Top Best Sketch Camera Apps

Using the best sketch camera app is really essential. Especially if you are looking for an amazing sketch effect, on your photograph. These sketch camera apps will give you instant results in form of a sketch portrait. Hence, these are just amazing sketch apps.

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Sketching is made easier nowadays with the help of different applications available for both Android and iOS device users. These apps have a combination of unique features that helps you to create attractive images and display your artistic skills.

So in this article, I am going to discuss some of the best apps available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You may choose the app that you like and download them for free. You may also check out trippy apps.

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sketch camera apps


Top Best Sketch Camera Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Art Camera by Model X Apps

    art cameraThis app has different types of artistic effects for you. You can use this Art Cartoon Camera for taking high-quality selfies and other pictures. It contains beautiful artistic effects like cartoon sketch painting and oil painting.

    You can make your image more attractive by using a variety of imaginative filter cartoon effects. Clicking selfies is made easy; you just need to hold your volume keys. You can also use the timer and autofocus feature to make your picture perfect.

    You can also use other features like zooming, silent capture, and camera flash. If you want to adjust the focus level more or the autofocus is not showing the outcome as you desire, you just need to tap on your device’s screen for better results.

    You can easily share your picture with your friends and family members on social media platforms. You can also put the date and time on the image. It also has features like continuous shooting mode, vignette function, and Tilt-Shift photography. This app is free and has a lot of qualities that can enhance your photo clicking and editing experience.

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  2. Sketch Camera

    sketch camera app android freeThis free app has an abundance of eye-appealing effects that you can apply to your pictures. You just need to choose a photo from your device’s memory and apply different sketch effects as you like.

    You can also choose any effect and click a picture with your phone’s camera. Not only sketch effects, but the app also has pencil sketching, oil painting, charcoal, and many others.

    You can click photos quickly, save and share it wherever you want.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  3. Painnt- Pro Art Filters

    painntThis app shows impressive results with advanced HD filters. You can make any of your pictures into beautiful pictures. There are more than a thousand filters to make your photo stunning and attractive.

    You can use a brush and the color board available in this app to make your photo look more real. You can share your pictures anywhere you want or even join the community of the developer to share the masterpiece you created.

    When using this app, you can use the subscription packs to avoid ads and access the whole library of filters and effects. The pictures are of very high quality.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  4. Art Filter Photo Editor

    Art Filter Photo EditorIt is an amazing photo editor with a lot of animated effects, sketching techniques, drawing on canvas, and paint filters to make your pictures really pleasing. You can apply effects such as oil painting, sketching, and make collages, rotate the picture as you want, crop it and resize.

    It has amazing cartoon animation filters. You can choose any effect and use your camera for instant editing. You will get the best quality. The app helps you to change your simple photos into extraordinary art pieces.

    This app will enhance your imaginative skills using unique effects and filters. You can also share your artwork on platforms like Pinterest.

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  5. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

    clip2comicIt is an incredible app developed for the iPhone camera and iPad. You can add instant cartoon images or clips using your camera or also edit any pictures and videos existing in your gallery.

    You can remove anything you do not want on the picture just by using your finger if you do not want to use the pencil. Reshaping is made easier and it has varieties of instant color effects.

    You can use the cartoon maker if you want to make amusing faces. There are many poster and sketch styles also. You just need to capture a moment from your live camera preview if you want to apply real-time effects.

    The pictures or clips can be saved and export in a higher resolution of 1080p. It works on iOS 9.0 and later. It is also supported by the iPod touch.

    Download From Apple App Store

  6. Sketch Me

    sketch meThis is a popular sketch app available on the App Store. You can use different effects and transform any picture into a sketch.

    You can drag the picture anywhere you want and zoom it by using your fingers. The sketch effects are stunning.

    It requires iPhone 12.0 or later. You can go for the paid version and unlock more exciting colors. The app also features split-screen mode.

    You can use any of the six different image effects. These will make your work really very easy. Hence, you will have a sketch image output in a few seconds. This is definitely one of the better sketch camera apps.

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  7. Pencil Sketch

    pencil sketchYou can convert your photos into pencil sketches and animated images. You may choose any photos you want to edit or click one and create a sketch.

    It’s really easy to make any style of sketch that you want it to be, you can fill as many colors as you want in the photo and also create black and white photos.

    It has different types of filters and effects. You can also use frames in your photos and add text to them. You can use the “Doodle” option to make your photo gain more attention.

    Using a pencil and eraser is pretty easy. You will feel as if you are actually drawing something in your drawing copy and the “sketch” option will make your photo an accurate piece of artwork.

    It’s also easy to convert your image to comic style for fun. For this very reason, I personally rate this app as one of the most professional sketch camera apps.

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  8. Sketch Photo Maker & Sketch Camera

    sketch photo makerThis is one of the best sketch makers which will give you the feeling of a true artist. It contains different effects like hatching, black and white strokes, sketching styles like a pencil with different colors, watercolor, 2D sketch, 3D sketch, etc.

    You can adjust the saturation and brightness level and crop the photos if you want. You can use your live camera for instant effects and touch the screen for the autofocus feature.

    Any number of frames could be added to your photos and share your art projects on social media platforms.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9. Photo Sketch

    photo sketchIt is an amazing app with very good graphics and powerful photo editing tools. You can show your creativity by making wonderful sketch art.

    You can turn your simple photo into an attractive one and have more likes on social media by just using the filters.

    As per your convenience, you can select an image or click a new one, apply filters of sketches, put it in a frame, save it in high resolution, share it anywhere or with anyone you want.

    You can also make videos applying the filter. The app works on iOS 8 and later. You can upgrade it to pro for more unique features.

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  10. Sketch Master – Cartoon Art

    sketch masterThis is an amazing app that will provide you some amazing professional results. Converting your regular image to a sketch image is just a piece of cake.

    It’s a filter and photo editor app. With some amazing collections of sketch and cartoon effects. There are plenty of options that could be used in order to make art pics, pencil sketch photos, photos of oil painting style.

    You also can share the converted artwork directly to social media from the app itself. Or you may also download the same to your phone as well.

    Download From Google Play Store

These were some of the best apps. You should try these apps and share your creativity with your friends and family members.



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