Impressive Prank Calling Apps – Free Prank Phone Calls Unlimited

Prank calling apps are in fashion these days. Now everyone wants the best prank calling app on their android phones. As a result I have brought some of the impressive prank calling apps Some of these apps will give you unlimited free prank phone calls.

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They will also include free prank call dialer. With the help of these impressive apps you can easily prank your friends with free prank phone calls. If you have been searching for the best of the prank calling apps then this list if for you. Some of the mobile applications that I have listed here also give you the most amazing free prank call.

I can assure you that this is the best list you will find about the prank call apps. You can have great prank call experience with the help of these apps. I have also covered a list of the best voice changer online apps for android that will also help you in getting the best phone prank calls using these best prank apps.

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Best List Of Prank Calling Apps

These apps that I have listed here are the apps from Google Play Store. So you can be sure that they are legitimate applications that are authorized by google and hence are complete spam free. As a result you can just go ahead and try all of these prank calling apps and so you could find the best app that suites you. We have also reviewed amazing prank call websites.

Impressive Prank Apps

As I mentioned that these are legitimate prank calling apps hence we have mentioned in this best list. So all you need to do is to follow and click the “Download From Google Play Store” button and you will be redirected to the official android app store of google. From there you would be able to download the app.


  1. VIP Call Prank

    vip call prankThis is a pretty funky prank call app to use. As it gives a great illusion that you have got a call from any of the celebrity. With the help of this good prank calling apps you can change your caller id.

    If you install and use this prank call app then your phone will ring. It will also display the image and the number of the celebrity and if you pick up the call you will also hear a voice of the same celebrity.

    This app is very easy to use. You need to install and feed all the details in the app and you are good to go. This app has got mixed reviews but you can certainly give it a shot.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  2. PrankDial – Wind Up Prank Call

    prank dialThis is one of the most widely used prank call app among the users. They have around 37k 5star ratings by users. So you can imagine how popular this app is. They claim themselves to be the original and best prank call app.

    And the best part about using the Prank Dial app is that they will give you three free prank calls. And this is what makes them a great and amazing prank call app.

    By using this you can also record the prank calls and stay up to date with the latest free prank calls that are funky prank calls as well. You get 3 prank calls for free every day. There is an option to choose from 150 + best prank calls. Listen to hilarious prank call reactions submitted by other users.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. Scary Prank Call

    scarry prank callsScary Prank Calling apps  are amazing to use. As using this you can scare anyone. With the help of this free prank call app, you can make a prank call with your friends, family or girlfriend/boyfriend.

    The best part is it is very easy to use hence light weight. For using this app firstly you select the list of the scariest characters, who you want to call you then select Name,telephone, and photography final fool to your friend.

    This could be said as the complete prank call app. As this is free and regularly updated as well. In conclusion we can say that this is great app to scare your friends at night.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. Doctor Prank Call


    With this funky prank cal app, you can call as a fake doctor with caller id and picture. There is an option by using which you could schedule a fake call.

    Hence you can get out freely of any situation by showing that a doctor is calling. The best thing about this app is that you can set the prank call phone call with phone original ringtone.

    As a result no one would be able to suspect that you are actually faking a call in order to get out of the situation. This is a pretty new app hence you could give it a try.

  5. Fake Call Girlfriend Prank HD

    fake call girlfriendThis is one of the great prank calling apps, if you do not have a girlfriend. This is a good app to prank your friends hence it has got more than 4k 5star ratings.

    As a result we can say that many people like this app. You can choose any of the girls photo so everyone will think you have got cool and beautiful girlfriend.

    Therefore you need to install this app if you are single. Fake call girlfriend prank calling apps could be the most noteworthy hence you could use it meetings.Thus I can say this app can save your time if you use it wisely.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Cockroach in Phone Prank

    Cockroach in phone prankThis application could be for those of your friends which hate this creepy insect. This could be the best way to creep the out using this prank app.

    Though this is not a prank call app but this could certainly give your friend a nightmare. Creepy right! Well, with this app, that is exactly what your friends will see on your phone screen.

    Some nice cockroaches crawling across your phone.You can install the app and it will show the Cockroach on the app and it will make them show Cockroach on the screen.

  7. Ownage Pranks Real Prank Calls

    ownage pranksOwnage is one of the latest apps in the world of unlimited free prank calls. This would provide you with great prank call recorded by Professional actors! I have personally used this app and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    You can also get free credits to use the free prank calls every day. They have tons of practical jokes and recordings stored. One of the mail feature you can find is that it has fake environment sounds in order to make your prank call perfect. By using this app you can easily fool your friends.

    There are multiple calls which could be used to test loyalty of your girl or boyfriend. They have included voices of Sexy girl, Angry boyfriend, Old lady, Doctors, Celebrities.

    Download From Google Play Store

  8. Magic Call – funny call

    magic callMagic Call is the latest addition to our list of free prank calls unlimited. Magic Call is a pretty new application. They are still gaining popularity in the field of prank calls.

    Magic call would allow you to make free prank calls to your friends and you have the option to change your voice as well. This Magic call application for android would let you change your voice in real time.

    You also have the option to listen to the demo of your own voice. You can listen to your recordings in My Recording tab and can easily share with your friends as well. This can be considered as the cheapest way of making free prank calls. You can also change your voice to kid, cartoon or to a female or male.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9. Fake Call Prank

    fake call prankBelieve it or not, this is the coolest prank call app that you find. As you can search and select the name of the celebrity that you want the call from.

    You can also pretend that you got the call from President or Prime Minister but you still are not picking as you are giving importance to your friends. There is an option to set the call timing as well.

    And by using this fake call prank app you can actually set the multiple times fake calls. So you will receive a fake call multiple times from same person.

    Steps To Make Fake Call Prank

        • Step 1 : Choose the fake call.
        • Step 2: Set Name, telephone and photography.
        • Step 3: Record the fake voice that should play when you lift the call.
        • Step 4: Choose the delay time and fool your friends.


  10. Prankster – the Prank Call App

    prankster - the prank call appThe specialty of this app is that they give options to make hundreds of pranks in several languages. You also get variety of prank calls from the festival seasons as well. Like call from the Santa for a boy or a girl.

    All you have to do is to select the prank call scenario. Dial the number and wait for the call to get completed and then get the hilarious reactions and also you have the option to record.

    The most famous ones are “Look Behind You”, and “Calling My Girlfriend Is Not Advised”. This is a pretty coll app which has got easy to use prank call features. With average 4.4 star rating this is has got over 10k 5 star ratings. So al in all if you want a light weight prank calling apps then you can give Prankster a try by clicking the link below.


  11. Prank Call Free

    prank call freeThis is a very basic app that you could use without any fuss. Hence it is light weight. And because of its easy to use feature it is considered good app to begin with. Due to the it is very basic app it is gaining more popularity as the cool and funky prank calling app.

    First of all you will have to set a call with a time and date after it you phone will ring at the given time and date. The best part about this app is tat you can use it for alarm purpose as well as a result it is dual usage app.

    Seems like being a simple app has made a plus point for this prank call free app. As a result you need to try and download this prank app by using the link below.

Last Words : Prank Calling Apps

This was the list for the best prank apps that will give you full satisfaction for the pranks that you will be playing in future. These are the best and the coolest prank calling apps that you will find in the market. Some of them are paid while others are free to use.

Every app has its positive and negative. Hence you need to make sure that you are choosing the right prank app to perform the best and working prank call to your friend.

If you have any suggestions or want to add anything more to this list, you may post the same in the comments below. Please also share this article with your family and friends so that they also could prank you some times using these cool prank call apps.

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