5 Multiple Bluetooth Speaker Apps {Review, In-depth Analysis}

Keeping one of the best multiple Bluetooth speaker apps is a must if you are looking for a piece of rocking music. This will enable you to connect multiple speakers and create a stereo sound system.

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Personally speaking, I use these apps on a regular basis. This lets me assemble various devices and play music on them. By doing so, I am able to enjoy all the surround sound.

These are some of the best multiple Bluetooth speaker apps for free. You would be able to download these apps from the official website of the respective app stores.

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multiple bluetooth speaker apps

Multiple Bluetooth Speaker Apps

  1. AmpMe – Speaker Booster

    Are you among those people who love music so much that you can hardly spend a second without it? Then my friend you have landed in the right place. And you for sure will not regret it.

    I am sure you must have heard this app’s name or are familiar with it in some way or another. Yes, we are talking about none other than the amp me speaker booster app. Oh god, there is nothing, not even the slightest thing that you would not like about this app.

    Basically, this multiple Bluetooth speaker app has everything that a music lover would look for. It is literally the most relevant mobile app these days.

    As we all know covid times has made socializing very difficult but the AmpMe speaker booster app made it a little less boring. Using this Bluetooth speaker app, you can use listen in sync on a bunch of phones. Here in this app, you can also play any song from your favorite apps like Spotify, gaana.com, and more.

    There are a lot more features in this app but the one worth talking about is definitely the in-app chat option. This option enables the user to chat and react with their friends through this app. Now discover hot new music on this app and play it loud and clear by syncing one Bluetooth device per phone.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  2. Bluetooth Speaker Booster

    Let me introduce you to all music and bass lovers to the newest multiple Bluetooth speaker apps. This app has become a hot trend and the talk of the town in recent times.
    We all have suffered through the time when we are really in the mood to dance our hearts out but the speaker does not justify the whole situation.

    In those times all you wish for is some way to bring any life back into the party and just turn up the bass and blast of the roofs. Well, I think your wish just got accepted in the form of the creation of the Bluetooth speaker booster app. Of course, you can and you certainly must have used those other equalizer apps downloaded and paid for through different app stores.

    But do not they become somewhat boring and unchanged in their use with similar functions and working patterns. But not with the Bluetooth speaker booster app. This app has some very interesting pre-installed and pre-defined music setting profiles among which you can choose from. Besides, you can also use these in-app sound settings and customize them into whatever you like.

    You can decide and set the music settings that are pre-installed in this app. And see whether you want to listen to music on a small lesser than 200 gm generic Bluetooth speaker, medium more than 200gm but lesser than 1kg generic Bluetooth speaker.

    Or you need to listen to music on a large more than 1 kg generic Bluetooth speaker, inateck, xoro, and bose speakers. This app also has the auto volume button which will allow the user to set volume manually each time you connect to a new device. This app is useful when you connect your device to car jukeboxes or BlueTooth devices.

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  3. Bluetooth Multiple Device Manager

    Another app that I am going to introduce you to through the help of this list of multiple Bluetooth speaker app is the one and only Bluetooth multiple device manager apps.

    This app has a really unique set of algorithms that enables this app to perform and work easily in comparison to the other similar multiple Bluetooth speaker apps. With the help of the Bluetooth multiple device manager apps, you can connect to any and many devices with Bluetooth.

    The moment you would open the app the first thing this app will display is the name and details of the currently connected Bluetooth devices. And it will also show all the other previously connected Bluetooth devices as well that you have connected to this app.

    You can edit out the names as well of all of the connected devices and type them. And save it as some name that you would find it easy to remember. Besides, this app has such a fantastic set of features that it will let you see the configurable details of the device as well.

    For instance, you can see the name of the paired device, the mac address of that particular device, the bond state, and also the bond type. This app also makes the work of the user a lot easier as it allows the user to mark the frequently used and connected Bluetooth devices as your favorite.

    All you have to do is just push the heart button that is visible right next to the connected device name. Enjoy all these features for free.

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  4. Bluetooth audio device widget – connect, play

    This right here on standing stiff on its rank and number four is the coolest looking, professional working, absolute chef’s kiss of an app. Who would have thought that as simple as a Bluetooth device manager app could turn in to an absolutely explicit and amazing innovation?

    The whole task of listening to music through any external speaker was such a fuss earlier. But now the whole process works smooth as butter and all thanks to the Bluetooth audio device widget connect, play app. Before you had to go to settings then open Bluetooth and then search and pair with the Bluetooth speakers.

    And then go back all the way to the music player then search for your favorite music track and finally then you were able to play it. But not anymore, with this Bluetooth audio device widget connect, play the app you will be able to find the shortest way to connect to any Bluetooth device. This app converts the connected Bluetooth device into a widget.

    That you can add even to your smartphone’s home screen. Which you would be able to use to connect to your Bluetooth device quickly. And play your favorite music in an instant. In conclusion, you can connect any of your media to Bluetooth enabled devices and have a blast for free by installing this app on the google play store.

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  5. SoundSeeder -Play music simultaneously and in sync

    Now, since you have made it to the end of the list and the very last app that you are going to get familiar with is none other than the Sound Seeder play music simultaneously and in sync app.

    This app gives the best and the most appropriate way to sync your audio devices. It works wonderfully well while streaming music from your tablet and or mobile phone to the receiving audio device such as a Bluetooth speaker.

    Also before I forget to tell you that this app got its new update and it has now come with a way better performance and working strategy. With the sound seeder, the wireless multi-speaker and audio player app take charge and be the boss of every music and or dance party.

    Using this app, you can play your favorite music on multiple smartphones and that too in sync. Also, this app has a full-featured music player with google music, online radio, and dlna support. The sound seeder app can easily support multiple different sources of audio. For the app to play local media files the sound seeder app just requires access to the user’s device storage.

    The biggest surprise this app gives is the option to change the app theme to the day and night theme. That is the user can use this app in bright white mode and in the dark mode as well. Also, it comes with a super magnificent looking design interface.

    This app also comes with a sleep timer that will make sure the app turns off at the exact mentioned time. It also has different party modes for example it has party mode, silent disco mode, and more than the user can select to play their favorite music. All in all, you can look for this app on the google play store and download it for free.

    Download From Google Play Store

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