10 Best Prayer Apps For Daily Morning & Evenings

In my opinion, everyone should be a little spiritual. These best prayer apps are best for those who are spiritual. Also, these apps could make you spiritual as well.

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Personally speaking, I pray each and every day as a result, there is always a Prayer app installed on my phone. Whenever I need a solution I sit in solitude and put on any of the prayer apps and I automatically get calm.

The list below contains some of the best prayer apps. You could easily download these directly from the official app store. There is a link to every app present after the description.

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best prayer apps

10 Best Prayer Apps

  1. Pray.com Prayer & Sleep Bible

    prayAny god loving person knows the power that the prayers hold. Making god a part of your day is the best thing a person can do.

    If you are someone who is looking for god’s embrace pray.com prayer and sleep is the right step.
    You will find here daily prayers, the holy bible, and the practice of Christian meditation. It has over 250 plus audio stories from the bible itself.

    Whenever you feel restless or in doubt you can find your calm and peace through this app. Browse through many prayers in the library section. There are prayers about love and hope, kindness and happiness, faith sustenance, spiritual healing, and more.

    You can find here stories about David, prophet daniel, teachings of Jesus, and the story of Paul the Apostle It is proved to be helpful when you listen to something divine before you finish your day and sleep. So sit back and relax while listening to these heavenly prayers.

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  2. Daily Prayer App

    daily prayer appThe notion of saying prayer can be called a part of orthodox thinking. But lately, it looks like everyone is finding their way around this deemed to be retarded action.

    You may not have the time to visit your church, temple, or mosque but if this app is on your phone then that is more than enough.

    Prayers of all kinds can be found here in this app. You can join in and be a part of morning prayers, midday prayer, evening prayer, and or late evening prayer.

    Whether you can keep the daily prayer app open at all times. But even if you can join for one time that will bring you peace. You can also see the numbers of people praying at different times.

    Become a part of a community that is bigger than ever and share the experience of being with the almighty.

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  3. Daily Prayer Guide

    daily prayer guideDaily Prayer Guide brings to you all the heaven connecting, out of the body feel giving prayers. The prayers that are there in this app have a calm and soothing effect on the soul of people.

    You will find here an in-depth compilation of verses from the bible, poems, biblical quotations, and writings of famous authors and poets.

    There is a screen tab where you can read the quote of the day. You can share your emotional god finding journey through this app. And help other people find their safe haven. With the help of an inbuilt voice synthesizer, you can listen along to all the invocations.

    The app will give you daily reminders as well for when the prayer is supposed to take place. It also lets you pin your favorite prayer, thought, and or quote and you can make notes on it.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. Prayer Warrior – Daily Prayer

    prayer warriorPrayer is a mode to skip the hold of inner conflict and corrosion. We all fight our battles differently but what bounds us in common is praying.

    The prayer warrior is such an app that you can download so that you can be able to pray daily. It brings to you all the worldly prayer collection.

    These prayers can be translated into English verses if they are in any other language. Helping you in fighting the never-ending battles within and letting you find your peace is the main motive of this app.

    You can change the setting in the app and set the app to remind you when it is prayer o’clock.

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  5. Powerful Prayers – Morning & Evening Prayers

    powerful prayersBeing a devotee 365 days in a year and 24 hours a day is a task in itself. Yes, we do vow ourselves to frequent every prayer and festivities of the suitable saintly places of worship. But unwillingly we sometimes miss out on the happenings.

    Helping in the revival of the apostolic spirit in you. Powerful prayers bring to you angelic morning and evening prayers. You can join in at whatever time that suits your schedule and become a part of the journey that leads to calm and composure.

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  6. PrayerMate

    Prayer mate takes on the task of paving the way to god through soulful prayers. This app is trying to become the reason you stay tethered to god in any which way possible.

    Having a connection with God means a lot to some people. And for some people, this app does just the trick. This app not only lets you recite the prayers but it also lets you customize your own prayers.

    You will find here a section where you can add names to the list marked as family and or friends. You can also create a list through your contacts and name it. It has pre-installed prayers, thoughts, quotations, and more as well.

    In the settings tab of this app, you can set reminders as well. Through the implementation of these reminders, prayer mate picks a random person from your own made list. And curates a well-woven prayer for them.

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  7. Prayers & Blessings Daily

    Do you need the inspiration to be able to pray daily? If you are trying to get a hold of even the tiniest possibility of finding a way to have a connection with god. Then you have come to the right place.

    Prayers and blessings daily app brings to your daily content of best-inscribed prayers and thoughts. It is one of the best sources to get your cup of divinity filled to the rim.

    You can find here verses and notations from the holy bible. It also has a feature where you can read the text yourself. And at the same time if you like you can use the read-aloud text feature as well.

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  8. Prayer Book

    Spirituality is the best-known way to link your soul and body to the holy deity. Sometimes you will every reason to pray to god. The other times you will see it is hard to count reasons to be able to pray to him. 

    The prayer book app is the literal embodiment of its name. It has a very vast and deep content-filled library. No matter what the occasion is or for what purpose you are looking forward to praying for. In the app’s library, you will find hundreds of prayers and bible verses to help you out in times of need. You can download this app for free. This app provides the user with many kinds of topics like common prayers for strength, hope, relationships, money, etc., daily prayers, roman catholic prayers, prayers of St. Jude, Hail Mary, and or prayers of St. Francis. In this app, there are also well-known prayers like God is great, God is good, and Our father our god. They also have the 10 commandments and verses from the holy bible and the King James Bible.

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    Unlike many other prayers apps who are giving our prayers through their app in hundreds of numbers. The Powerful prayers app takes on the responsibility to make sure you get the best prayers only. All the prayers in this app are handpicked and selected especially for its user.

    This app features prayers for healing, strength, hope, protection, and safety, relationships, wisdom, peace, and more. There are also some incredible add-on features like easy to read text and content, it presents a full guide and thorough descriptions. In this app, you will find it amazingly easy to navigate through different sections. Download this app for free and share all the valuable notations with your friends and family.

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  10. WePrayApp – Christian prayer app

    It is in human nature to always run back to god when times get tough. We thank god when something happens that we wanted for a long time. But we also take shelter under his wings when we need something or looking for hope.

    We pray the app is catering to that side of you the praying and in love with a good one. Here you can create your very own personalized prayers for your friends and family. You can also look around in the public prayers section and even look at your friend’s prayers. This app gives you a notification every time your friend prays for you. Through this app, you can effortlessly connect and chat with your app friends with safe end-to-end encryption.

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