10 Offline Anime Love Story Games For Android & iOS

Offline anime love story games are really fun to play. Since the time, I started playing these ones, I have fallen in love with these offline anime love story games.

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I love the characters in these offline anime love story games. Also, there are some great love story scenarios that I like.

Personally speaking, these offline anime love story games are a great source of entertainment for me. I love to create my own fantasy characters and play the game along with multiple people as well. You could also watch anime offline using these apps.

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offline anime lovestory games android & ios

Offline Anime Love Story Games For Android & iOS

  1. Honey Magazine – Free Otome dating sim

    The honey magazine free Otome dating sim is the first offline anime love story app on our list.
    This app is a very unique offline anime love story app that acts really like a magazine. The honey magazine is a bundle full of anime love stories that you can get a glimpse of. This app has a vast ocean-like genre and includes various titles as well.

    You can find here titles like office lover 2, sweet scandal returns, royal midnight kiss, and many more. Furthermore, it is a scenario-based game so you can pick a character and play as them. One more thing that is really good about this app is that it supports three languages. So you do not have to worry about whether you would find it difficult to understand the game. You can switch between English, French, and Japanese.

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  2. Eldarya – Fantasy otome game‬

    The other app that we are going to talk about is the Eldarya fantasy otome game.
    If you know about the wonders and beauty of the fictional city of El then you are in for a ride. When you will download this app you will enter the city of el. And you will live the life of that character that you have chosen to play as.

    Every day there will be a new task for you to complete. And then you will gradually meet other characters in this game as well. For instance, you will be given various choices of do’s and dont’s that you will have to take. For example, you would have to decide on the appearance of the character, about his or her nature and personality, and about their love life as well. This game has a pool full of fun and games that will keep you engaged always.

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  3. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice‬

    This app is also very exciting and appealing at the same time. To all the anime lovers who fall in love with anime characters. Or somehow can relate and connect with them at any level.

    The Mr. love queen’s choice has amazing ultra HD quality graphics capturing the best memories. You can also enjoy interactions between the anime characters in this game. They are usually in the form of fictional in-game sweet calls and messages.

    This game is also filled with the most unexpected plot twists where you will find who is your Mr.Love. You will also hear the real and extraordinary voice actors. That has dubbed the voices in English and Japanese.

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  4. Is It Love? Drogo – Vampire

    Now, this game once you will start playing it will feel somehow similar to many other vampires-based anime series or shows.

    The is it love Drogo vampire anime love story app has brought together two amazing concepts. The first is obviously the anime effect and the other concept is vampire fantasy. So the story of this app goes like this.

    You will enter this game as au pair for a wealthy family who apparently harbors a lot of secrets. You will fall deep into their mess and discover more about them and at the same time about yourself too. This game will let you dive into romance and overcome many hurdles. And you will eventually find yourself asking in this game that are you ready for true love?

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  5. My Candy Love – Otome game‬

    My candy love otome game is one of the most interesting and engaging dating sim games you will find in the market.

    First of all, let me tell you what an otome game is. The otome game is a choice-based game where you pick a character to play as in the game. You will be given decisions to make and move on to the next levels.

    In this game, we have the main 4 avatars which are Hyun, Priya, Castiel, and Rayan. It is a high school life-based dating and romance sim game. Where you will experience the ups and downs of the life of a teenager. You can download this game for free through the app store.

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  6. Love Tangle #Shall we date Otome Anime Dating Game

    As the name of the app suggest this anime love story game is about the romance between the characters of the game. That is totally depending upon the choices you make while playing as them.

    We are going to look into it in detail and see why and how we could get this app. This game is really interesting to play. And it has always been successful in intriguing people’s curiosity.

    Okay, the first thing is first, this game is absolutely free to play. And it has an amazing storyline that is full of romance, twists, betrayals, and dating scenarios. While playing this app you will realize that is so well made that the fictional world sometimes starts to feel real.

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  7. Mystic Messenger

    The mystic messenger app is really magical and mystical in itself. And now let me tell you why is it so.

    The story and the gameplay in this app start even before you download it. The whole story goes like this you have accidentally installed a messenger app. This messenger app has made you join a mysterious chat group where you find really attractive boys.

    And it is so hard for you to resist talking to them. This game will take you on an emotional roller coaster filled with ups and downs. To download this game for free click on the given link.

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  8. Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

    The lovestruck choose your romance is another app that has been very popular among users.
    You can use this app to find out what is going to happen or what is actually happening in the love lives of your favorite anime character. If you are an anime lover then you will definitely find this app to be of your interest.

    You have found the best place to get to know all the hot Chika about this anime stuff. This app has a vast collection of storylines that are way more interesting than any other drama out there. You can use this app and pass your time rather than spending hours picking what to stream. This app has almost always alternating endings to the characters which depend upon what choices you make as for them.

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  9. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

    The arcana a mystic romance app is an anime love story game that is very different from what you have seen.

    This game will let you pick characters of your choice. And will also let you choose their pronouns. You can decide on what is going to happen to them in their lives. This game will put up scenarios against you and it is you and only you who will decide your own future in this game.

    It has also amazing segments where you can uncover the mystery and predict your future through tarot card readings in this game. This game is available on the app store. And to download it use the link that is given below. And voila you will fall in love with this game too before you even know it.

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    The last app that we are going to dig our paws into is a very noteworthy app that has caught our attention. Let me introduce you to the name of this app that is so very different and eye-catchy.

    The name of this offline anime love story game app is if my heart had wings. This game is so very delicate and impressive and matches the vibe really well with the title. Just as the delicate title the story is about a wheelchair-ridden girl and a heartbroken boy.

    It is set up in Japan and is about a youthful tale of two teens who are deeply in love with the vast sky. You can download this game for free through the google play store and enjoy the tale filled with romance and pure love to the sky. Just use and click on the specified link given below.

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