Fix MX Player AC3 Codec Audio Format Not Supported Error

Do you only get video while using MX Player? Are you getting the error like error AC3 Codec Audio format is not supported? There are issues with the ac3 codec for MX player and other codecs like AC3, DTS, MLP, etc? If your answer is yes to all those questions, then you need not worry. As you are a reader of Your Top Best. This article is all about how to resolve error audio format AC3 is not supported and get a working ac3 codec for MX player. And you would get to know how to play ac3 audio in MX player new version.

In my opinion, MX Player is one of the best apps as a video player for android devices. With great features and easy to use user interface. In recent times there has been an issue with the ac3 codec of the MX player. In the latest update due to a license issue, the MX player ac3 codec along with DTS, MLP, and other Dolby audio codecs was removed. Because removal of the ac3 audio codec including others created issues with users. Hence they are not able to listen to any audio while the video was playing.

AC3 codec


DTS Filters And AC3 Codec For MX Player

These are the audio filters that let the sound encode and decode when a video is being played. They are responsible for playing digital quality audio in MX player ac3 codec format. Earlier MX player supported ac3 codecs and DTS codecs, but due to license issues now the users face the issue of audio not being played.

What is the AC3 Filter?

It is a high-quality audio filter that lets the media player play the audio sounds with great audio quality when a video is being played. It gives the option to mix any audio source to 6 channels. With the functionality of encoding any audio source to AC3 on-the-fly, it is a great option.

What is DTS Filter?

DTS (Dedicated To Sound) is a series of the multimedia audio channel that is owned by DTS technologies. It helps in encoding and decoding the multimedia sounds while the video is being played. Encoders and decoders support numerous channel combinations, and stereo, four-channel, and four-channel+LFE soundtracks have been released commercially on DVD, CD, and Laserdisc.

Resolve AC3 Codec For MX Player Audio Error

To resolve the error AC3 audio format not supported error in MX Player and to know how to play ac3 audio in MX player, you need to follow the below step by step procedure. Please do not miss any of the steps and you will definitely resolve the MX player ac3 audio codec error on your android phone.

Downloading The Correct AC3 Codec

The first step in resolving the MX player ac3 codec audio error is to download the codec files. But before doing so, you need to find out the version of the MX player installed on your device.

  • Open MX player.
  • Go to Menu>Help>About.about mx


If you are a lucky person, or you have selected the proper ac3 codec for MX player then it will automatically detect the codec that you just downloaded from the above link and ask for installation. Then when next time you will be opening the app, it will ask for permission to use the app. All you need to select the right MX player codec and you are good to go. If by chance there is some issue with codec detection then you can follow the steps below. It will hardly take 2 minutes to resolve the ac3 codec for the MX player Audio Format Not Supported Error In MX Player.

Installing The Codec

Now when you have downloaded the codecs, it’s time to install the ac3 codec MX player audio. You need to follow step by step instructions for quick fix AC3 codec audio format not supported error in MX Player.


  • Open your MX Player.
  • Go to the main player main menue


  • Then choose player settings


After this, you need to select the “Decoder”.
mx player decoder


Now here comes the main part, you need to install the codec that you downloaded in the initial part. For that, you need to click on “Custom Codec”.

custom code mx player


Here you will have to go to the folder where you have downloaded the MX player code and you will have to install the same.

Now if you have downloaded the correct MX player ac3 codec then it will install successfully and the app will restart. If not then you will get the error as “Can’t find custom codec for this version”. Hence you need to go with the all in one codec which would be listed in the library menu given above.

MX Player AC3 Codec Audio Format Issue – Resolved?

If you were able to resolve the issue then congratulations. Now you would be able to play audio on your MX player with the help of the MX player AC3 codec that you have just installed. And now you would have got the answer to the question of how to play ac3 audio in MX player. If not, then you may comment below so that I can give you any alternate solution according to the issue that you are facing with the audio format issue.

You can also share this post with your family friends and relatives. Or anyone facing this issue so that they are also able to listen to the audio while they are playing a video on MX Player.

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