10 Best Fake GPS Apps To Fake Your Location

If you like to change your current GPS settings, then you may use any of these best fake GPS apps. I personally love these apps. As they provide me the flexibility to change my location when location-based apps.

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As a result, I am able to use locations differently. For this very reason, I always at least one of the best fake GPS apps installed every time.

Also, a number of times, I was able to use the fake my location using these fake GPS apps and took off days from work. Enjoyed the time with family. Hence, personally speaking, I just love these fake GPS apps.

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best fake GPS apps

Top Best Fake GPS Apps

 Fake GPS location – Hola

TOP 10

Fake GPS location- Hola enables you to fake(change) your GPS location just in a few taps, providing you with a plethora of locations to choose from, including the exotic ones you might want to tell your friends about (or maybe make them a bit jealous too about that dream vacation).

This app can come in handy for overcoming the geo-restrictions that some location-based social network imposes like dating apps.

You can easily change your location and find your desired connections and dates in your desired location with just in few taps, right from one place.

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 Fake GPS Run

gps run

Fake Joystick GPS Run claims to teleport you to any corner of the world just by two clicks.

The user-friendliness is what makes this app stands out. As far as rooted devices are concerned it can mock the location without “Allow Mock Locations” being enabled.

A few configuration steps and you are good to go for a virtual world tour right from your smartphone.

You can either prank your friends or get that pokemon that is geo-specific or maybe get to know locals from a different part of the world through social networking all by changing your GPS location.

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 Fake GPS

fake gps1

This Fake GPS by ByteRev for android users is the app not only for the users but for developers as well.

Along with using it for fun activities with your friends, you could use it for changing the locations that few apps may use for various services.

Dating apps, location-based apps are the key facilitators for these services. As a developer, you can test your app’s ability to track a GPS signal without actually sending a GPS signal. This app is a powerhouse of tools. Check it out now on Playstore.

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 Fake GPS location

fake gps location

With over 10 Million downloads and over 300 thousand reviews, this Fake GPS location has a rating of 4.6 which speaks for itself about the utility of this app.

Along with user-friendliness and the vast array of tools that this app provides, you can change your location in seconds and make other apps believe that you are there, in a few clicks.

With standard services that other apps like this provide, this one lets you mock the location without enabling “ Allow Mock Locations”. The extra feature for developers is that this app comes with Tasker support and can be accessed from the command line.

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 VPNa Fake GPS Location – Mock GPS Go

VPNa fake

VPNa Fake GPS Location – Mock GPS Go will spoof your location to anywhere you want in the world. You can prank your friends or use a social network that is geo-specific and geo-restricted using this app.

This app doesn’t require you to root your phone to use its services. Just a few steps and you are good to go around the globe. You can even save your location so that you can come back at it later if you want to. So, overcome the restrictions and become a global citizen. This app is available on the play store.

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 Fake GPS 360

fake gps 360

Fake GPS 360 by Destiny Mobile is the ultimate GPS spoofer you’ll need if user-friendliness is your go-to. Just in a few seconds, you can change your location to the remotest corner of the world. Hanging out with people on social media, or pranking your friends, this app will impress you in its ways like you could impress that date of yours from Romania which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. This app lets you geotag your photos if you forgot to while clicking them. It can also come in handy in sharing your location or locating yourself if the GPS accuracy is low for your phone. This app has it all.

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 Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick

gps joystick

Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick by The App Ninjas is the hub of the tools that you’ll ever need for your auspicious journey of location spoofing. The main feature of this app is the Joystick, which you can customize according to your needs, makes operating the app even more fun than its counterparts. You can use the joystick to track and trace your previous records. You can even use longitudes and latitudes if you are confident enough. The app uses the best algorithm for realistic GPS values. You can use it for all of your GPS spoofing needs, available on the Play store.

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 FGL pro

fgl pro

FGL pro by LTP PRO LLC is a concise app that provides the features of other free and paid services free of cost. The features include the standard features where you can change your location and fool other apps into believing you are someplace of your own choice be it New York, London, or Vancouver. The app lets you choose the mode i.e. walking, driving, etc. The app also comes with a joystick simulator where you can play with this feature while you use its tools. If you are looking for a no-nonsense GPS spoofer that gets your job done, go for it. You can find it in the play store.

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 Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

spoofer free

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer comes in both free and paid versions. The free version provides the standard features like changing your location according to your choice, changing the update interval, routes creation, and integration with other apps via the share button. You could use this app to overwrite your location with the one of your choosing. The paid version has some pro-level features which you can unlock at a nominal fee. The paid version features include more route options and include expert mode. It also has cooldown charts which can be very useful. Do try the app if you want to up your game with some paid features.

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 GPS Emulator

gps emulator

GPS emulator by ROS Team helps you change your location virtually to fool other apps into believing you are really there. Not just the location, you can change your altitude, alter the accuracy, and retrieve the time of the current fake location you are at. You are armed with three map styles namely Normal, satellite, and Terrain. Fake GPS coordinates injection can also be enabled for Google Play Services. This app enables you with a range of pro features free of cost while also providing user-friendliness.

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