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Prankowl has been one of the best prank call websites. As I have already posted an article about the prank call websites, you can find the prankowl on top. And that is for a reason, as prankowl has been “the most used” prank call website as it offers 3 free prank calls. This free prank call website is very easy to use as well. Any person can use it and prank their best friends with prankowl, one of the best prank call websites.

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The prankowl website has got very easy options like “Sound Prank”, “Operator Prank”, “Spoof Call”, “Hear Reactions”. With all these options on prankowl, you can do wonders in doing a prank on your friend. Hence, the prankowl is called “the best prank call website”.

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Sites like prankowl are also an amazing set of websites that you could use to access some free prank calls.

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Why You Should Use Prankowl

I have already stated above that “prankowl is the best prank call website”. That is why I am now giving you reasons why you should actually use prankowl in place of other prank call websites.

3 Prankowl Free Tokens

Prankowl offers 3 tokens which could be used for 3 calls mostly. But it also depends on your location whether 1 token per call is used or 2 tokens per call are used. So this is the best thing about using the prankowl website.

You may use these 3 tokens initially, but I am sure that you will love their services and purchase their prank call credits. This would be economical for you as well as compared to other websites.

The Best Sound Pranks

sound PrankThey have provided the pre-recorded messages that you can use to prank your friend successfully. They have given your options like “Illegal Pornography” which a federal agent calls your friend. Then you also have a great prank of “pizza order” where a pizza delivery boy will deliver a pizza at your friend’s house. My personal favorites are “Kick My Dog” and “Don’t message my Boyfriend ” pranks. Then there is a prank call option that has Cat Facts in a male voice. Some people get scared of cockroaches, for them also prankowl have given a prank call option.

They have recently added a great prank that I liked personally. “Hay it’s Sarah”, is the name of the prank where a voice of the lady calls the and shows her pain and discomfort. She confronts the person on the other side and asks them why is she being ignored? Many boys would easily fall for this prank.

Operator Prank – Make Friends Call Each Other

operator prankThis is a unique option and great prank style given by prankowl which allows you to make friends call each other. By using this option you can create a very funny situation with your two of the friends who are calling each other. You can use this option by prankowl with the three tokens that you get. The operator prank is great hence it can be the best option to use. You can also set the caller id for the friend’s phone. It is the option to set the desired number on the phone screen while prank calls.

Spoof Calls

spoof callBy using this option you can call any of your friends by using a different number as caller id. That is when you will call your friend a new number (that will be entered by you) will be displayed on your friend’s screen. Below are the steps to use it on prankowl and prank your friend.


steps for prank call


  • Step 1: Set caller ID – Here you will be required to put in the number that you want to display on the screen when you will call your friend. You can put any number to tell him that he has won a lottery of 1 million.
  • Step 2: Your number – In this option, you will have to enter your number. As they will connect your call to your friend’s number.
  • Step 3: Number to call – You need to enter your friend’s number.
  • Step 4: Set duration – You need to set the duration of the call. By default, it will be 1 minute and maximum it can be 4 minutes.
  • Step 5: Start the call – You need to press the button to start the call on the website.

Hear Reactions

hear reactionsThe best part about using prankowl is that you get to listen to all kinds of prank calls. You can choose the last option of “hear reactions” and you will be displayed a number of prank calls recorded by other users and have a jolly time. If you are free or traveling then you can listen to all the great prank calls and have a laughter ride. All the prank call that have been recorded have been sorted in the manner of the viewer’s likes. So you can be sure that you are listening to the pranks that have already been liked by prankowl users.

Block Your Number From Prankowl

If you have been receiving a lot of prank call from prankowl. Then you can also choose to block your number from this website permanently. You just have to visit the website and enter your number and the website will block your number. After that, you will not receive any of the prank calls from prankowl. They have given you two buttons “I hate your site, block my number” and “Your site is pretty sweet, but block my number anyway“. You may choose any of the options to block these prank calls from prankowl. 

How To use Prankowl – Best Free Prank Call Website

It is very easy to use the prankowl website to make free prank calls. Each of the users will get 3 tokens to be used. Mostly 1 token will be used for one call. In some countries, they could use 2 or 3 tokens as well because of rates. Hence, you will have to watch at the time of making the prank call.

Steps To Make Free Prank Call On Prankowl

  • Visit the Prankowl website by using this link.
  • Now you need to select the prank call option because there are so many options you can choose one.
  • Enter the recipient’s number and then the number which you want to show on the receiver’s screen.
  • You also can turn the record on if you want to record the full call.
  • There is also an option to turn on or off the “voicemail” detection.
  • And then click the button “Start Call” to start the prank call.

Special Notes While Doing Crank Call

  • Prankowl is a free website, that doesn’t mean that you can use it in any of the illegal activities.
  • I would like to advise you, don’t try to record anyone from California or one of the other 11 states mentioned on their site; as these states have laws where all parties need to give consent to be recorded. Hence, you cannot record them while you are doing a prank call. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t crank call them. Most of the other states just require one person to give consent, and that would be you.
  • It is advisable that you do not make fun of someone’s disability just for fun.

How To Get Free Prankowl Tokens

Recently Prankowl has released a new offer. Under this offer when and if you create a new account on the Prankowl website and you like the Facebook page of Prankowl,  you would be getting the free prankowl tokens. For any further clarification or questions, you may contact the support of Prankowl.

Best Of Luck In Using Prankowl

Whenever I have someone to play a prank on, I always choose prankowl. As prankowl is the best prank call website with free calls. We can play multiple pranks on our friends. You have the option to prank call our friends by swapping the numbers. There is an option to use another number as well so that a different number is displayed on the caller id. So all in all we can consider prankowl as our one-stop solution for all the prank calls. The best part that I like about this website is that I get to hear the reactions that have been recorded while doing the prank, that is the most hilarious part for me.

There is a benefit in using the prankowl as they promise to keep your number safe and keep you spam-free as well. So my choice is prankowl for playing a prank on my friends. You can also share this article with your close friends on whom you have already played a prank. For more pranks you may join their Facebook group, all you need to do is to go and search “prankowl” on Facebook and you will get the group.

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