Top 10 iOS Emulators For Android

Are you searching for iOS emulators for android? Do you want to run iOS apps on your android device? If so, then you need to read this article till the very end.

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As in this post, I will be discussing some of the best iOS emulators present for android. Using these legitimate iOS emulators on your android device, you would be able to easily install and access iOS apps.

On the legitimacy front, you can be sure that these iOS emulators for android apps are authentic and are safe to use. There is absolutely no need to worry about anything related to security.

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10 Best iOS Emulators For Android

  1. Launcher iPhone

    launcher iPhoneThis app is very effective in its performance. It will turn your phone into an iPhone X and you will love the experience of using the iPhone interface.

    With the smart search feature and you can customize the icon of any app as per your preference.

    You can group applications as per your preference and there are no limits to the number of groups.

    It has got varieties of theme icons and you can also customize the grids as per your preference.

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  2. Launcher OS 13 & Control Center

    ios 13 launcherIt is a powerful app that will enable you to enjoy all the features of an iOS app on your Android device.

    It has got a user-friendly interface and you need not be a pro in order to use that. Even if you have a low powered Android phone then there is no problem.

    This is because it will make the iOS apps fit perfectly on your device. Even the notification tray in this app is inspired by iOS.

    When using this app, I personally found that this app runs pretty smoothly. For this very reason, I used this app for a long period of time.

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  3. Launcher iOS 14

    launcher ios 14This is another one of the amazing iOS emulators for Android according to me because it works smoothly with all Android phones.

    Launcher iOS 14 will let you search for any app or games available on the iOS devices that you desire to use in your Android phone and easily download it.

    This app will just take a few seconds to start the apps and then you can enjoy using those apps.

    It will also provide you the options to customize your themes as per your preference and the best part is that you can also download the paid apps and use them. You can design an iOS-style folder and also customize any icon and name as you like.

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  4. Launcher iOS 13

    launcher ios 13It is considered to be one of the most effective iOS emulators for Android which enables the users to use the iOS on their Android smartphone.

    It will imitate the interface of iOS 13 on your phone and plays the applications very smoothly. Launcher iOS 13 will open each of these applications in a few seconds and will deliver you a lag-free experience of the same.

    You will also get closing animations which are similar to iOS devices. Another benefit of this emulator or launcher is that it has a big collection of high-quality wallpapers and along with that it will also make the app icons look as it is on the iOS device.

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  5. Control Center iOS 13

    control center ios 13 - controllerThis is another one of the most powerful iOS emulators for Android. As the name suggests, this particular emulator will enable Android smartphone users to enjoy the functionality of the control center on their Android device.

    Also, this app will help you in accessing toggles faster which are usually located towards the downward portion of the settings in any smartphone.

    Apart from that, you can swipe in any direction in order to open the control center and you can access the apps and settings such as Bluetooth, Camera, Volume control, Airplane Mode, and many others from the Center iOS 13.

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  6. IEMU

    It is one of the best iOS emulators for Android device users. It will let you use any apple application on your android phone. This emulator has got a user-friendly interface and it won’t even take much of your device memory as its size is less than even 4 MB.

    This emulator app is free of cost and it is free from any kind of virus too. You can enjoy this app flawlessly and you just need to download the app and install it.

    After opening the apps you should grant the necessary permissions it asks for. The only requirement that to run this app is that you need to have a minimum RAM of 256 MB which is not actually an issue in today’s smartphones.

  7. iOS Launcher

    This is one of the best iOS emulators for both Android smartphones and tablets. The user interface is very easy to use and you can also backup all your existing setups and use these on another Android phone or tablet.

    It has got the design of iOS 11 but it will actually make it easier for you to navigate. You can play your most liked games available on iOS devices directly on your smartphone and also enjoy the other features of an Apple phone.

  8. Cider

    It is an amazing emulator for those people who are willing to run the applications meant for iOS devices on their Android smartphone.

    You can enjoy all the games and convert your Android phone into an Apple phone. This app is very popular and the best part is that it is free of cost.

    You would not even have any limitations on the total number of apps that you can store on your smartphone. It is really cool and powerful in its performance.

  9. Appetize

    This is a very good iOS emulator app for Android device users gaining popularity in recent times. This app will enable you to use all the native Apple applications in your device browser itself and it is free of cost.

    It seems to be a wise option for you when we talk about emulators. It will enable you to enjoy the iOS features in your smartphone and it will let you use your desired Apple app on your device.

    However, it is not free in the long run. You can use its features only up to a limited period of time and then later upgrade yourself to the premium version as and when required.

  10. Launcher For OS 11

    If you are having a smartphone with an older version of Android then this emulator will be the most suitable for you. As it will make the apps developed to run on iOS devices run perfectly on your Android phone.

    It will deliver an uninterrupted performance and the best part of this emulator is that it only consumes 4 MB of your memory but it will give you the best experience you can expect.

So, these are some of the most effective iOS emulators available for Android phones.

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