10 Hairstyle Apps – Free Apps To Try Different Hairstyles

Going on a date? Want to look cool? Then you have got to try one of these hairstyle apps. These apps will allow you to try different virtual hairstyles until you finalize one.

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These hairstyle apps will make sure that you make an everlasting first impression on your date. Also, when and if you are using these hairstyle apps, you need to make sure that you are choosing the latest hairstyles.

I have listed some amazing hairstyle apps that are absolutely free to download and use. Hence, you can try multiple hairstyle apps and choose the best one you like.
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best haircut apps for android

Hairstyle Apps – Free Apps To Try Different Hairstyles


  1. Best Hairstyles by Best Photo Apps

    best hairstylesIf you want to try different haircuts on your mobile phone then this is one of the best applications available for you.

    This hairstyle photo editor is extremely easy to use and you just need five seconds to change the hairstyle on your photo.

    It has got an amazing collection of hairstyles for different categories of hairs which will give you a completely new look.

    You can also personalize your hair color and adjust the length of the hair too short, long, and on as per your preference. It possesses attractive filters which will make your photo more eye-appealing and it also enables you to crop the photos and adjust the brightness level if required.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  2. Hairstyle Try On

    hairstyle try onIt is a very good app which will let you experience a completely different new look with the help of varieties of hairstyles and wonderful hair colors.

    This app is very helpful in making your photos more attractive and grabs more likes on social media platforms.

    These hairstyles are going to fit on any face and you can adjust the hairs to long, short, medium, or any other and set also customize the hair color accordingly. You can use this app and try different hairstyles before going to the salon.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  3. Hairstyles For Your Face

    hairstyles for your faceThis app enables you to decorate yourself with different haircuts on your face. It is very suitable for women who are crazy about different hairstyles such as long or short and thus, helps them to get the most suitable hairstyle for them.

    It is just like a free hair salon on your device itself which will facilitate you to decide what type of hairstyle you are going to keep next.

    You just need to select your favorite hairstyle and along with that, this app also includes tips for hair care and even a hair care calendar.

    Download From Google Play Store


  4. Hair Changer Men Hairstyles Photo Editor

    hair changer menIt is an excellent app that enables its users to change not only their hairstyle but also allows them to try different beard and mustache styles.

    It has got a wide collection of haircuts along with mustache and beard stickers which can make your photos stunning.

    You just need to choose a photo from your gallery or click real-time photos and try your new look. It also enables you to crop the photo if required and then save it on your device.

    Download From Google Play Store

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  5. Man Photo Editor

    man photo editorIt is one of the best hairstyle changer apps at present. It has a very good collection of attractive hairstyles and mustache that will fit any face.

    You can use the dot remover feature to make your photo look clean and along with that, this app also enables you to add tattoos, six-pack abs, and a beard.

    You can customize the hair color as per your preference and thereby, change your look in a very shorter period of time. It has also got the skin tone changer feature which can make your photos far more attractive than normal.

    Download From Google Play Store


  6. 1000+ Boys Men Hairstyles and Haircuts

    1000 + boys hairstylesIt is an excellent hairstyle changer app having a collection of more than a thousand hairstyles.

    This app is developed particularly for men and it has got different haircut designs like Spikey, Pompadour, and so on.

    Each of these styles is designed according to the recent trends and these will suit on any face and no matter what the age of the person is, it has got hairstyles for all.

    Download From Google Play Store


  7. Girls Hairstyles by Best Photo Apps

    girls hairstylesThis app is particularly developed for girls. It has a very good collection of different hairstyles according to the modern era.

    It just needs five seconds to edit a photo and it also has a very good collection of girl stickers. All you need to do is try different hairstyles like funny, fashion, hipster, long, pink, and many others.

    It also possesses different categories of glasses such as heart glasses, star glasses, etc. which you can add to your photos. It also enables the users to add and edit eyelashes and lips in order to make the photograph more attractive.

    Download From Google Play Store


  8. Men Hairstyles

    men hairstylesIt has got about more than one thousand hairstyles for men which are designed accordingly to the recent trends.

    It will make you look more fashionable and give you an attractive look. This amazing haircut app has the latest fade haircuts such as low fade, high fade, and many others.

    There are also undercut hairstyles like disconnected undercut and undercut fade. This app is extremely easy to use and you can choose any haircut types like long hair, short hair, baby haircut, and so on.

    It enables you to share any of these pictures on social media platforms and also set it as your wallpaper. You can add your most liked design to your favorites.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9. Hair Style Salon & Color Changer

    You can use this app to try different hairstyles on your face. It has a library of different hair colors which are absolutely free of cost and more than a thousand hairstyles with different hair lengths which is extremely impressive.

    These hair colors are actually very realistic and you can create your own color library from your most liked colors. You will also be receiving information about different hairstyles and also useful tips for your hair.

  10. Hairstyles Editor

    This is yet another wonderful app for decorating your photo with different hairstyles. It has an impressive collection of different hairstyles along with different hair colors. You will get to know how you are going to look after having a particular haircut.

    The haircut stimulator will enable you to try your face with different styles such as long, cute, tomboy, glamour, romantic, and many others. It has styles for brides too.

    You can try more than 500 hairstyles for a woman. You just need to click a new photo or choose anyone from your device gallery. When you are using this amazing app, you can also add text to your photos.



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  1. The app also provides specific hairstyling tips for different face shapes which help you make your face look balanced, and your features proportionate with each other through hair styling. So the next time you head over to the salon for a cut, take a selfie and try it on first. We bet a magic mirror can’t beat that!

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