Top Talk n Text Free App For Android or iOS

Talk n text free app remains one of the coolest apps in any smartphone. These app will provide you with the flexibility to talk or to text using the same app for free. There are great advantages of these awesome apps. Firstly they let you talk n text using the same app, secondly they are pocket friendly. These apps will not charge you a single dime.

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When and if you start using these talk n text apps, you can save a ton of money in your telecom bill. This would be the smart thing to do, as anyhow these apps are free.

Also, you would be allowed to talk and text same as like a normal telecom company would allow you to use their services. You also can check out fake text generator apps to prank your friends.

talk n text free app

Top Talk n Text Free App For Free

  1. Viber

    viberOne of the most popular apps in the category of talk n text apps. Viber is instant messaging and voice over IP application.

    The developers claim have used all the measures for securing the data of the users using viber.  It has got free messaging service to go along with the excellent quality free calls.

    You can easily connect with millions using a text message, call, chat. The great thing is that you can also share this with anyone, as this is absolutely free to use. You can enjoy the hassle free calls be it voice or video. There also an option to instantly send a video message. You can also share your emotions using the emoticons as well. All in all this is the best apps when comes to quality service.

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  2. TextNow – free text + calls

    text now free text & call appOne of the most underrated app for free text and calls is text now. It is kind of dream come true app for all the free calling lovers.

    They have included some awesome features which include customization of ringtones, and text alert call forwarding, pass code lock screen option for security. The best part about this one, it is completely free app to use.

    There is no monthly or yearly hidden charges. All you need to do is to download the app and start using it for free text and unlimited free calls. You can use this app on your computer too, and all your messages would be synchronized with your mobile as well. Only drawback of this app is, it could be used only in US & Canada. It will not work for any other country users.

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  3. We Chat

    we chatAnother talk n text free app is We Chat. The developer of this app is Tencent. They are a Chinese company which has developed this great multipurpose app.

    We Chat could be used as a social media app, payment app etc. The best usage lies as free text and calling app. As a result of which we chat is famous for its chatting and calling feature.

    You can consider we chat as all in one messaging app. You can send text, call your friends share photos and play games as well. Hence, I consider this app as an all rounder app in terms of communication apps. The developer have also included stickers, which you could use to express your emotions as well. You can share your best moments using the “Moments” feature. They also have included the real time location sharing.

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  4. Facebook Messenger

    facebook messangerThis is pretty obvious app, when it comes to calling and texting apps. This app could only be considered here as an honorable mention. FB messenger is pretty slow app, it uses a lot of battery and is very heavy on your phone.

    The whole and sole reason could just be, since every one uses Facebook, you can easily connect with your friends using this app. As a result of which this list about talk n text free app has Facebook Messenger mentioned here. Facebook Messenger has got every basic thing covered.

    It supports, free text, free calls, free emojis and it also has games that you can play with your friends. You can also turn on the location and let your friends know your exact location.

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  5. Google Duo

    google duoGoogle Duo is developed by Google. It is best known for its great video calling. With this app you can also preview and check who is calling, this is the best part that I liked about them.

    All you need to do is to download the link below and put your phone number and you are good to go. Since this is a Google product, you can expect a great quality. The best part is, this is absolutely free to use and there are absolutely no charges. Recently they have also allowed people to make voice calls as well.

    Hence, it totally depends on you. When is a friend of yours is not able to receive your call, you can still leave the message as a video message and share your message or moments, and it would be recorded and saved. Once your friend is free, they will be able to get your message.

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  6.  Phone Call Free

    phone call free - global wifi calling appsAnother cool app for all the free call lovers. The name of this app itself suggests what this app is used for. Hence, I would give you a short description. You can use this app over wifi or any internet connectivity.

    Once you are connected, you would bale able to call any of the 200 countries for free. It also has got great caller id functionality. The developers have included the option to hide your caller id from the person you are calling to.

    The best part that I liked about this app is that, you would be able to make phone calls even if the person on the other side does not have internet connectivity. You can call anyone directly on their phone numbers. This app uses the technology of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It enables a phone call from internet to any of the phone. As a result this is a very cost effective app to use.

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