10 Instagram Story Saver Apps & Downloader For Free

Everyone uses Instagram these days. A number of people have asked me, how to save an Instagram story. Another question that everyone keeps asking me “Can you save someone’s Instagram story without them knowing?” Well, now I have a simple answer to them. Instagram Story Saver Apps.

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This post specifically talks about some of the best Instagram story saver apps for free. As a result, you would be able to save your favorite stories without any hassle.

Hence, you could download any app that you like and you are good to go. At the same time, you would be glad to know that these Instagram story saver apps are available on all the official app stores. As a result, there is absolutely no need to worry about their authenticity.

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Top Best Instagram Story Saver Apps

FastSave for Instagram

fast save

FastSave for Instagram is one of the most relished apps in the field of downloading photos and videos from Instagram.

Authorizing its user to download myriads of photos and videos, conserving the amazing picture quality, and proffering a wonderful speed are some of the major arrows in its quiver to attract the customers.

Downloaded photos and videos can be viewed offline anytime with wonderful slideshows. Moreover, a confidential locker is also provided to hide the saved snaps and videos. Just copy-pasting the Url, for downloading, makes it very simple to use and handle.

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Story Saver for Instagram – Story Assistant

story saver

Story Saver for Instagram from Kimcy929 is a wonderful story saver app, assisting its users to manage Instagram story tray effortlessly.

Bracing the idea of supporting multiple accounts, bookmarking the accounts as per the user’s wish, marvelous loading speed, and being a light-weighted app makes it quite a handy tool for the audience wanting to save Instagram stories.

Download From Google Play Store

Story Saver for Instagram – Insta Video Downloader

insta story saver

Insta Video Downloader is quite a streamlined and user-friendly application for saving any Instagram story, highlight, or any other IGTV video.

A cakewalk pathway just calling for the link of the story or the video which is to be downloaded, makes it a very special and user-friendly app.

All the downloaded media can be played an endless number of times, without any hindrance.

Download From Google Play Store


ReShare Story for Instagram

reshare story

ReShare Story for Instagram serves you all your preferred content in a single app, with unlimited validity.

It can be well be called an app that decorates all your treasured Instagram paraphernalia in a single plate, for you to feast on. IG Stories can even be watched, anonymously through the app.

Any story, photo, or video is just a single search away if you have the username. Managing multiple accounts and their contents, being super fast and effortless to handle and use, makes it a strong pillar in this field. Story Creator tool even provides you with an option to rejuvenate your old photos or videos with the present date. In a nutshell, it’s a full package.

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Story Saver for Me

story saver for me

Story Saver for Me has established itself as one of the most lovable apps for saving Instagram stories.

Along with the general features such as saving stories and posts, watching them offline, sharing stories and posts with friends, it doesn’t require any sign-in user id or password, you can also watch the posts and stories of any person and remain disguised from his/her viewed people’s list.

No ads or unnecessary watermarks also add more people to its user list.

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Story Saver for Instagram

ins story

Story Saver for Instagram grants you the authority to save stories, a trouble-free experience while downloading photos or videos from Instagram stories.

Not only does it authorizes its user to download Instagram stories on their phone, but also permits them to repost them on their Instagram page, as a cherry on top of the cake. Anyone can be added to favorites and their stories can timelessly be accessed upon.

Download From Google Play Store


Story Saver for Instagram – DP & Story Downloader

story downloader

DP & Story Downloader fosters the saving of Instagram videos, photos, and reels in a few duck soup steps.

Just a single click, will have enough potential to save the story on your phone, and you can also enjoy the pleasure of reposting saved videos and photos on your Instagram page.

Equipped with a powerful download manager, designed to download multiple videos simultaneously, this app is a gem. It supports multiple accounts, allows you to bookmark the favorite accounts, and is also light-weight, So, overall it is a pretty useful tool in the hands of users to save Instagram stories, photos, and videos.

Download From Google Play Store



saver+The modus operandi of StorySaver+ is to make an effortlessly usable platform for the targeted audience by providing all major options to download any sort of file.

Some of the major features encompass viewing and downloading the story anonymously,  watching top-live broadcasts, viewing live stream anonymously, downloading any photo or video (even an IGTV video), downloading story highlights, or even downloading the profile photo without rupturing its quality.

In-built gallery viewer, and sharing the content on other social media platforms without downloading them provides it a special place in the field, and also in the market.

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Instant Save

instant save

Instant Save has established itself as one of the fastest routes for saving and reposting photos, videos, and albums. Its accelerating pace to download the media file by just copying the link and pasting it proves to be the most useful weapon for the popularity in the market and also amongst its users. It’s an absolutely free app, but unfortunately, the watermark can’t be removed while reposting the content.

Download From Apple App Store


Story Saver for Instagram-All Media Fast Download

save storyStory Saver for Instagram-All Media Fast Download App is one of the most methodical and productive apps for the purpose of saving Instagram posts and stories.

The platform is quite commodious and user-oriented in order to save Instagram stories, highlights, or IGTV videos. A single click is enough to save any Instagram story on your device at an accelerated pace.

Any of the saved stories or posts can be reposted or shared with any other app, without any hindrance. In a nutshell, it is one of the best apps in the market to serve the desired purpose.

Download From Google Play Store

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