10 Free Live Wallpaper Apps For Android {Latest Update}

Free live wallpaper apps are really hard to find. As a result, most of the time you might have run out of options for a cool and free live wallpaper.

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As a result, I am going to list some of the best free live wallpaper apps for android. These live wallpaper apps are from the official app store of Google.

Hence, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about the authenticity of these free live wallpaper apps for android.

free wallpaper apps for android and ios

Free Live Wallpaper Apps

Forest Live Wallpaper

forest liveThis wonderful app brings up some amazing wallpapers, having quite the potential to act as a tranquilizing balm to your sapped and jaded nerves. Featuring some distinct qualities in close proximity to that of a Chameleon, it can well adapt itself to the weather or surroundings.

To be more precise, it can dwindle the colors as per the surroundings (day or night, etc.). A few of the paramount features of the app include the 3D parallax effect, realistic nature effects such as the inclusion of stars, mountains, etc.

Simulated scrolling and to give you a feel of virtual reality it can access the weather conditions when your phone data and location is on, and then provide you the amazing experience of live wallpaper, with a tinge of reality added to the dish.

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Muzei Live Wallpaper

muzeiMuzei Live Wallpaper app can well be stated as an artistic master, who wants to dive deep into the ocean of art and painting and bring up for you some amazing artwork on the wallpaper.

It is also quite capable to switch between your various favorite photos and use them as wallpapers. Moreover, as a cherry on top of the cake, this app even provides you with an option to customize or build your own wallpaper as per your choice.

In a nutshell, this app provides you with everything that you can look for or want in a live wallpaper app, so do give it a try.

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asteroidASTEROID App allows you to build your own wallpaper, by letting you choose everything you want to be displayed on the wallpaper, along with the way in which you want it to be displayed.

Here, you can choose the color or type of the asteroid, the color of the background, its shade everything.

It also encompasses an amazing, user-friendly, and highly demanded feature of displaying an image instead of living wallpaper in order to cut the battery usage, which proves to be a landmark behind the success of this app in the market.

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Cartogram – Live Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds

cartogramCartogram is the best app for wanderlust and travel freak people. If you are on a trip you can effortlessly set up the map as your wallpaper, and enjoy your way without any hurdles or difficulty.

It displays the wallpaper in amazing high-definition quality. Moreover, it sets up the wallpaper on your phone in close proximity to the surrounding location where you are in.

You can even make the desired changes in the wallpaper and customize your own as per your need. It is quite simple to use, do give it a try.

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rain paperRainpaper brings you a collection of some marvelous live wallpapers. With this application, you can effortlessly create your own wallpapers by choosing different weather conditions, colors, frequencies, and whatnot.

Moreover, it also authorizes you to put up any picture either from downloads or your phone gallery, as an image on the horizon in addition to the live wallpaper.

It could match up with the weather conditions of your surroundings by accessing your location, and display similar weather live wallpaper. Do give it a try, it won’t disappoint you.

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Paperland Live Wallpaper

paperlandPaperland Live Wallpaper brings up some of the amazing features in a beer and skittles manner.

Encompassing the cute idea of comical paper cuttings walking in through the live wallpaper are quite capable enough to capture your attention. It even authorizes you to synchronize the weather conditions on the wallpaper with the actual weather conditions, which you are in.

You can choose from some of the best, soothing, silent, and graceful wallpapers to enjoy the silent and soothing music of nature, which the wallpaper wants to tell.

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Borderlight Live Wallpaper

borderlightBorderlight Live Wallpaper is an amazing app where you can get myriad colored dynamic, dazzling borders around your phone screen. It is effortless to use the app and can fit any mood of yours.

Here, you can also customize, and create your own wallpaper, by blending various colors for borders, or by placing different background images along with the wallpaper.

Using this platform can well give your phone a calm, and poised appearance, which will definitely variate the thoughts of people about you. So, do give it a try, and in all probability, you will find it worth it.

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4D Live Wallpaper

4d live wallpaper4D Live Wallpaper brings a flock of alluring live wallpapers to your doorstep. Be it the cool, soothing wallpapers to give you peace of mind, or be it some dazzling, colorful wallpaper to give a party vibe, just select from one of the best collections according to your mood and enjoy the experience.

To add a cherry on top of the cake, its battery consumption is pretty low, so your battery life isn’t affected much by the fact that you are using a live wallpaper. Try it once, and feel the vibe.

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Live Wallpapers, Screen Lock, Ringtones – W.Engine

4k liveLive Wallpapers, Screen Lock, Ringtones – W.Engine is one of the paramount pillars in the field. Allowing you to bring into play some dynamic wallpapers as your home or lock screen, this app places the right foot forward in the industry.

It also encompasses an alluring feature of automatically switching over different wallpapers. Availability of myriads of options to choose from, adds spice to it, and all the more comes closer to your current vibe.

To establish a better connection, the wallpapers on this app can also be synced with beautiful music, which definitely adds a sharp weapon to its quiver.

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Material Islands™ – Semi-live wallpapers

semi liveIf you believe in “Simple living and high thinking”, then this app is definitely made for you. In close proximity, to its name, it offers you to choose from a bunch of island wallpapers, as per your vibe.

It is also quite efficient in terms of power consumption, so you need not keep an eye on the battery percentage every now and then. So, what are you waiting for, download it, and hit an island, and enjoy the vibe?

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