Best Tricks To Fix Storage Space Running Out On Android And iOS

Even the latest phones showed “storage space running out” on them. I had no clue what to do, or how to fix storage space running out. I tried to search the internet but found nothing useful. Then I decided that to help the users I will dig in and get my hands dirty.

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By doing this I found out the best ways to fix the issue and resolve it when I was out of space. By following the below steps you would know, how to free up space on android.

The error of storage space running out of space does not depend on what company phone you are using. Or what OS you are using. The things like Play Store, offline map data, huge games, photo editing apps may take lots of space.

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As a result, it threw me the error of storage space running out of my phone. If your phone shows an error and says storage space running out some system functions may not work, then you can be sure that your phone will function very slow. You will not be able to take more pictures.

Your phone will stop updating. That is why people search for how to free up space on android. Even the iOS at some point says storage space running out.

storage space running out

Why The Error in Storage Space Running Out Occurs?

Let’s suppose I purchased a new phone. It has got some cool features. As it is a new phone I will try to install each and every cool application present in the entire universe thus eating up the whole memory.

As a result, I will get the error storage space running out and then I will think about how to free up space on android. This is exactly what happened to me last time and with the help of the internet, I was able to resolve the issue. And this article will tell you the step-by-step procedure on how to clear space on android and iOS mobiles.

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Steps To Resolve Storage Space Running Out

All you need to do is to follow all the steps one by one. By doing so, you will definitely get a faster processing speed and quick operative device.

Remove Unused Stuff To Free Up Space

  • You need to drill down to each and every application and eliminate the applications that you are not using. The applications that you are not using can be uninstalled.
  • The next step would be to clear out the “App data” in order to free up space. Like for example if you have a video as “taken offline” on youtube then that video would be considered as app data for youtube. So you can delete all the stuff like that.remove unused stuff


  • You may also delete the app data from here.
  • Another step could be to delete “User data”, which mainly includes, downloaded music files, videos files, photos, etc.

How To Fix Storage Running Out Quickly

As in android, there are applications present for everything, for this also you can install applications like :

SD Maid

This application could be used to keep your device clean and tidy. This application would enable you to delete files that are left behind. Logs, crash reports, and other files you don’t really want are constantly being created. It has some great options like App Control, Corpse Finder, System Cleaner, and last modified.

Download From Google Play Store

ES File Explorer File Manager

This is a file explorer application and will let you set up the file hierarchy on your android mobile phone. This has multiple advantages like it has Multimedia Explorer, Cloud explorer which would save up lots of space. It also supports application manager and Built-in ZIP and RAR support. These options are pretty handy. This is one of the best file managers for android.


Move Apps To SD Card To Free Up Space

Adding an sd card to your phone could be a great idea. As it will give you a new storage dimension and at the same time you could move the user data and some of the apps to the sd card. This will give you huge support on your storage and you will not see the error of storage space running out.

move apps to sd storage

There are applications that could be moved to your memory or sd card. You can follow the procedure by the steps in the image below.

Move Photos To Cloud To Get More Space

Moving your photos to cloud storage can be crucial for your phone’s memory. You may use a free service from Google called Google Photos. This is a one-stop solution for all your images and photos that you stored on your mobile device. This service from Google is really great if you have good internet connectivity.

The app will even alert you when it thinks it can help save you some space, with an on-screen notification making you aware that you’re closing in on your memory limits.

Features Of Google Photos

  • It supports the automatic upload of images from your device.
  • You can use your old Gmail account.
  • Free Unlimited Storage Space.
  • Advanced editing.
  • Smart automatic albums.

    Download From Google Play Store

Use Of Storage Analyzer

Now you might be thinking why do I need another app, to free up space on your phone. The reason is that sometimes we tend to go overboard with storing things on our mobile devices. So all you need is an application that analyzes the storage space and protects us from the error of storage space running out.

The app will display all the results in an easy-to-understand on-screen graphic, thus helping you find any files and directories which consume a lot of space. You can delete those files and directories from within the app itself. It provides a way to find files and directories on storage cards which consume a lot of space.

Download From Google Play Store

Over To You To Free Storage Space on Your Device

I have tried my best to give the ultimate solutions for your storage-related issues. In order to free up space on your android or ios, you can follow these solutions step by step. The error of storage space running out some system functions may not work can be resolved easily without anything to be worried about. Removing unwanted applications can be a crucial step in order to free space.

Now I want you all guys to explore a little and also come out with other good solutions. I would like to know further what space-saving tips you want to share with us. Are there any other tricks and tips that you use in order to save any of the space on your android phone? You also can name the techniques that you use to free up storage space in your mobile phone.

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