10 Free Flashcard Apps for Android & IOS

Here are some of the best free flashcards apps for android and IOS. These apps could really help for examining and enhancing memory power through practice things again and again.

If I would talk about my experience by using these apps it’s so wonderful and useful. I totally accessed all these apps mentioned below. It contains a mixture of photos and text where you could easily understand the concept.

Just download the app and then modify the flashcards on your own. You could add some text and images. It also records the information. As it is a tool helps you to check your weakness and strengths. All the time you increase your knowledge that the reason I love the free flashcards apps.

Free Flashcard Apps For Android And IOS

Cram.com Flashcards

We all think how easy it could be for us if there was someone or something for that matter of fact. That could help us out and make the whole task of studying easier.
So only to help you out in this particular field I would like to take the opportunity for you. And introduce you to the cram. com flashcards app.

This app is everything you have been looking for and will save you hours and hours worth of unnecessary mugging up. The cram. com flashcard app lets you make flashcards obviously duh!

But also here you are the one who decides on everything that is the color, the font, the text, and more. Besides, you can also add here pictures or use various other languages to create awesome in detailed flash cards.

Download From Google Play Store

Flashcards App – Create, Study, Learn

Okay, so the number two app that will help you in making your study time and study more efficient is this app right here. The flashcards app create, study, and learn app will do wonders for you.

And this is not something that I am alone saying these are the thousands of people’s thoughts too who have this app. This flashcard app is so amazing and easy to use. That you will end up making more flashcards than you have initially planned.

One thing that makes it more useful and attractive to the users is that it has added some new features to it as well. Yes, you heard it right and now you can do many new things to make useful and impactful flash cards. For instance, you can attach multiple images, you can add even audio clips to your flashcards. And improve its use and make it more helpful so that you do not miss anything of the topic.

Download From Google Play Store

FlashCards Flashcards Maker‬

For all the ios users who were looking for a study aid allow me to present to you the flashcards maker app.
This app is better and bigger ( in terms of performance, not storage ) than any other app that competes in the same race just as this app. It is the best app to make flashcards and is wrapped up with some awesome and cool features.

Besides, this app also claims to be the smoothest, fastest, and easier to use for anyone and of any age. You can without any hassle make your own decks as many as you want and title them accordingly. And the user is also allowed to copy content from one page and paste it into the flashcards. Furthermore, you can always add, delete, and edit cards from your created decks any time you want.

Download From Apple App Store


This app is so wonderful and excellent that it would have been a shame to not add it to this list. The Quizlet is app is one of those apps that look small but are a powerhouse when it comes to performance.
This app allows the user to particularly create as accurate and effective flashcards for basically any topic or subject. Also, what is the more interesting thing about this app is that it has its very own motto.

This app suggests the user learn, find, and study as much as they want and as best as they can. Besides, this app can help you get ready for those main end exams in a jiffy. And you will do better than what you had expected for yourself. If you want to get this app then you can use the link that I have given.

Also, this app is available on the app store, and that too for free. You can use it on your iPhone and or iPad without any extra trouble.

Download From Apple App Store

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

If you are someone who is looking for an app that can help you in making flashcards to study. And also if you want that app to be super convenient then the study blue flashcards & quizzes app is for you.
Obviously, there is not a single piece of doubt that you can make flashcards really quickly using this app. But what all extra you can do this app is something that I would be telling you here.

You can add pictures, audio, change text size, text font, use the BIU ( bold, italics, and underline ) feature to the flashcards. Besides, you can create flashcards for many different subjects and access study materials for your classes. Also, by using this app you can conquer your course. And realize your full potential with powerful study tools and class-specific materials.

Download From Google Play Store

Decku Flashcard Maker

The decku flashcard maker app is capable of being run on both iPad and or iPhone.
No matter what the subject is that is whether it is a vocabulary-related subject like English or any other language.

Or if it is a formula-based subject like Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics you can use the decku flashcard maker to make flashcards for yourself. Besides, this app has a really amazing and easy user interface.

And you can shuffle cards in the deck, mark, and flag some important cards, or can also choose to play either the back or the front card to play first in the deck. You can get this app on the app store for free by clicking the link given below.

Download From Apple App Store

AnkiApp Flashcard‪s

Now is the perfect time to put into our list the Anki app flashcards app. It is one of the most advanced, exceptional, and efficient study tools in the market right now.

The Anki app flashcard app will help you in studying at peace and efficiently. And all the thanks for this goes to the app’s well-designed algorithm. You can use this app and study with images, audio, maths, text, languages, and more.

Besides, the Anki app flashcard app is constantly working on improving itself to be the best mobile study tool out there.

Download From Apple App Store

Brainscape – Smart Flashcard‪s

It does not matter if you are good at studies or you are average at it. The Brainscape smart flashcard app will help you in learning faster and retaining longer.
This app comes with adaptive, color-coded flashcards which help the user in learning the material faster than the traditional ways.

Also, this app has a pool of pre-loaded topics made with the help of experts which the user can search and use for his benefit. Besides, you can make flashcards and even share them with your friends, class, or team. And with this app, you can access all of your study material anywhere and anytime.

Download From Apple App Store

Chegg Prep – Study flashcards

The Chegg prep study flashcards app provides the students flashcards that are made by other students.
While using this amazing gem of an app you can create and edit your own flashcards. Or if you are looking for a more easy way out then you can study the already installed 500 plus million material and flashcards.

This app also has the option for quizzes and tests where you can put your knowledge to the test and see how much you can score on the quiz. Besides, this app has proved to be really helpful to all the students. And you can download this app from the play store for free.

Download From Google Play Store

Flashcards maker: learn languages and vocabulary

The last but definitely not the least app on our list is the flashcards maker learn languages and vocabulary app.
This app in particular is super fun and it is a very easy-to-use app and has a lot of appeal to it. Also, this app comes in very handy when you are traveling to someplace new and you have learned the basic words.

You can always have your flashcards ready in your pocket with this app. This app allows you to add pictures and words to the flashcard, And also you can import materials from other files and apps to add to the flashcards.

Download From Google Play Store


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