Top 10 Naked Scanner Apps

These naked scanner apps will make you go bazzinga on anyone you like. You would be able to send half-naked images of anyone you want by using these naked scanner apps. As a result, you would be able to prank anyone you like.

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These apps are fun to use. I can easily bet, at some point in time in your life you would have wondered what exactly is the scene under these clothes. But now you have the option to find out by using these amazing naked scanner apps.

These apps are listed on the official Google Play Store, hence you can be sure that these are pretty authentic apps. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading any one of these naked scanner apps and let the fun begin.

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naked scanner apps


Top 10 Naked Scanner Apps

  1. Cloth Scanner

    cloth scanner simulatorThis is a very popular app that people use to fool their friends. You can also use it to let your friends think that you can actually check what they are wearing inside.

    This naked scanner app could be used just by scratching their picture and removing their clothes. This app contains different skin colors and you need to select the one which will be more suitable and look more real.

    Cloth Scanner app has got a very user-friendly interface and so you won’t find any difficulty in using this.

    You can choose any one photo from you or click a picture on the spot and select anybody part of the girl. This is not an actual body scanner.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  2. Body Scanner

    body scanner - cloth scanner prank appThis naked camera app has been developed for Cloth Scanner prank by skeletonizing. This is a prank app.

    With this, you can trick your friends that you can see what they are wearing under and it does not matter if it is a sweater or a normal top.

    You can behave as if you have actually seen what is under their clothes. You can use this prank on your lady’s love to make her angry by pretending that you can undress any girl within a minute and enjoy the fun.

    This application. It is not a real body scanner and does not promote nudity, it is just for fun.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  3. Full Audery Body Scanner

    body scanner camera prank appThis is a very good app for prank and entertainment. You can use this cloth or body scanning prank on your friends.

    This app could be used when you have got nothing else to do as it will increase your fun and excitement level.

    You can use this app on any person irrespective of their gender and age. The results seem to be perfect and realistic enough to shock your friends.

    It has high-quality graphics and you do not need to turn on your internet connection for this.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. Tap to Remove

    tap to remove prank appThis is one of the best apps you can use to trick on hot girls by pretending that you can erase their clothes by just touching their bodies on your phone’s screen.

    You can prank to remove all her clothes just by taping on your device screen. This app is very simple and its size is just 2.80 MB

    Hence, this is not at all going to affect your phone. Also, you would be able to prank your friends using this amazing naked scanning app of girls for free.

  5. Girl Cloth Remover

    Girl Cloth Remover - Body Show prank appThis cloth remover prank app is really very entertaining. You can astound your friends by using this amazing app.

    They will actually start believing that you can remove their clothes. The skin color of the person does not actually matter because it has got a lot of skin colors.

    Apart from that, this app contains a lot of wallpapers of sexy girls in bikinis which will enhance your mood.

    Though this is a new app, I personally love this one. As I was able to prank and show the naked scanned photos to many people. The best part is that each of them fell for the prank.

  6. New Audery Woman Body Scanner Camera Prank

    woman body prank camera scannerThis is a free app developed for entertainment purposes only. You can prank on both your friends, both girls and boys with this body scanner.

    You do not need to register yourself for using this app. This naked camera app could be used anywhere. It does not matter at all if you are indoor or outdoor.

    You can stimulate the fun on any occasion like a birthday party, a reunion or any other informal get together with your friends.

    However, it should be remembered this is just a prank app and not an actual body scanner. The total size of this app is just 3.31 Mb, thus, it neither takes much of your device’s internal space nor hampers the functioning of your phone.

  7. Full Body Scanner Camera Prank

    full body scanner prank appThough it looks very realistic, it is just for fun but not for real work. You can easily prank on your friends that you can actually see what is under their clothes.

    With the help of your camera, click a picture of your friend and focus anybody part and then, select that part from the picture in the app.

    Let the image look very original so that your friends get amazed that you have got to know what they are wearing inside.

    This pranking app displays undergarments and not fully naked pictures. This is a 3D prank app and It is absolutely free of cost.


  8. Audrey Body Scanner Camera Prank

    body scanner cameraCloth Remover: This app helps you in fooling your friends and enhancing the fun. Let your friends be stunned that you have got something real.

    This naked scanner app could rub clothes from any picture and can display the picture like that.

    This is one of the best prank apps that will work like a dress remover irrespective of skin color. You just need to run continuously on the picture and it works.

    You can save it in your device storage and use it for your entertainment. Using this app, you can easily track any of your female friends using this app.

  9. Girls Cloth Remover

    girls cloth remover naked scanner appThis is an amazing app you can use to prank on your friends. It seems so realistic that your friends will actually believe you can see them without clothes.

    You can easily fool your girlfriends using this app. It contains different types of skins. Take a picture of your friend and start scratching it.

    The clothes will eventually get erased. This naked scanner camera app is best for displaying the girl’s body. You can remove each and every cloth she is wearing in that picture. You just need to adjust the skin color. It is entirely for fun and laughter.

  10. Touch On Girl Simulator

    touch on girls simulator appThis naked body scanner app has been developed by Nature Mist.

    This prank app allows you to touch on any girl’s pic many numbers of times and see what is under their dress.

    You can tap on any part of the body which you want to see. It should be noted that it does not contain any nude or sex girls but only hot bikini girls.

    This is only for entertainment purposes.

So these were some of the best-naked scanner apps available in the Google Play Store. However, it should be remembered that these are not real scanners and so it would not produce the correct results. These are just for fun and it is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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