Latest Trending Funny Wifi Names

We generally try to show our creativity in many things. One such way is to set your wifi name as the funniest wifi name which is top and best and is hilarious too. Hence, today I will be talking about the trending funny wifi names.

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These wifi names I have penned down and you can use them to be cool and funky in front of your friends. Many people will have really cool attitude by changing their WiFi Name.

So you can also be cool by changing your wifi name into some Funny WiFi Names. When it comes to the wifi name, we should think out of the box. That is when you will get a cool and best wifi name. Hence, here is the list of funny wifi network names.

funny wifi names


Funny Wifi Names

Below is the list of funny wifi names that you can use. I have tried my best to provide you with the most trending wifi names for the router. With the latest hilarious names of your wifi, you can show off in front of your friends. Hence, below is the list.

The Best Wifi Names For All Time

Top Hilarious Wifi Names

Being hilarious is the latest cool. So everyone wants to be hilarious these days. Hence, I have decided to give you the funniest and most hilarious names for your wifi network. So that you can keep them and be as cool as anyone around you.

If you go through these names you will find that we have specially provided you a special and funny wifi names network. Hence, you can say that these are the best ones that are currently trending.

Pro Tip – You also can prank your friends by keeping the wifi names as “Password is- 12345”, but in reality, you may keep the password as something else. This way your friends will keep on entering the password as “12345” which is the wrong one. As a result of which they would be pranked.

404-Not found Virus Infected WiFi GOD of Network
Internet Of Demons Connect To Hell Origin Of Life
Pirates Of Internet Enter at Your Own Risk Internet 69
Connect at Your Risk Life Of Internet Hunter Internet
Go Home Tourists Jail Break Connect To Oliver’s D
I am touching your Daughter Drop it like its Hotspot Dad Of Speed
Use Beggars Not Your Wifi Speedsters
Kinky Superstar World Of Daemons Way To Hell
Connect For Free Dad’s Gift Paid by “Your_name”
Reality Heated Free Ka Maal No Cut Only Speed



The Best Funky Names For Wifi

These are the best of the latest names for your wifi network. I have specially got these names from people who are currently using it. Hence, they have been using these names for so long. So you can also use these names as these are the best ones from the lot.

Get Off My Lawn No Free Wifi for you Feel Like Flying
Warlords Fat Man on the 7th Floor is a douche BIG_P3NIS
Midwife I Can Hear You Having Sex Swizzle House
LindsaysBl0wj0b FBISurveillanceVan2 Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen Try_Stealing_This_Shit_No0b Semper WiFi
Paris Hilton Real Men Don’t Pull Out Sankar
Tortuga Wanna Meet Me? I’m Upstairs Boo Boo and Stinky
Gnome Saying I could eat a knob at night Princess
Shillybots Diarrhea_everywhere Chicken_N_Waffles

Funny Wifi Network Names

These are some of the latest awesome wifi network names that I have found people using. Let me tell you they are pretty interesting names to be used for wifi. You have the chance to use these awesome names and be the coolest one. I have also laid stress on the originality of these wifi names.

These names are 100% original and can be used by anyone. Below is the list of awesome names for wifi networks.


2 Girls 1 Router You Pay Now Bazooka
Virus Distribution Center BuyAnotherCupYouCheapSkate No Device Found
The Promised LAN Bring Beer and Chicken to 40.2 Feel Like Flying
LAN Down Under I Am Under Your Bed Work Work Work
Wi Believe I Can Fi I have seen you naked Don’t Even Try It
Series Of Tubes Our internet is faster than yours Ninja Warriors
Pump it. ROUTER! Osama bin laden War Of Titans
Sour patch kids Pakistani Wifi The network of Network’s
Virus network Your music is annoying Connect To Space
Super Charges Hidden Wifi Royal Network

WiFi Network Names

These are basic wifi network names that are generally used by us. If you want to be subtle and moderate with naming your wifi network then you can use these names. These names are a good wifi network and have a basic tone to them. You can use these wifi names and amaze people around you.


Online Streaming Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her Internet Love
Connect To Reality YourBabyIsReallyUgly Only For Movie Streaming
Stay Away Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi Wi-Fight the inevitable
Internet Loot Ouch…sat on my nutz Do Not Enter
Connecting Super Thanks For Asking Titanic Sinking
Have Fun Optimus Prime I feel naughty
Great Partners Virus Detected! Do Not Join Unsecured connection
Don’t Steal Connect and download anything Friendly Neighborhood
Get OFF My Net 99 problems but WiFi ain’t one Protection Required
Spider-LAN I can read your emails Tennis maniac

Cool Wifi Names

The below list would tell you about some of the cool wifi names that you would ever come across. These names are cool. They are funky. And they are hilarious. Hence, you can go through the list and choose the funniest names that you like and be a cool dude in front of others.

The promised land Alien Planet Zoo Park The silence of the land
Hidden webcam I am cheating on my wifi Promise Chargers
I am the internet Quit Using My Wi-Fi Router, I Hardly Know Her
Anonymous Series of Action Mom, Click Here for the Internet.
WiFi Router Names. 2 Girls 1 Router Look ma, no wires?
Not Free To Use 3G Protected CeX. LANDownUnder And Above
Kids Using This Lan of milk and honey I can have wireless?
Series of tubes Jack And Jill StayOFFmy router
Park 360 Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi It burns when IP
Feel like Flying. 69 Is Not Only A Number Area 514

Clever Wifi Names

Below are some of the clever wifi names that we are presenting for you. These names called clever wifi names for a reason. Because they would provide you a sense of cleverness in the name itself. By using these clever names for your wifi, everyone would be able to say that you are clever.

The Lan Before Time Dogs World Inside Gay Server
CXXXXX {}:::::> Untouchable I Bet You Connection
You Are Here Sorry For Loud S3X Your m0ms Sw33T @$$
Security Risk B(.)(.)BS I Give Free BJZ
Phaser Quick This Ain’t For Ya World War III
Get Some Speed Potha Pio Feeling Needy
Laad Chaatbe Randi Ho Tum Kacch-Kachar

Final Word On Best Wifi Names

So this was all on the best of funny wifi names. I will be updating this list in the future as well. You can bookmark this page for any further updates on this. I hope you enjoyed these hilarious names for your wifi network and router. I have specially handpicked these names for you guys. Hence, I wanted to give the 100% quality and funny names that could be used.

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