21 Most Useless Websites For Time Pass

Did you even think, that we also have completely useless websites for time pass on internet. No doubt internet is full of useful and interesting things, but I never thought that there are some websites that are completely made for the purpose of time pass. Check out these most useless websites that are present on the internet. Prank call websites are also great time pass.

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When I was checking some random things, I found some completely useless websites. Then I started wondering that these pointless websites do not make sense.So why anyone would waste their precious time and build such a useless and pointless website.

I generally dig in to these websites when I am bored from my daily routine work or when I am traveling.Searching the useless web take me to useless website. As these websites help in passing my time when I am on the bus or train or in a long flight. Also, if you are feeling bored while travelling, you can read manga online for free.

most useless websites

This list is prepared by me personally. No matter how many times I visit these websites I just love them but to others they might be completely useless and pointless. Hence you can say that these websites are literally of no use.

So of you are a fun explorer and into useless stuff, then these websites are best for you. Enjoy this list of most useless websites present on web.

Before moving forward let me warn you the list mentioned below is the list of websites that you will get addicted to. These are useless and fun websites.

Once you are addicted to them then you your self will say please take me to the useless website. Hence you can say that these are world’s most useless websites present on the web.

Taking You To The Most Useless Websites

Give these websites a try one by one. I can promise you that you will find something special in each of the mentioned websites. At the end of this post you would definitely say that these are in deed the most useless websites.


  1. Kim Jong Il Looking At Things

    Kim Jong Il Looking At Things is the place to be if you are really bored and do not have really anything to do. This is one of the most hilarious and trending place to pass your time. On this portal, you will find pictures of Kim Jong looking at things. You can easily pass your time by looking at these pictures. Here Kim Jong is looking at certain pictures in a very serious manner. Somehow if you see these images you will not be able to control your laughter.

  2. Pointer Pointer

    On PointerPointer website, you will get to see random snaps of people who would be pointing towards your mouse pointer. All you need to do is to drag your mouse a little and wait. You will get a new image on your screen. This is a cool website plus you get to see random people.

  3. Paper Toilet

    If you will visit PaperToilet.com website then you will think that “this is indeed world’s most useless website“. You will find a toilet paper roll and you will be able to roll and unroll the same. So now you get the taste to pointless and useless website.

  4. I am awesome

    Iamawesome.com is definitely a cool name and you might be thinking what a great website name. But let me remind you this list belongs to world’s most useless websites. Hence this is on of them. Do visit this website and share your experience with us. You can comment in the section below.

  5. Sad For Japan

    Sadforjapan.com a is funky website. Here you will find a balloon or bubble, whatever you want to say. You can play with it with your cursor or by touching it. It will make a funny sound and it will keep on rotating or moving. But the relation of this website from japan is still unknown.

  6. NSA-O-Matic

    NSA-O-Matic is the website, when you are visiting you will get to know about the stories of NSA. No I am not kidding. Visit this website and get to know yourself about the latest stories. All you need to do is to click on the “Spin Again” button and you will get to know the taste of this useless website.

  7. Watching Grass Grow

    Watching-Grass-Grow.com website provides you with the luxury to watch the grass grow. At the same time you will also get to listen to the music. Hence this also passes as one of the useless and pointless websites.

  8. Ducks Are The Best

    Ducksarethebest.com is a website for all the duck lovers. I guess many of us love ducks. Then this is specially for you guys. You will find ducks all around this web page and would also get to listen to them. Many people like this website as it has got more than 130k Facebook likes.

  9. Do nothing For Two Minutes

    Donothingfor2minutes.com tries to calm you down. When you visit this website, you will see a counter for 2 minutes. You need to do nothing for two minutes and just listen to the waves. And if you move your mouse or keyboard the this counter will start again for 2 minutes.

  10. Stagerring Beauty

    Stagerringbeauty.com has one worm that you can shake with the usage of your mouse. And if you shake the worm pretty quickly then you will see a flashy image with a weird music. As a result you can say that this is also one of the world’s most useless and pointless website

  11. Falling Guy

    Here on Fallingguy.com you will find a sweet innocent guy. You can make him fall or let him go up in sky just by scrolling up or down. As a result your distance would also be calculated on the distance scale right on the bottom right corner. Again a useless website making no sense.

  12. Chicken On Raft

    Chickenonaraft.com is also one of its kind. This website only shows a chicken on the raft standing on one leg. And if you click the chicken then a song will start and below it you will see the number of seconds that you have been with chicken on that raft. The song is fun kind of song that you will enjoy if you are listening to it for first or second time.

  13. Cat Bounce

    Catbounce.com is a fun website if you show it to kids. They will love the bouncing cats. As the cats are cute creature and kids will love cat and specially if they are bouncing. They will have a jolly time. So if you are a cat lover, then this website is also for you. You can visit this website and have fun watching the bouncing cats.

  14. Falling Falling

    FallingFalling.com is also a complete useless website. When you will visit this website you will feel like you are falling deep inside. If you are connected with earpiece then you will also get to listen the falling music. Some time you also might feel dizzy. Your eyes might start paining if you keep you concentration on the screen and you might also get a headache. Hence in totality you can say that this is totally worthless and waste website and is of no use.


    Hooooooooo is also one of the websites that are considered as one of the most useless websites. Ideally it has got nothing in it. If you will visit this website you will get just a music and Hoooo written on the screen. After few seconds you will be automatically taken to a new website called HEEEEEEY ! Here as well, you will not find anything just heeeeyy and the same music. So you can say that this is also a prime example of the most useless website.

  16. yournameingum.com

    Adding another website to the list of complete pointless websites is yournameingum. Here you need to just select the gum that you want and then enter your name. Hence you would see your name in your favorite gum. There are high chances that if you search for “take me to a useless website” you would be able to find this one. I have also added this gum website in my list.

  17. Bacon Sizzling

    Bacon Sizzling is another addition to the list of world’s most useless websites. If you are curious enough, do visit this website. You would only find a relaxing sound of bacon’s sizzling along with image that has sizzling bacon on top of it. This could be tempting for a food lover who absolutely loves Bacon. This cannot be a pointless website for a foodie. As just by sound and image of that bacon, their appetite would evolve.


  18. Taghua

    This is another amazing world in which if you have said take me to a useless website. You might probably land on Taghua. This is a website on which you can find most beautiful art of Sakura tree. You cannot say that it is a useless website as it shows a great piece of art on your screen which proves soothing to your eyes. Taghua would also be most probably unblocked as well, hence if you are feeling bored at your school or organization that you work. You can definitely visit taghua.


  19. popopopcorn.com

    Popo popcorn is another useless website which is absolutely of no use. All they show is popcorn popping out of the popcorn maker. It produces popping sound and is kind of a heaven for foodies. For a foodie we cannot say that this is a most useless website, but for people like me it just another website that is of no use. Hence another pointless website for me.

  20. kimjongillookingatthings

    If you are really bored and do not have really anything to do. This is one of the most hilarious and trending place to pass your time. I do not why some one would like to watch this weird guy watching at things. Somehow this website has become really famous with the people of internet who really believe in passing the time and making fun.

  21. Koalas To The Max

    Koalas To The Max is one of the cute website that you would find on this list of most useless websites for time pass. If you visit them you would find huge round dots. As you hover over them, they will start dividing. Your goal is to maximize the number of dots post which you would be able to see a cute picture of a Koala. Personally I just loved this website.

Wrapping It Up On Useless Websites On Internet

These were the some of the most useless websites on the internet. Websites listed above have one thing in common i.e they are made for nothing. You can enjoy these websites but do not get addicted to these. Otherwise every time you will say that “please take me to world’s most useless websites”. If you don’t believe me then try all these and you will crave for more.

There is no need to be worried if you crave for more time pass websites. Just let us know how much you liked our article on the most useless websites and we will make sure to add some more useless and pointless websites for guys. Do share this list with your friends and family and share the love.

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