Best Selfie Sticker Apps For Android and Ios

The Gen-Z like talking by using stickers. Just imagine if you have a selfie sticker app that could spice up your boring selfie that reveals what your current feeling is.

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Personally speaking, I have been using some of these selfie sticker apps and have been enjoying them a lot. Whenever I am sending my selfies to anyone, they revert back and ask me about the app that I am using.

As a result, I am pretty sure that you will absolutely love these amazing selfie sticker apps. Not to miss, these selfie sticker apps are absolutely free and are present on the official play store.

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Best Selfie Sticker Apps For Android and Ios

Selfie Camera Stickers

selfieSelfie Camera Stickers is a cam app that gives quite an adorable appearance to selfies.

A motley of stickers and filters, along with being so the user-friendly platform is an asset for this app, to be one of the prime apps in the field.

Optimization of stickers is also possible on this app, as it provides its users with the authority to eradicate a few stickers or to give them a mirage effect etc.

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Selfie Camera, Beauty Camera & AR Stickers -papaya

PapayaPapaya is yet another strong contender in the field of some best selfie-sticker-apps. Stuffed with myriads of Augmented Reality stickers and filters, this app establishes itself as an amazing platform to take selfies, live pictures, or videos and dish them out diametrically on social media.

Encompassing various beauty and body reshaping filters, this app assists you to refashion your pictures or selfies to the hilt. To tell you in a nutshell, this app has all the potential to give an amazing look and finish to all your pictures.

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YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor

YouCamYouCam Perfect is one of the most trusted pillars in the field of selfie sticker apps. With the potential of giving your pictures or selfies a mesmerizing appearance, it has well established itself at the forefront of the industry.

Umpteen stickers with the spice of versatility, ranging from the funny, cute, themed, holiday to animal ones as well, add a very swift tool to its quiver for making a home in the heart of its users.

Cloud backup of all the images and videos and that too in HD quality is yet another asset for its users.

Encompassing the various beauty filters providing a very smooth and amazing finish to your selfies, this app has all that is needed to be one of the best in the field.


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Sweet Selfie Photo Editor &Cam

SweetselfieSweet Selfie Photo Editor & Cam is an app solely dyed-in-the-wool of a flawless and graceful selfie.

Empowering its users to redefine and refashion their selfies, pictures, and videos by providing them with various amazing filters, stickers, and much more.

Cartoon Filter effects, Reshaping the body, Retouching the face, smooth skin, whitening the teeth, and live stickers, are some of the various amazing things that this app is capable to provide you with.

All these filters and stickers are very capable to give any of your pictures or selfie a mesmerizing effect.


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B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera


B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera is a beauty cam app, the modus operandi of it being to give your snaps a touch-up of grace and adorability.

Running on face recognition technique proves to be quite a convenient feature for its users, as the camouflage of filters on the picture fits perfectly, giving it an amazing look. It has myriads of filters and modes, which the user can switch through at any time at will.

Availability of Augmented Reality stickers, taking fun boomerang videos that can be played in a loop, availability of editing tools to refashion your existing pictures are some of the amazing features that make this app stand out from others in the field.


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FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo Filters and Effects

faceFaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo Filters and Effects is yet another well-established app in the field, and the line “variety is the spice of life”, is quite pertinent it, when it comes to refashioning selfies. Myriads of filters, stickers, and masks forge it into an app that is much more riveting and entertaining to use.

Encompassing the feature of animated stickers, it provides its users the authority to click live photos. Moreover, you can also refashion the stickers by enhancing or reducing their size, or mirroring them, etc.

Various beauty filters provided, are quite capable of giving a mesmerizing look to any of your selfies, by smoothening your skin, or giving a magnetic effect of attractiveness in your eyes, or a tinge of charm in your smile, etc.


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SNOWSNOW is a well-established cam app in the field, having quite the potential to provide an exquisite and self-expressive effect to your selfies and pictures. Like any other app in the field, it also encompasses various filters, masks, and stickers to give a special effect and an amazing look to your pictures or selfies.

Authorizing its users, to make a blend of the stickers or masks, in an optimum manner, as per their desire, validates itself as one of the classy moves to become a market-spinner in the field. Make-up looks give a perfect finish to your picture, and their optimization or blend is also possible, which is yet another plus point of using the app.

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Camera360 – Photo Editor + Camera & Sweet selfies

360camCamera360 is an amazing platform authorizing its users to append adorable stickers and filters on their selfies or pictures. Furled up with myriads of stickers and selfies, this app has quite the potential to bring an air of mesmerization and adorability to any picture or selfie of yours.

The availability of animated stickers and masks opens the door for its users to take live photos or GIFs. Moreover, as a cherry on top of the cake, a virtual touchup option is also available, which provides an amazing look to your selfie by smoothening your skin, variating the skin-tone, and much more. In a nutshell, it’s quite a handy tool for the people who want their pics to look awesome.

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