7 Best Family Tree Apps For IOS

Best family tree apps for Ios is one of the best and most beautiful apps where you could capture your all precious memories in a safe place. As it allows you to feed all of your photos, videos, and documents that may be useful in the future.

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I’ve compiled a list of some of the best that you might find useful. As I personally accessed all of the apps, the results were fantastic, as I was able to place all of my memorable and important documents in one file.

So you could also download any of the apps as per your preference and make the best use of them on your phone. By using these apps you will undoubtedly get positive results.

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Best Family Tree Apps For IOS


Roots Magic is one of the best apps for making your family happy and loving while watching old videos. As you could use this app to remember your family’s past events. You simply need to search your photos, arrange them in chronological order, and then share them with your family.

Its interface is simple to use, and anyone could use it. This requires the addition of real data and does not require any changes.

Even though you could easily place your family files and convert your files into adorable root magic data. This app is completely free, so you could take advantage of all of its amazing features with ease.

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Ged View

Get View is yet another brilliant app that allows you to feed your memories from the past to the present. You could save important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and other important appointments.

You could also create a separate file for your photos, videos, and current photos. Assuming you have a lot of photos and videos, you could show them as a slideshow.

You would also receive complete assistance in making your photo secure. However, if you have any files that are in pdf format, you could also view them on this app. There is no need for a subscription, and you could easily access the app.

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Microsoft OneNote

Are you looking for an app that would allow you to easily capture all of your memorable memories in one file and keep them safe for a lifetime? So, Microsoft OneNote is one of a kind the greatest apps for storing all of your loved ones’ memories in a single file.

If you want to see it again, you could just watch it again. As it is a kind of sketchbook, you could easily modify your photos or videos by adding text or emoji. As you could able to create a free account with Microsoft and use its features.

This app allows you to securely save all types of documents, special event dates, and other information. You could also keep notes or thoughts in a digital notebook.

Also, you could save your file anywhere, including cloud drives. It does, however, include some subscriptions that you could purchase by giving a small amount so that you could access its more beneficial features.

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Find a Grave

Find a Grave is one of the best apps for keeping all of your memories with you throughout your life. You could download the app for free from the store and save all of your beautiful images, videos, or important documents in a small app. In that case, you would never forget your memories or important dates.

You could easily track your loved ones if you could locate their location in your GPS. While you accessing the GPS, you could include photos of your loved ones. However, you could able to relive your memories by saving photos or videos.

You could also share your file with your friends or family via social media platforms. The app only needs to be downloaded once. In addition, you could trace all of your memories and other documents that you have already saved in your find a grave account.

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Tree View

Treeview is one of my favorite apps because it allows me to save all of my old memories with my family or friends in one file. As it saves all of my memories, I would be able to see them in the future.

It includes many different styles to keep your memories such as hourglass, pedigree, and many more that make your memory more astonishing.

You could also include some important notes, it would help you not to forget. There is a subscription service where you could easily watch your ancestors’ history.

You could easily add your photo to make your family tree more beautiful from time to time. Also, you could watch your memories even if you don’t have an internet connection. As in case you could save your information on one device, it would automatically save your information on other devices.

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Reunion Touch is one of the pre-eminent apps that saves all of your memories in a single encrypted file. You must first gather all of your photos, videos, and other files, then you could easily add them to this app. There is no limit, you could able to save endless data.

You might be able to get some new features that would allow you to create a family tree memory directly from your phone.

Although just add your memories or data you wanted to add without any restrictions. You could also upload photos at any time such as any video or photo of special events or moments that would spend with your family or friends. However, you could easily edit any data in the same app if it is required.

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FamilySearch Tree

One of the amazing apps where you could keep a large collection of your memories is FamilySearch Tree. Without spending so much time in one place you could keep your memories. There is no limit you could add limitless memories of your family or friends and capture them in the app for a life long.

You could also save all of your important data in a single small pocket app without any problems. As you could explore your family’s home or see your relatives’ portrays.

Although you could keep all of your ancestors’ or relatives’ recordings, photos, and videos in one file. If you need to add more photos or documents, you could easily do so on the same app. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you could use it. However, this app syncs with your devices, allowing you to resume where you left off.

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