10 Best Phone Cooler Apps

If you are a heavy phone user, then you definitely need at least one of the best phone cooler apps. This because these phone cooler apps will help reduce the phone’s temperature. As a result of which it will not heat up. And you would be able to use the phone for a longer period of time.

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Also, if you use any of the phone cooler apps, you will save your battery’s life as well. Because when there is heavy phone usage, then your phone will continue to heat up. Hence, to reduce the processing of unused apps, you need to have at least one of the best quality phone cooler apps.

As a result of which to save your time and to help you out with this scenario, I have written this list down and you can choose any one of the phone cooler apps that you like and save your phone from heating up. You also can check out lock screen apps.

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Top 10 Best Phone Cooler Apps


  1. Cooling Master

    cooling masterIt is one of the most popular cooler apps that helps in lowering your phone’s temperature by diminishing the rate of consumption by your CPU.

    It continuously keeps track of different applications in your phone and shuts down those applications that absorb the system’s resources the most and thus, helps in keeping your phone’s temperature cool.

    The cooling master can easily detect those apps and display the temperature on your screen so that you get to know the reason your phone is overheating.

    The app is very simple to use, you just need a single touch to close down those apps.

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  2. Phone Cooler

    phone cooler pro
    This app is very efficient in increasing your phone’s battery life. It helps in real-time tracking and managing the apps that are over-absorbing the system’s resources and leading to rising in the temperature of your phone.

    Even a single change in your device’s temperature will be updated to you so that you can shut down those apps with one tap.

    Thus, you can easily prevent your phone’s temperature from increasing. Hence, this is definitely one of the best phone cooler apps.

    You can play any game without worrying about the temperature and it can clean up cache and junk files which will enhance your RAM’s performance and speed up your phone’s activities.

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  3. System Status

    system status
    This app will keep on updating you about important variables like battery usage and CPU consumption level. It observes the battery usage continuously and displays it in a graphical presentation.

    It checks and keeps track on the CPU usage rate over time, thereby, letting you know all those apps which are consuming more resource of the device’s system and you can easily close those apps when your phone becomes easier.

    This app also displays the network connection status and IP address of your connection. You can also upgrade to the pro version for additional features.

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  4. Cooler Master

    cpu cooler - cooling masterIt is an amazing cooler app available for your phone. It keeps on displaying your phone’s current temperature and closes all those apps which are overusing your phone’s resource. Hence, decreasing your CPU’s usage rate and cooling down your phone. Apart from that, it also removes the junk files and cleans up your RAM.

    Thus, your phone can work faster without heating up frequently. It enables you to uninstall any of your phone’s applications if you do not want to keep it anymore.

    By continuously removing cache junks you can easily prevent your phone’s memory from getting filled unnecessarily and use the free space for storing other important data.

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  5. Cooler Master

    cooler masterThis app is very effective in cooling down your CPU. It continuously observes all the applications and shuts down the applications consuming more of the system’s resources.

    Therefore, you no longer need to worry about running more than one application at a time as this cooling app will help your phone to give its best performance by controlling the temperature. It will keep your RAM clean, remove junk files, and enhance the speed of your phone.

    The battery life of your phone will increase and you can enjoy your gaming or video watching experience more efficiently.

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  6. Phone Cooler

    phone cooler - battery coolerThis app discovers all those apps which are together leading to an increase in your phone’s temperature. It uses graphs which keep on tracking the temperature changes in real-time and display it on your phone.

    The CPU usage rate is reduced and thus, it will help in maintaining a lower temperature more efficiently. This app is a very good choice for you when your phone starts functioning very slowly.

    The battery life is improved and also makes your phone safe to use by preventing it from overheating.

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  7. Fast CPU Cooler

    fast cpu coolerThis app is very useful in optimizing your phone’s performance. It can lower your temperature by decreasing the CPU usage rate and clean your RAM.

    You can easily run more than one app at a time, the app will protect your phone from overheating. It automatically detects all those apps causing over-consumption of battery and close down all these apps.

    Thereby, save more battery and improve your battery life. Your phone will start working better and faster. It will keep on updating you about the real-time temperature of your phone.

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  8. Phone Cool Down

    phone cool downThis app is very helpful in keeping your phone’s temperature cool. It checks each and every app installed on your device and controls all those apps which overuse your phone’s resources.

    Thereby, reducing the CPU usage and cleaning the RAM so that your phone gives its optimum performance.

    Apart from this benefit, the app has also got a unique feature of privatizing your photos so that you can easily keep your photos away from the reach of unwanted people. It also enables you to block calls.

  9. Clean Master

    clean masterIt is a smart cooler app available in the App Store. It monitors all the applications in real-time and auto-detects the apps increasing the CPU usage rate and causes overheating of your phone.

    This app also controls those apps and enhances your phone’s performance. It also enables you to delete all the junk files, useless big files, browser extensions that are not at all required, and clean cache data.

    This will free up your device storage and enable your phone to perform smoothly.

    Hence, I personally fee this is one of the best phone cooler apps for iOS and Apple App Store users.

  10. Cooling Master

    cooling master - phone coolerThis app works amazingly as a CPU cooler. It tracks all the apps in your phone and manages those apps which are contributing to the overheating of your device.

    It diminishes your CPU and RAM usage which enables your device to perform smoothly. Therefore, multitasking is no longer a difficult task because your phone’s temperature will be controlled.

    It keeps you updated with your device’s temperature in real-time and also cools down your battery. Another unique feature is that it improves your Wi-Fi connectivity and helps you in having a strong signal for a longer duration.

It is very common that your phone or tablet’s temperature increases that make your phone slow and it creates a problem in multitasking. These 10 applications that I have discussed are the best among many for cooling down your phone.


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