Top 10 Free Rides Apps For Android/iOS

Who doesn’t like a free ride? Here are the top free ride apps for android and iOS.Hence, when and if you download these apps, you will be getting the initial ride for free.

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These free ride apps that I am going to list are absolutely free to use. Hence, you need not pay a single dime for these.

You can download these apps from the official Play Store of Google and the Apple App Store. Having said that, let me start by presenting some of the best free ride apps for android and iOS.

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Top 10 Free Rides Apps For Android/iOS

  1. Quick Ride

    quick rideIt is a very good app that allows its users to share rides with another passenger while going on the same route either by car or bike.

    You can also share the ride with your friends or family members. This will reduce your overall cost of traveling as you share the expenses with some other person and when different passengers share a cab it will bring down the traffic on the road along with the amount of carbon emitted.

    It is a better option than public transport as it will save a lot of your travel time and you may also meet like-minded people and make new friends.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  2. Uber

    uberThis is a very popular app where you can request a car ride or a bike and it will help you in reaching your destination with ease.

    You can also rent scooters. The rates of these rides are affordable and the best part is that you will be getting the service 24 hours of the day.

    It is available in more than 600 airports around the world which is extremely impressive and till now it has got its existence in more than 700 cities worldwide. You can also schedule a ride for a later period. Price estimate is done prior to the booking which is very beneficial.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  3. Lyft

    lyftYou will find your driver for any destination you want to go to. It does the process of matching between you and your driver within seconds.

    If you are having an early train or a flight then Lyft is an extremely reliable source.

    It will provide you options such as different price range you can select from, different routes depending on your mood, and many others. The types of ride will be varying from city to city.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  4. BlaBlaCar

    bla bla carIf you are to travel somewhere then you can do so by carpooling and also a bus. You can share your ride on the journey with someone else traveling on the same route so that the expenses get shared.

    You can easily find the ride which is closest to you and book the same on the spot. While using this app, you can also book a bus ticket for BlaBlaBus in advance.

    It will let you travel as a team of 9 members along with luggage. The best part of its service is that you will be availing of free Wi-Fi service.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  5. Rapido- Bike Taxi

    rapidoIt will provide you secure and fast travel at an affordable rate. It is one of the best alternatives to taxis and buses if you are to have daily travel.

    You can travel efficiently and faster at a minimum price on bikes and this will also reduce traffic congestion.

    Its service is suitable for solo travelers and more economical than other similar options. It is available in more than 75 cities in India and till now it has provided more than 50 million rides which are impressive enough.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Ola

    olaOla is a popular cab service provider with millions and millions of users. With the Ola cab app, you will get the best way to book a ride.

    There are above 3 lakh cabs and taxis in more than 100 cities in India. You can share the cabs with other commuters traveling on the same route which will divide your traveling expenses.

    It has different categories of cabs such as micro, mini, prime sedan, and others. The price range varies among all these categories and you can select any of them depending upon your preference and affordability. You can also rent a cab or book cabs for outstation travels.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  7. Via: Low-Cost Ride Sharing

    viaYou can try via which will provide you an affordable ride in your city and you can book a cab from your phone faster.

    You can use the rideshare feature as it will pick up other commuters too who are to travel in the same direction.

    This will reduce the number of cars on the road and thus, decrease carbon emissions. You will also save your cash as you will share the ride with others. Customer service is their best priority, and they are available to listen to their customers 24×7.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  8. Beat- Ride App

    beatIt is one of the easiest to use ride app in which you can request a beat driver with just a few taps and move around your city.

    You just type your destination, it will by itself check its fare and the payment mode is simple. You can make either cash payments or card payments or payment through other online payment apps.

    By using this app, you can avail of its service every day and any time of the day. It will display the movement of the car after you book it till the end.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  9. Free Now

    free nowIt is a popular app in European cities which enables its users to book a cab in a secure and faster manner.

    The users can book easily and payment for the ride can be done directly from the app itself. One can even book a cab 4 days before which is of great advantage when one has an upcoming flight or train in the early morning.

    It will send to your email the trip receipts which is beneficial for managing the business trips.

    Download From Google Play Store

    Download From Apple App Store

  10. Flit- A Surge Free Ride

    This app will provide you the easiest way to book a cab at a flat rate and deliver you a surge-free ride. You can pre-book a cab at affordable rates and the best part of Flit is that the price will remain the same as estimated earlier no matter what. One can also schedule a later pickup time to anywhere. Your ride will display on the map and you can set your pickup and drop location manually. The customer support service is available at any time of the day and for making the payment process even simpler it also accepts credit cards. Till now, it has covered more than 25 countries until now and about 357 airports.

    So, these are some of the top free ride apps available at present.

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