10 Best Self Defense Apps That You Must Try

If you want to learn the best self defense techniques, then all you need to do is to download one of these top best self defense apps and you are good to go.

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These self defense apps have included various kinds of martial arts, kickboxing, and other defense and attacking techniques that you would be able to learn.

It is best that you are prepared with your techniques using one of these self defense apps.

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best self defense apps

Top Best Self Defense Apps That You Must Have

  1. Kickboxing – Fitness and Self Defense

    This app makes it possible for you to do not one thing, not two things but three things at once. You can learn through this app kickboxing, self defense, and personal training.

    After which you will know exactly how to get out of unwanted situations. The best thing about this app is that it is made with the help of an actual fitness trainer. Through the help of this app, the user can avail of many different kickboxing lessons.

    All these lessons are in the form of video recordings in a 3D simulation set up. The length of every workout video is only about 10 to 30 minutes.

    In addition to this, there is absolutely no need for any equipment. Obviously, all you need is your will to make learning possible. This is done keeping in mind the busy schedule of people in their day to day life.

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  2. Quick Self-Defense

    The quick self-defense app is available on the google play store and can be downloaded for free on any device android and ios alike.

    Here in this app, you can learn how to defend yourself in situations of danger. Danger does not come knocking in rather it is the most unexpected thing that could ever happen.
    But now there is no to dread situations like these. In this app, you will be guided through video tutorials of self-defense techniques and gradually learn them along.

    Through this app, you will be able to learn the 9 most important skills that are used to defend one’s self. On clicking any technique you will find two options: one is learning and the second one is practice.

    All in all this app is best suited for women and girls and will prove helpful.

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  3. Female Kickboxing Fitness – Self Defense

    The art of kickboxing is one of the best ways to strengthen your inner self and as well as the outer cast. It can be used to save one’s self in situations that call for immediate action.

    The overall layout of the app is quite realistic. And every option and other fitness titles are placed properly.

    That means that you can track everything on the same page. In this app, you can see the number of exercises that you have done so far. And along with that you can also keep track of and monitor the number of calories you have burned.

    It also shows different types of tricks and challenges you can get on learning to upgrade your skills. Moreover, this app has 80 plus skills. And this app will help you track your progress.

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  4. KRAV MAGA Effective Self Defense

    If you are interested and want to pick on the techniques they use in the military. Then this app will totally fit your expectations.

    The krav maga effective self defense app lets you get a taste of the military-style training.

    But luckily now you can learn a thing or two about it too. Altogether, it has various tabs where you will see that you can learn different styles of krav maga. You can learn the initial stage, combat style, take down style, ground fighting, and of course self defense.

    After which you will know the basics. On the whole, it has a fully detailed and descriptive style that makes you aware of every little detail about the stance and forms and tricks. Besides, you will also get to learn a little bit of judo, martial arts, aikido, and more forms.

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  5. Self Defense

    We all know the saying that self defense is the best kind of defense. To be able to fight for yourself or being able to defend yourself is the biggest accomplishment of one’s life.

    The self defense app is good for use to every person in society. Currently, it has a highly dedicated categorical segmentation of different self defense techniques.

    For instance, they have techniques of self defense for men, self defense for women, important pointers, self defense pressure points, and more. You can also see a defined pictorial presentation of how to rightly hold the exact pressure points on hand or elsewhere.

    Furthermore, you can learn and practice self defense strategies and karate styles kick and flick as well.

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  6. Best Self Defense Technique Tutorials Easy Step

    In this all the time busy life it is hard to find a single minute to do something different. Besides, it is important to look out for your own safety.

    This app has a full list full of video lessons on quick and easy techniques. Furthermore,  they use video re-enactments of all the different forms of self defense.

    And help the user or viewer to understand the smallest of intricacies in the move. This app also has a descriptive presentation.
    Where you can comprehend what situation you are in and what you should do to escape it. In short, this app is free and gives the best solution to your problems.

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  7. Fighting Trainer

    Whether you are totally new to learning the art form of fighting or are already efficient in it. One can download this app and learn the required skills or practice and polish your possessed talent.

    The fighting trainer app has over more than 90 plus official MMA moves. You can learn how to do bodyshot block, front kick block, low kick block, knee block, and more. It showcases the actual visual of that move.

    Now you can easily practice any move by watching and learning it in a full 360-degree view. So, learn and improve new skills with this free to download the app. At the same time, you may download this app for free and benefit from it.

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  8. Martial Arts – Self Defense

    The art form of the fighting style of martial arts is well reputed and oldest form as well. This style requires people to have a calm and composed body and mind.

    This app has a friendly user interface that is easy to operate and comprehend. Furthermore, one amazing thing about this app is that you can use this app to learn self defense in offline mode.

    It has a category-wise distribution of all the self defense techniques in a tabular form. You can use the zoom in and out feature and learn how to defend yourself in situations that could involve a gun, knife, or any object.

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  9. MMA – Taekwondo – Krav Maga

    The MMA-Taekwondo-Krav Maga app makes it possible for anyone to learn the ways of self-defense. In conclusion, one should always be ready to protect themselves.

    There are many forms of Martial arts like judo, taekwondo, aikido, kungfu, Wing Chun, and more. And you can learn all of them in this app.

    Apart from this, you can watch video lessons in your native language and take notes while watching them. The additional feature is that you can also read the biographical text about Bruce Lee, Ip Man, Jet Li, and more and learn about their lives.

    And you can get to know why and how they got into this field for the first time. Without a doubt, this app is marvelous and free to download.

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  10. Self Defense in martial arts

    It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. So in these times, everyone should know how to protect themselves. One should keep an open mind and introduce themself to the possibility of self-defense.

    You can start from the very bottom if you do not know anything about self-defense. And work your way up to the top so that you can de-escalate any situation that screams danger.

    Besides, you can pick up on tricks from various forms. For example jiujitsu, taekwondo, karate, kickboxing, martial arts, and many more other styles.

    This app brings for sure brings for you the best self-defense techniques. Furthermore, all the tricks and techniques are safe for anyone to learn for men, women, and even children. They have developed highly defined tutorials in the form of video lessons.

    That will give the learner the basic idea of the use of the move. Anyone can download this app for free. And learn to protect themselves against any danger.

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