10 Top Night Vision Apps For Free

Having the technology of night vision is really beneficial when it comes to nighttime photography. For this very reason, top night vision apps are a must-have in today’s world.

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To resolve this scenario for you, I am going to list some of the top best night vision apps. You would be able to download these night vision apps directly from the app store.

As a result, you can be sure that you are getting the authentic and top-quality night vision ability to click the best photographs.

Top Best Night Vision Apps

  1. Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR

    color night vision cameraAre you somewhere where the light is low and it is hard to see? Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR brings to you in a way so that you can see and capture the surroundings around even in the dimmest of lights.

    It claims to give you an extremely incredible night vision effect even in the lowest of light in the room or anywhere for that matter of fact. You can simply turn on this app to capture the image.

    This app uses histogram equalization to enhance the image. This very function then works to reduce noises in the picture convert it into HDR format and produces visible night shots. It also has the feature of Compass, Angle crosshair, and Pitch level.

    With added camera setting options of focus adjustment, burst shots, flash, and timer you are good to go in the dark.

    Download From Google Play Store

  2. Night Camera Photo & Video – HD 4K

    night camera photo & Video HDNight Camera Photo & Video app comes with loaded features. This app makes the best use of modern technology and pushes the limits of your device to the maximum extent.

    With dynamic changing screen sensitivity click enhanced pictures with just one click. It produces an absolutely outstanding impact while taking night shots.

    It gives the user the option of automatic timer selection through which you can set the timer to 1 second to 5 seconds and time the perfect shot. With digital amplification and effects like the thermal camera apps, you can record HD videos as well.

    You can switch between front and rear cameras with a simple click and can also zoom in and out the picture up to 8 times. It is a free app with its very own gallery.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. VR Night Vision for Cardboard (NVG Simulation)

    VR NIGHT VISION FOR CARDBOARDThis app was featured on instructables.com. Through this app, you can capture night shots. With this app, you can make your simple handcrafted cardboard VR into an actual VR.

    Download this app on your phone, open it, and put it in your cardboard VR placing it right in the holes. You are given the options of night vision sounds, GPS location, IR enhanced mode, and scanlines or otherwise called grids.

    You can also experience the realistic green screen in the night vision effect and keep a check on the battery through a battery monitor.

    There are also the date and time features, compass, brightness indicator bar, and the option to switch between front and rear cameras.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. VR Thermal & Night Vision FilterCam: Simulated FX

    vr thermal and night visionIf you are a virtual reality enthusiast then this app is definitely made for you. You can download this app and put your phone in the camera to cut out the portion of the VR.

    This app provides the user with different effects as well. You can see the captured screen in the night vision effect, thermal effect, and VR mode. On the screen, you can see both the actual shot being taken and the shot with the effect.

    With its multiple real-time effects you can record all filters in the form of videos and in VR mode as well. Even in the slightest luminosity, you can capture real-time night shots.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. GPS Speedometer Night Vision Dash Cam: Speed Limit

    gps speedometerThis app is a must-have for people who love to travel and take frequent trips on the road. If you are a travel junkie and want to capture every moment on the road you should definitely download this app on your phone.

    Late at night, you can put the phone on the dashboard of your car and record the journey in the dark night as well.

    You can use the night vision feature at night while driving and also make use of its GPS feature to detect location. Since it is a speedometer as well so you can set the limit of the speed of the vehicle as well.

    With the screen recording option, you can record all the contents on the screen be it speed limit, location, road view, and save it for future use.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Night Mode Zoom Photo and Video Camera(Low Light)

    night mode zoom photoNight Mode Zoom Photo and Video Camera app is superb and filled with splendid features.

    If you are going out at night in areas with low lights then this app will help you in seeing clearly what is around you.

    This app provides the user with features like a magnifying glass, telescopic zoom in and zooms out, photo camera, video recording option, brightness control, and many more.
    When you will capture any photo or video the images produced will be of high quality. It also has high-quality video stabilization.
    You can smoothly switch between front and rear cameras and zoom in and out from 4 to 10x zoom. You can adjust the brightness and simultaneously use the flashlight feature as well.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. Night Mode Camera (Photo and Video)

    night mode cameraWhether you are at a club or a poorly lit room night mode camera will light up any room for you. This app will digitally amplify the picture and enhance the all-around vision. With the help of its specific structured algorithm, it reduces the noises in the picture and produces a high-quality picture on your screen.
    It gives the real experience of the actual green screen. You can also screen capture from the video recording and save it on your phone. It gives you options for effects like a cloudy day, daylight, advanced, fluorescent, and auto mode. You can use any of these effects according to your need. With 8x zoom, you can see the slightest of the objects.

    Download From Google Play Store

  8. Night Mode Camera HD Zoom Photo and Video Recorder

    night mode camera HDThis app is up to date with the ever-changing technology features of modern times. Through this app, you can capture high-quality pictures even in the places with the least luminosity.

    You are provided with four color options. They can be used to capture different moods of the night.
    You will also find that this app lets you adjust settings like exposure, saturation, hue, brightness, etc. according to your need.

    To my surprise, this very app can be used as a microscope, binocular, magnifier, and of course night vision camera.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9. Night Mode Effects HD zoom Camera

    night mode effects HD zoomBid adieu to poor quality night shots. As night mode effects HD zoom camera comes with its very own digital amplifier. With this function and also its generated algorithm you can get high-quality pictures as well as videos.

    The picture and video quality in this app are commendable. You can zoom in and zoom out the picture as you wish. It is a portable version of those highly expensive and professional devices and tools that the experts work with.

    It is for sure a free app and has the simplest user interface. Switching between front and rear cameras has never been so easy. You can adjust the brightness, exposure, and what not as per your need and save the picture and or video in your phone’s storage.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. Night Monocular LRS Zoom HD Camera

    night monocular LRSYou can use this app as a magnifier for macro photography besides as a night vision camera. It can dynamically change the camera sensitivity according to what is being captured.

    What is so pretty cool about this app is that you can click ultra zoomed pictures of texts or objects.

    Custom settings for brightness, white balance, exposure, and more comes in pretty handy to those who know their way around. You can click any picture or record any video without any lag or delay.

    It has the ability to scroll the zoom as well, toggle button for switching between front and rear cameras, save and share options. You can also adjust the focus both ways automatically or manually. Again the extra feature it gives is that the LED light feature. This app can be downloaded for free on any device and has a user-friendly interface. It looks like clear pictures are just one click away.

    Download From Google Play Store

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