Top Best Websites Like Chegg Tutor That You Should Know

Looking for websites like Chegg Tutor? Are you a middle or a high school student who is not happy with your Chegg tutor? Or are you a worried parent who has tried many Chegg tutors, but not getting the desired results with your kid’s academic improvement? Or you are a tutor who is looking to diversify your income portfolio?

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If the answer to all the above questions is yes. Then you are at the perfect web page. As I have curated some of the best websites that are not only like Chegg Tutor but are better. These websites like Chegg Tutor will surely help you.

As a result, you need not worry about anything, since this article is exactly meant for you. Here I will be listing some of the best websites like Chegg tutor.

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These websites are legitimate websites that are way better than Chegg Tutor in some way or the other. Hence, you can check these websites and choose the best one for yourself.websites like chegg tutor

Websites Like Chegg Tutor – Top Chegg Tutor Alternatives

tutorThe first example that comes to my mind whenever I think about an online tutor website apart from Chegg is It is one of the leading websites in terms of the online teaching world.

This could be your go-to choice if you are looking for awesome innovative study material. This website benefits online teachers and students. With a great in-depth knowledge and study material about subjects like Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics to English, Chemistry, and Physics.

You can hop on to the online learning journey and get the best out of the best teachers in the industry of online teachings. They also have got one of the best model test papers that could prepare your child for all the SATs.

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Buddy School

buddy schoolOne more great website like Chegg homework help is Buddy School. This is a simple, clean, and easy-to-use website.

All you need to do is to register for free, find your tutor, and schedule a lesson for yourself. The best part about this app is that they publish reviews of the teachers by the students on the front page of the website.

As a result of which, as a student or as a parent you can decide the tutor according to the feedback provided by the various students. If you are a teacher, then for you as well this is an easy peasy task. The registration is free and you can start teaching from the word go.


byjusIf you are looking for Indian websites like Chegg, then Bayju’s is a great alternate for you. It is an extensive and very famous website for online learning and teaching experience in India.

With the main focus of this learning portal on Math and Science, all the concepts are visually explained. As a result of which this is a very popular portal in India.

According to the students, it has got clear study material that explains even the most basic concepts with ease. Hence, even very slow learners are able to get their concepts clear in no time. The developers have also included the courses for other competitive exams in India and some of them include CAT, NEET & JEE, IAS, GRE & GMAT.

Tutor Vista

tutor vistaThis is online tutoring and homework help on the math & science website. Tutor Vista is run by experts in the field and teachers are selected as per their expertise. It has got more than a million live session videos that could be viewed by anyone who has registered for the website.

This website also offers One on One tutoring lessons if needed. The teachers on this website also help the students with regular homework and projects.

As a result, the student will be able to understand each and every aspect of the subject and score good marks as well. The membership packages also include hourly or monthly fees as per convenience.


smarthinkingAnother great website when it comes to websites like Chegg tutor. The tutors here help students communicate more effectively.

As a result, they are able to open up with the tutor and faculty at this website. Hence, they are more aware of the needs of the particular student. Smarthinking provides 24×7 live, personalized tutoring in core subjects.

The developers of this website claim that 90% of the teachers on this website are Ph.D. Along with the average working experience of the tutor goes to 12 years. The tutors walk step by step with the students and make them learn, gain confidence, and handle future assignments.

Brain Fuse

brainfuseOne more website that offers great resources for both, teachers and students. The teachers have been specially trained to provide assistance to the students for higher education.

You also can request a webinar for an introduction. With its research-based online tutoring service, students can easily qualify for competitive exams in any field.

The curriculum includes fully customizable online tutoring and a test prep program. As a result the students already get the basic idea about questions and exam patterns about their particular course.


tutor meTutor me on another amazing website where your kid learns a number of subjects. There are teaches from all over the world who can teach your kid the subject of their choice. This website has all the teachers from history, math, physics, etc.

The developers have also included a demo lesson space. Hence, your kid can also take demo lessons if they want to really get a good hold of the work procedures of the website.

The developers have also included advanced lesson space. Here your kid would be able to learn one on one with the tutor. As a result, the teacher would be able to dedicate all their time and energy to your kid.

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