How To Center Instagram Bio Using Best Methods

How to center Instagram bio is what most people are looking for these days. I know you are also searching for the best solution regarding Instagram bio. Hence, here in this post, I would tell you the exact steps that you need to follow. If you follow all these steps then you would come to know how to center Instagram bio.

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After WhatsApp, Instagram is the latest cool these days. Keeping the Instagram bio centered is as important as keeping the best WhatsApp status. From the most popular celebrity to the uncle living in your neighborhood, everyone is on Instagram these days.

As a result, you will also have to be up to date with the latest trends and technologies. So to help you with your Instagram bio, I have written this article so that you are aware of how to center Instagram bio using the best methods. You can also find out who viewed your Instagram.

how to center instagram bio

Why Centered Bio For Instagram?

As you already know that Instagram is trending these days. Everyone is on Instagram. So in order to make your profile look stylish and cool, you should have your bio in the center of the biofield.

Instagram is an application and most of them use it and you might also be aware that there are very fewer options to customize on Instagram. Hence, I have written this article so that you are aware of how to center Instagram bio in the Instagram application.

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How To Center Instagram Bio Using Application

If you are a regular Instagram user then you might have noticed bio for many people. Their bio might not be there in the center. Hence, you can make your profile stand out by keeping your bio in the middle and center.

This would look stylish and standard when someone will view your profile. So in my opinion you should be aware of how to center Instagram bio. Below I have given you the step-by-step procedure on how to make bio in the center.

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Firstly you will have to click on the setting option. As shown below.

setting in instagram


Then you need to click on “Edit Profile“. As shown below :


edit profile in instagram




Now here is the trick part.

To center your Instagram bio, you need to copy spaces between the two $ symbols from the line below.

Copy from here ——→ $ $ (Do not copy $$ symbols, only copy spaces between them)

No go ahead and save your Instagram bio. Keep checking your bio for two to three times. This is just to make sure that your bio is coming in the middle. If you have added another line to your bio, then in the next line as well copy the spaces from above and paste it.


Note : You can increase or decrease the spaces as per your convenience. By using space button and backspace button.


Put Your Instagram Bio In Center Using Website

Many times it might happen that the Instagram app will not take space. Or it will automatically delete the spaces. In that case you can use Instagram website for getting your bio in center.

You just need to log in to your account. Then you need to click on profile as shown below :

profile button in instagram


Then you need click on “Edit Profile” as shown below :

edit button

Once you have clicked edit, you will find the form like below.

You can enter the spaces just like the above method. Copy the spaces and paste it into the bio. Have a look at the image below.

instagram profile


So if you have followed the above method step by step then there should be no issue in getting your bio in the center.

Extra Tip :

  1. Instagram has only 150-character limit for Instagram bio, hence you have to use it wisely.
  2. If anyhow now as well you are not able to get the bio center, then you can write that in MS Word on your device and then paste it in the bio section.
  3. The centered bio might not be good fit for desktop version of Instagram, so it might not look good when and if people will look at your profile from desktop.

Conclusion : Center Instagram Bio

So as you might have seen that, getting to know how to center Instagram bio is not at all a difficult task. It will take just a few minutes to copy and paste the spaces and make your Instagram bio look good. Putting your bio in the center region of Instagram does not require any artistic or technical skills.

Hence, I would like to suggest to everyone that they can easily keep their Instagram bio in the center as it will definitely give them the cool looking profile. You can share this article on social media and help your friends family or anyone else who is having this problem.

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