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If you are a school kid and you have landed on this page, then definitely you might be looking for proxy sites for school. Finally, you are in the right place. Here you would be able to find some of the best methods in order to find proxy sites for school and how to unblock websites at school. We have mentioned a couple of very easy-to-use steps by using which you would be able to bypass the school proxy. Hence you can easily surf the internet.

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I have listed the latest proxy sites lists for school. These websites would help you in unblocking the school website, so that you may able to surf the internet freely.

This is the list of the proxy sites that are used widely all over the world and we would be updating this list every day so that we keep you up to date in this field. You can also check out some of the unblocked music sites at school.

proxy sites for school

What is a Proxy Website?

A proxy website is a site that we can use for unblocking the school proxy so that we are able to search and surf our favorite social networking websites and other cool stuff at our school or organization that has been blocked by them.

So basically most of these proxy websites use proxy servers so that they are able to encrypt your URL requests and then that fulfill your request using their proxies.

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These websites Proxy Sites For School keeps your data anonymous and doesn’t let the third party know your true identity. They also help you in bypassing parental control at your school or organization.

Unblock Website Using IP Method

There are some schools that only block URLs like “” or “”, so with the small little trick, you can bypass this blockage.

Step 1 : Press “windows+r” and type “cmd”.

Step 2: just write “tracert” for Facebook.

facebook ping


You will get something like this.

Step 3: Now just remember the IP address and paste it into the web browser, in this case, it is “”

And BAAAAAM..!!!!! 😀

90% chances are there that you would be able to access Facebook.

And if you are still not able to access the website then I would recommend you to keep following the post.

How To Unblock Website Using Http And Https

This is also one of the most basic methods that you might use. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

  1. Enter “” in your browser.
  2. If this shows access denied, then you may try “”.

You can try this the other way round. For example, if it is blocked for the HTTP version you may try the HTTP version and if still it is blocked, then you may try the next steps mentioned below.

Unblock The Blocked Website Using Proxy Server Application

But before we dig in any further, I would like to tell you how I broke the proxy server of my college.

As I was living in a college hostel, and the administration has blocked all the websites like Facebook, etc, so for us it was very difficult to access any of the useful websites so instead of trying various proxy websites, I tried to search for the proxy application and proxies that aren’t blocked at school, which acted as the proxy server.

The application is called Ultra Surf.

It is one of the best proxy applications that I have come across.

There is no installation required.

It encrypts online communication.

And it also hides your IP from the websites that you visit.

ultra surfe home


This is the main page that you would get at the time when you are successfully connected, here you might see that I have used the self-replicating proxy, that gets connected.

ultra surfe proxy


It also gives different options so that you may enter the proxy if you know of the proxy server.

So now you have got two cool tricks to bypass the proxy of your school, let’s proceed further.

Now is the most exciting part. I am going to present multiple proxy websites that are known to work for every blockage. If there are some good proxy servers that they have used then also these websites can bypass them easily.

Best List: Unblocked Proxy Sites For School

  1. QuickProx

    This is one of the fast and the new websites that you could use. It encrypts URLs and removes the scripts etc.

  2. Hide Me

    They claim to be one of the fastest service providers which have many other services as well, like VPN Client, windows app, and of course Free Proxy.

  3. ProxySite

    This website is one of my favorites as this provides all the setup and you are just a click away from using your favorite social networking sites.

  4. Hide My Ass

    This is also one of the best-known websites that you might use for the purpose of bypassing your school proxy.


    This is the website that says “Take control Of Your Privacy”, so by using this you would be able to hide your proxy, and surf freely, it also has other options where you would be able to bounce your proxy around the world and many other options.


    It is another proxy website that lets you use the web, freely and anonymously? This is one of the simple web-based proxies that lets you use the web easily without any hassles, this proxy website is mainly known for its YouTube to unblock.

  7. 4everproxy

    This is one of the latest websites that allow you to gain all-access all the other blocked websites, all you need to do is to go to this website and select the blocked website that you want to access, and then 4everproxy would help you to bypass the block and then you would be able to access the blocked website.


    This is one more website that is widely used and known for its unblock, this website uses a proxy server, and as they say “We work hard ” to unblock YouTube, and also you may find it very easy to unblock YouTube at school.


    Using this proxy website you would be easily able to unblock Facebook at your college, this proxy website also lets you unblock other sites like Twitter, MySpace, dating a celebrity, or any other free offer website and this is all you need to unblock proxy sites for school.


    As the name suggests you that this is the site made for breaking the MySpace proxy, so if your school or your organization has the myspace blocked you can unblock myspace and also can unblock Facebook at school using this proxy, this proxy also provides some basic proxy features like encryption, removing scripts and removing the objects.

  11. charlieproxy. ml

    This proxy website is one of the new websites that have 100% uptime(that is it never down.) and would serve your purpose as far as the proxy is concerned, this has many other proxy networks so you may also use other proxy websites connected to it only.


    This is one of the good proxy websites that provide many options to enable or to disable them as per your needs, so that you may surf the internet at your school by these types of proxy sites for school. This has an option for removing scripts, accepting cookies, showing images, show referrer, base 64 encryption, and other things like that which may preserve your identity while breaking the proxy and surfing the blocked website at school.


    This is also one of the new proxy websites providing all the basic features, but the last time I checked there were no advertisements and the user interface was also pretty good with all the user-friendly options and the most important thing is that it gives a full up time for the users, so you may use it to the fullest and search the web freely.


    The Proxy web server on this website has all the functionality that you may use in order to unblock school proxy or all the proxy servers at your workplace. This website has no ads, so you can easily use it without any issues.


    This proxy website has very user-friendly functions and works perfectly when it comes to breaking proxy websites at school. You can surely use it in your school to unblock proxy websites. I am personally using the same website for this purpose only.

  16. Phonepiwman. top

    This is the new proxy site for the list. I am adding this site to the list because this proxy website increases the surfing speed. It will be fast as compared to when you use any other normal proxy website. Hence you can happily use this in order to unblock the blocked websites at your workplace or at school.

These are some good websites that I use personally in my organization. They help me in bypassing the proxy, you can also use these in many ways. Just like a Proxy Sites For School or to Unblock Proxy Websites At School.

So this just a start as I would be presenting you with more of the websites in near future. I would be adding new proxy sites, so you may have to keep looking at this place. I will try my best to keep you up to date with all the latest in the proxy world.

These websites are presented to you only for educational purposes only. Please do not misuse the websites provided above for any unethical means.

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