10 Top Glycemic Index Calculator Apps To Keep You

These top Glycemic index calculator apps could help you keep on track according to your fitness plan. By using these apps, you would be able to track everything that you eat.

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Personally speaking, I use these Glycemic Index Calculator apps to monitor a number of things. I prefer to track my protein intake as well.

Hence, I am able to keep the track of the exact things that I need to eat. As a result, you might say that these Glycemic Index Calculator apps are lifesavers for me.

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You might be thinking, Is there an app to calculate the glycemic index? Well, you may check out the list below. I have tried to answer your question like What is the best app for glycemic index?

Glycemic Index Load Tracker

Glycemic Index Load Tracker

glycemicGlycemic Index Load in food net carbs diet tracker is a boon for you if you are peeping into the glycemic index of various kinds of stuff while having them.

Quite concerned regarding your blood glucose level, this app keeps a track of it along with your body weight and blood pressure level.

Delivering its user with an injunction in cases concerning high levels of tension certifies itself as one of the niftiest features of the app.

Eating healthy food, fighting against weight gain, keeping an eye on BMI, calculating the meal content, etc. are some of the major features which this app throws light on, in order to make its users fit and healthy.

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Glycemic Index

glycemic indexThe modus operandi of the glycemic index is to consume carbohydrate-stuffed food, which is not so likely to be the root of shooting up blood sugar levels.

The glycemic index diet could undisputedly be referred to as a pathway to lose weight and prevent chronic diseases related to obesity, such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

To sum up, about this app, it can well be called as a tool which helps in reducing weight, preventing diseases such as diabetes or obesity, mainly by focusing on the diet of the user.

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Glycemic Index of Products

GI of productsGlycemic Index of Products is one of the prime pillars in the field, as it assists in finding the glycemic index of each and everything they consume.

It monitors the blood sugar level of the person and thus every time anyone uses it, he/she takes a step forwards fitness.

So, this platform can undoubtedly be called a boon for the fitness enthusiastic people, as well as for the normal people.

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GI and glycemic load Lite

GI liteGI and glycemic load Lite – a lite version of GI and glycemic load, is yet another asset for the fitness freaks.

Nutritional values of food items, which are pre-recorded are generic in nature, and can be varied according to the user, in case he/she finds out optimum values provided by the food packaging industry.

The user can effortlessly keep track of his/her glycemic load, by just entering the number of grams of consumption of a particular food item. Overall, it’s an amazing platform to keep track of the glycemic load on your body.

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The Low-Glycal Diet™ by BioFit

BiofitThe Low-Glycal Diet™ by BioFit is an app focusing on the two prime factors concomitant to weight loss, that is following a calorie deficit diet plan or modulating the glycemic load on the body.

Taking into account both these factors, the number of “glycals” in the meal is calculated by the app, which quite befittingly prognosticates the outcome of having the meal.

The outcomes of the meal are displayed in the form of red, yellow, and green color-coding. Green colored output is most desired for the meal, as it takes you closer to your fat loss goal.

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Low-Glycemic Diet Meal Plan

low glycemic dietLow-Glycemic Diet Meal Plan is yet another app that has well established itself in the field.

Focusing primarily on the glycemic index diet, it throws a flood of light on all the basics of a healthy meal in correspondence to the requirement of the body. Meal Plan Menu, BMI Calculator, Calories Calculators, Macro Calculator, Glycemic Index are some of the paramount arrows in its quiver which play a cardinal role in its success in the market.

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Low Glycemic Diet Plan

low gly dietLow Glycemic Diet Plan is an app focusing primarily on the glycemic index. The kingpin of the platform revolving around the basics of glycemic diet and glycemic index.

Some of the eminent facets of the app being the beginner’s guide, factors affecting the GI of food, the number of carbohydrates in the food, low-GI diet and diabetes, foods to eat, foods to avoid, sample low-glycemic meal plan for 7 days, healthy low-GI Snacks, drawbacks of the low-GI diet, BMI Calculator, goal tracker, calorie calculator, notes, and others benefits.

Focusing on the basics of glycemic index and low glycemic diet carves for it the key to success in the field.

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Health! Glycemic index GI


Glycemic index is quite handy and effortless to use the app. It displays the glycemic index of myriads of edible items, which apprises you with the fact that how carbohydrates present in the food level up the blood glucose.

The glycemic index of the meal is displayed in the form of red, yellow, and green color-coding, where – Low glycemic index, which is 35 or less is denoted by green, Medium glycemic index, that is 36-50 is denoted by yellow, and High glycemic index, that is 51 or more is denoted by red.

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Glycemic Index – GI, GL & Keto

GIGlycemic Index – GI, GL & Keto drives the Glycemic index (GI), Glycemic Load (GL), calories, and nutrition facts all under one roof.

Centering on the fundamentals of a healthy diet, this platform is absolute for people with type two diabetes wanting a proper, healthy, balanced diet in order to regulate their blood sugar level.

Moreover, it’s an asset for the people who are grappling against obesity and want to win the fight by the usage of a balanced or carbohydrate-free diet. Overall, this app is a package to monitor your diet quite easily, and assist you in achieving your goal.

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Glycemic Load

gly loadGlycemic Load assists its users to instantly set their foot on the glycemic load values of various food items vital for the selection of a low carbohydrate diet.

By bringing this app into play, you can effortlessly control your glycemic load, and your blood sugar level, which will ultimately help you to stay fit and healthy.

I have been using this app personally and just love it. At the same time, this app does not

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