10 Free Text Over Wifi Apps For Android & iOS

Free text over wifi apps has become a necessity these days. I still cannot remember when was the last time that I sent a text using the traditional SMS service to anyone.

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This speaks volumes about these free text over wifi apps. The best part is, these apps are absolutely free to use. As a result of which, all one needs is wifi connectivity.

For this very reason, I absolutely love these apps. This was the whole and sole reason for me in preparing the list of these free text over wifi apps for android & iOS.

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10 Free Text Over Wifi Apps


text meMake your device a calling and texting machine with this effective app that is going to make your task a bit easier. You can send messages over the air free of cost without the receiver having to install the app.

However, you can only use the free services in UK, US, and Canada. Now own a number free of cost and use to send SMS, call, HD video calling, and much more from any device that can connect to the internet without the need of having a gsm sim installed in your device.

The paid option gives you a bit more of the Textme than the free version. It is available for both android and ios.

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textplustextPlus claims to be the topmost app to text or call over wifi. More than 10 million downloads on the play store, are good enough to license its claim.

It lets you call anywhere around the globe with either your personal number or any number of your choice, that too free of cost.

However, the text feature is available free of cost only in the US and Canada. Do everything that you can with a gsm enabled phone, but free. textPlus’s paid version comes with some premium features that are worth checking out. You can avail of its services on Android as well as ios.

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The stock messaging app by Google, Messages is the cleanest and the most trustworthy app there is for SMS and MMS services.

Initially, it supported only text messages via traditional means provided by the services provider, but now Messages is equipped with the latest features that let you do everything you did before but also over Wi-Fi or any data network for that matter. Messages’ clean UI and the trust of Google make it the best free messaging app over the internet.

With frequent updates, you can rest assured that you get the best feature there is. However, the Wi-Fi feature is limited to only those operators that support it.

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WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp is undisputedly the best texting app over the internet. With the ever-expanding user-base and the best-in-class features, it makes sure you experience the best and the latest feature first.

The end-to-end encrypted messages protect your messages, unlike any other app. WhatsApp promises you that your messages are safe and secure with end-to-end encryption.

So if you want to experience the best messaging experience then do try WhatsApp Messenger. The unending list of features will leave you wanting more, customize the app however you want for the experience that you deserve. It is available on both android and ios.

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Another premium app from Facebook to text, call socialize over the internet. Messenger lets you do everything a traditional messaging app lets you do and more.

A messenger comes packed with so many features that you might need some time to get along with all of them. It encapsulates all your messaging needs into one app, imports all your texts from your stock messaging app, and lets you text to any number right from the app over Wi-Fi.

You can connect with your other Facebook and Instagram friends from the app too, thus proving its cross-platform capabilities. Available on both android and ios, free of cost, forever.

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lineThe line is one of those apps that pioneered texting and calling over long distances on the global stage. With over half a billion downloads and millions of reviews, it enjoys the luxury of a huge fan following across the globe.

Call, chat, video call free of cost from anywhere to anywhere free of cost. Up to 200 people can be in a group call making it the most robust app there is. Send photos, files to anyone with ease with the app.

Line app comes with tons of free features and some in-app purchases that are worth your money.

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Mood Messenger

moodMood Messenger claims to be the most powerful messaging app on the play store. Currently available only on the play store, Mood messenger comes with an unending list of features.

To name some, based on the mood, it suggests emojis and themes that fit the situation well. No need to guess the number, Mood Messenger provides you real-time caller ID.

Also, you can share the files from social media directly by Mood messenger. Change the background, share YouTube videos, and much more. Mood Messenger gives you the freedom to choose.

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Chomp SMS

chompChomp SMS is a simple, easy-to-use, super-customizable app for all of your text messaging needs. With over 10 million downloads, Chomp is quite a trendsetter. Some of the top features include passcode-protected messages, Scheduled text services, quick reply popup, and much more.

The customizing capability of the app is top-notch. You can change the led indicator color, ringtone, vibrating patterns, background, font size, and much more.

Give chomp a try, you won’t be disappointed. Chomp is available only on android, for now.

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yaataThe truly android app, with just over 3MB in size, this messaging app packs so many features for its size.

Send text, multimedia files, gifs, V-cards, and more with ease using YAATA. The detailed delivery report makes every text message accountable. You can also convert SMS into MMS.

The app’s premium version comes with some of the extra features that are unmissable. Some of them are blacklisting, night mode, auto-forward, autoresponder, and much more. Another benchmark feature is an auto-suggest option which gives you suggestions when you tap on the message bubble. Do give it a try because it’s worth it.

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Viber Messenger

viberViber is a free-to-use messenger app that allows you to call or send text globally, all you need is an internet connection and you are good to go. Not only texting and calls over VoIP, but you can also even video call your contacts using Viber messenger.

The text feature is free to use to any device without an active internet connection, however, to call, you need to have a subscription to Viber Out, the central paid feature. All the hats are 100% private.

You can also start a secret chat and self-destruct messages from inside the app. Try this app for the wifi text feature which you’ll fall in love with.

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