Top 7 No Crop Apps For Instagram – {Latest Update}

No crop apps for Instagram are plenty, but how many of them actually work? This has been the biggest concern for many users. As we all know that Instagram picture size should be perfect. That is the reason we need a no crop Instagram app.

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I tried multiple applications that claimed to be the best no crop apps for Instagram, but when I used them, they were just useless. That’s why I decided to come up with the best list of no crop apps for Instagram. Tired of cropping your pics on Instagram? Then all you need to do is to follow our best list of no crop apps for Instagram.

Most of the no crop apps will give you a highly customized pics editing app featuring a user-friendly interface. If you use these no crop apps then no crop Instagram will be very easy for you. These no crop applications who allow users to post images with their Actual size i.e. full size without cropping them. Now you can also center your Instagram bio easily.

no crop apps for Instagram

Why People Search For No Crop Apps For Instagram?

Many people complain about the automatic cropping of their images by the Instagram application. According to them, “it reduces their Image quality and sometimes crops the very important part of their images”.

But when people decide to do something they generally do it successfully, thanks to these No Crop Applications who allow users to post images with their Actual size i.e. full size without cropping them. In this post, I have compiled the best list of few No Crop Apps for Instagram, and they could be used for WhatsApp as well.

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7 Best Insta No Crop Apps

These no crop apps for Instagram that I have mentioned are easy to use and light applications. These applications will take less memory and help you with the storage space issue. At the end of the description, we have given you the link from where you will be able to download the application and can get insta no crop apps.

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  1. Square InstaPic – Photo Editor

    square InpicThis is one of the best rated and reviewed the application for no crop insta users. It can be regarded as the most powerful, but still very easy to use photo editor and collage photo, maker.

    You can add backgrounds, add borders, and in the process, you can make your picture more beautiful. They also have given the option to add emojis so that you can make your picture/selfie more impressive and expressive in terms of expression.

    Features :

    • Option to add filters and texts.
    • Add border or photo grid and collage as well.
    • It also has a “No Crop” feature.
    • Edit contrast saturation and brightness of images.

    Download From Google Play Store


  2. No Crop For Instagram

    no crop picAs the name suggests, it is one of the most used applications for no crop and square for Instagram.

    It has got some cool and catchy features that all users like. No Crop is a highly customized pics editing app features. It gives you a user-friendly interface, including a pics editor with different effects to make the pics you post on Instagram even more special.

    They provide you with multiple filters and smiley emojis. It also gives you stylized fonts and rich graphics to make your photo great and catchy in many ways.

    Features :

    • It has got the best “no crop” feature.
    • 200+ free background images.
    • 30 free filters to make your photo catchy.
    • 400+ free stickers and emoji stickers
    • Add text with different fonts.

    Download From Google Play Store


  3. Square Size Collage Maker

    square sizeInsta Square Size is a great app for users as it provides, square, snap photo pic stickers and collage maker photo for Instagram.

    It has great options which enable you to edit and post full square size photo without cropping on Instagram. They have also given the customized options to add borders, smileys to make your photo more stylish.

    You can also add stylish texts by using the snap text with emojis and other stickers are also available to be used. There is an option to make a collage of your photos to make them look cool and stylish by using the no crop app for Instagram.

    Features :

    • Snap Photo & Pic Stickers
    • Collage Maker
    • Insta Square Size Collage Maker
    • Insta Square Size Collage Maker
    • Blur / solid/ pattern/ grad background.
    • 20+ fantastic filters.
    • Add 100+ cute stickers.

    Download From Google Play Store


  4. Insta Size Photo Editor


    So to verify that we need to install and check that. It has so many effects, layout, and features to apply to your photos. It is an easy-to-use application and it is also not hard on your phone’s memory.

    You can easily make your photo look very cool and funky. They have provided the built-in collage feature and have also given great options to used to make your pic look stylish. This no crop app is easy to use.

    If you download this app on your mobile, you will notice that it has got some great powerful, and amazing features. Developers say that :

    A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone!

    Features :

    • Photo filters
    • Gorgeous photo effects and frames
    • Crop, rotate and straighten your photo
    • No Crop feature for images.
    • Free filter effects with added intensity bars.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  5. Square snap pic collage

    square pic photoWe can say that this is an all-in-one app. It has all the good qualities of a cropping app for Instagram. This app has got more than 90 thousand 5 star reviews. Hence, you can say that this is a very widely used app all around the world. There is an option to add photos collage maker post-full-size photos. With great no crop feature, it additionally has many great features like over 40 kinds of designed shapes. It has all the easy-to-use features with a great GUI for a photo cropping app.

    Features :

    • Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out /Rotate /Round Corner.
    • Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Google+, or anywhere else.
    • 30+ amazing filters, light, artist, overlays, the lens on your photo.


  6. Makeup & Beauty

    makeup and beautyWith Insta Square Size you can get all the basic features like post entire photos to Instagram, make square photos without cropping, and resize photos to fit Instagram.

    Emoji smiley and other basic stuff is there with this application. There is an option to use emoji tag also to make your picture more stylish. It has some great filters which could turn your picture into a funny picture with great joy.

    You can get many stickers and background patterns to get an awesome look at your photo.

    Features :

    • 200+ fun stickers.
    • More than 100 special collage layouts.
    • Over 100 background patterns.
    • 40+ filters, overlays, and text captions.
    • No Crop feature for Instagram.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. 9 Square for Instagram

    9 squareThis is a great app, especially if you are a cropping freak. This no crop app for Instagram has options to crop the pics in dimensions like 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids, and upload directly to Instagram. It is a very basic app to use and has all the functions that you want to have in a no crop app.

    This app will give you a grid-like picture and you will find no issues in loading any of the pictures. It also has more than 16k + 5-star reviews. Hence, you can make out that this is a pretty awesome app that is used by many people worldwide as a no crop app.

    Features :

    • Crop any picture into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids
    • High-Resolution pic editor.
    • Post images directly to Instagram after cropping.
    • Great UI and easy to use.

    Download From Google Play Store

Closure On No Crop Apps

This list is not the biggest list of no crop apps, but it certainly is the best list of no crop apps for Instagram. These apps are all from the official Google Play Store and the Apple App Store store.

Hence, you can be sure that they are legitimate applications used for cropping the images for Instagram usage. As there are many apps like Instagram which need square images only, so for all those applications these no crop apps are best to use.

If you liked our list, then you can share this with your friends and relatives so that they are also aware of this list of best insta no crop app.

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