Top 8 ROM Manager Apps For Android

ROM manager apps are pretty essential for an android smartphone. This is because you should keep an eye on the storage that you have on your phone.

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Hence, these ROM manager apps could really help you in managing the space. Personally speaking, I have been using these apps since the time I purchased my first android smartphone.

With the help of these ROM manager apps, I am able to delete the junk stuff and also keep my phone with lots of free ROM space. This also results in the increased processing and smooth running of the smartphone.
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Also, if you want to fix storage space running out, in that case, these ROM manager apps could really work for you.

Top 8 ROM Manager Apps

ROM Installer

ROM INSTALLERRom Installer by Jrummy apps is one of the best apps out there that lets you install some of the best ROMs without much hassle and need of expertise. Overall it’s a user-friendly ROM flasher that installs as well as manages the ROM that you choose to keep in your device.

You could install ROMS from the best distributors and a wide variety of updated lists and recoveries.

In addition to standard features like view, download and install your favorite ROM, backup and restore your current ROM, it provides you one-click install of the latest TWRP and CWMR. Get your preferred ROM installed right away and do away with the kind of expertise it takes to install one. You will thank us later.

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FLASHIFYFlashify is a superb ROM flashing application to take care of all of your ROM needs. A great ROM manager makes the process of installing a ROM more convenient with the array of tools the app comes equipped with.

Flash all kinds of files be it a boot file or a recovery file, and you can even zip files straight from the app either through the SD card or through the cloud.

This platform comes with some additional features like backup synchronization of the cloud in all of your devices. The free version provides quite an effective solution, however, the free version allows only three flashes per day, but you can definitely count on it.

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TWRP manager


A solely TeamWin based ROM manager that has the trust of thousands of users worldwide. TeamWin known for its effective software solutions in Recovery and image projects is a well-known name.

TWRP is an effective software for installing recovery, zips, and backs up all your stuff in one app.

Your device needs to be rooted for this app to be useful. The free version comes with the basic features that’ll be enough for most of the users, however, if you wish to use the premium features, you can get a subscription at a nominal fee of 99 cents. The amazing support team adds a cherry on top of the cake. Needless to say, but you should definitely give it a try.

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ROM manager

ROM MANAGERMyriads of downloads and a lengthy list of amazing reviews, themselves speak the volume of the popularity of the app. Unlike previous applications, this one supports only ClockWorld Mod recovery.

Now flash your favorite ROM either from SD or over the air with the assurance of the latest version whenever published. The UI is very user-centric and hassle-free.

The paid version comes with some additional features like automatic backup and installs queue, premium ROMs, and much more. ROM Manager does what it promises, nothing more. If you need a simple app for basic tasks, get the free version, it will surely be worth your effort.

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ROM Toolbox Lite

ROM TOOLBOXA simple app but loaded with features that combines many other similar applications into one. ROM Toolbox lite allows you to download and install some of the premium ROMs like CyanogenMod, AOPK to name some.

You can install multiple zips right from your SD card. Though your device needs to be rooted to flash a ROM, you can root your device using root explorer.

The app comes with a never-ending list of features like root explorers, rebooted, font installer, and whatnot. The only app to take care of all of your ROM needs. Add it to your valued apps, it will not disappoint, and you will for sure fall for it after usage.

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Official TWRP app

OFFICIAL TWRPThe official TWRP app from the TeamWin LLC, as the name suggests is the official offering by the pioneers in ROM flashing, free of cost. The reason for this app being here is that it only supports ROM flashing, that too using internal memory, which limits many of the features that most of the competitors in the market, provide.

But if you want to have a support-based service then this app is for you. Besides this does not require your phone to be rooted as most other apps ask for.

If installing a custom ROM is your need, then this app is definitely meant for you only, as it lets you get the job done without any hurdles.

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CyanogenMod ROMs

CYANOGENCyanogenMod ROMs get you the latest official ROMs from CyanogenMod and install them hassle-free.

In addition to installing ROMs, it has several other features too such as, rooting your device if not rooted already, recoveries from TWRP and CWM, and many more.

It is a simple app with a user-centric interface that can be used even by novice users who doesn’t know anything about installing and managing ROMs. However, before installing any ROM, you should check if it is supported by the device, failing to which might lead to devise damage.

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Custom ROM Manager

CUSTOM ROMCustom ROM Manager encapsulates everything that you’ll ever need for ROM management and provides an effortless, amazing experience.

With over half a million downloads, it seems promising as to the extent of effort it reduces for users to install ROMs. You can search the zip files present in your device, manage them and install them using TWRP.

However if you have never flashed a ROM before, using the TeamWin environment, this app is not for you, which can be stated as one of the limitations of this app. It provides you the statistics for the processes and file movements in your device that make the job even easier. A paid version is available too for this app, which comes with even more features and optimized performance settings. It is definitely one of those apps which are worth giving a shot.

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