing on your Mac then you just need to select and click the “Import All New Items” option available.
  • The importing process is completed. Now if you want to view the pictures that you have recently imported then you need to go to the sidebar. In the sidebar, you will get the “Last Import” option and thus, your task is over.


So this was the classic way for transferring pictures from an iPhone to a Mac. Now let me discuss how to transfer pictures using AirDrop that is offered by Mac.

How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone Using AirDrop

AirDrop transfer files using WI-FI technology. In the first step, you are required to connect both your iPhone and Mac to Wi-Fi.

You need to keep in mind that AirDrop is compatible only with 2012 and later versions of Mac which are running OS X Yosemite or any other later versions.


  • The first step that you need to do is to open the Photos app on your phone.
  •  You need to select all the pictures that you want to transfer to your Mac and then click on the Share option.
  • Now in the Share menu, you will be able to see Airdrop in the top itself.
  • You are required to select your Mac’s name. Once you have successfully chosen the name of your Mac it will display your Mac’s name along with the sent option below it.
  • If the name of the Mac that you have chosen is not the same as that in your iCloud account then you are required to click on “Save’ as soon as the picture arrives at you, Mac. However, if you are using the same name for your Mac and iCloud account then the files that have just arrived will get saved all by it.

So, this was all about how you can transfer pictures from your iPhone to your Mac using AirDrop. Now let us talk about another amazing way with which you can use for the purpose and that is the iCloud Photo Stream.

How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone Using iCloud

Photo Stream does not occupy any space of your iCloud package but the pictures will keep on appearing in the Photo Stream for exactly 30 days from the day you have transferred the files. It won’t upload any videos but you will definitely see the photos across the devices in the most efficient manner.

The transferring process will automatically take place whenever you have connected your device with a Wi-Fi network. You can also enable the transfer over the cellular data option.

However, in order to use Photo Stream, you are required to enable the same not only on your iPhone but your Mac too.


  • You are required to go to the settings app and open it.
  • You should write your name on the banner that appears on the settings page.
  • Now you should click on the iCloud option.
  • Choose all those pictures that you want to transfer to your Mac. Now you are required to tap on the option “Upload to My Photo Stream”.
  • After that, open system preferences which appear on the top of the Apple Menu on your Mac.
  • Now you need to select and sign in to iCloud.
  • Near photos, you will find “Options” which you need to click on.
  • Click on the box which is next to My Photo Stream and after the tick mark appears on the box click on “Done”.
  • If you are connected to Wi-Fi then those photos will get uploaded on Photo Stream. The pictures are uploaded on the Photo Stream, However, they will remain for 30 days only. So you need to do the setup so that the Photos get downloaded automatically on your Mac.
  • You just need to open the photos app and under photos, you need to select “Preferences”.
  • Click on General and tap on the box near importing where it is written “Copy items to the photo library”. This way your photos will be saved into your Mac.

So, these are three simple options you can use to transfer pictures from iPhone to Mac.

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