10 Facetime Alternatives For Android

Facetime Alternatives For Android are a popular set of apps. These apps could help you in getting the same experience on your android device as iPhone users use facetime on their phones.

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As a result of which, you can download these apps from the Google Play Store link provided at the end of the description.

Personally speaking, I have been an Android user since I own a smartphone. I have been using a number of the apps listed below. I never faced any problems till now. For this very reason, I am listing down these facetime alternatives for android.

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facetime alternatives for android

Top Best Facetime Alternatives For Android

  1. Google Duo – High-Quality Video Calls

    If you are someone who is adamantly looking for an alternative to the well-established facetime apps.

    Then my friend you have landed on the best page to find such an app.
    The one that tops our list of facetime alternatives apps in android is none other than the google duo.

    First of all the google duo app lets the user generate calls on both the android and apple platforms alike. Also, what I find more interesting in this app is that it lets you call many people at the same time.

    That means that this very particular app will allow the user to call a total number of 32 people in one call over the app. The Google duo app has a low-light mode as well.

    That will let the user make video calls even in the darkest of light settings. You can download this app for free by using the given link down below.

    Download From Google Play Store

  2. free video calls and chat

    The free video calls and chat app is another one of the top contenders in the list of face time alternatives for android.

    It is so popular that the term face time has become slang in itself. But face time as we all know is only and only meant to be used by Apple users.

    To my surprise as well this app has a speech-to-text option too that comes in handy to all the users. You can use this option when you are busy doing some other work with your hands.

    For instance, you could be in the kitchen. garden, or for that matter of fact in the shower. All you have to do is press the button and speak out your message to the app. It will convert your speech into a text.

    Download From Google Play Store

  3. Glide – Video Chat Messenger

    This app is without a single doubt worthy of entering our list of alternatives for face time apps for android. It has come packed with so many awesome and interesting features that will turn your head to it.

    First of all, let me tell you that this app lets the user make video calls at the speed of light. Yes, you heard it correctly it is super fast to see videos in this app with a single click.

    Also, this app brings so much convenience to the users in many forms and ways. You can instantly respond to any video, call, and message with its emojis and app stickers. If you own a smartwatch then you can also connect this app to it and check your app feed through the smartwatch as well.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. JusTalk – Free Video Calls and Fun Video Chat

    The just talk-free video calls and fun video chat app lets the user do a lot of things in less time. From doodling to video calling, to share images and texts it is a one-stop-shop for you.

    You can use this app to make video calls to anyone, your friends, or family, or associates anywhere and anytime.

    It brings the most simple, clear, and cool private video call sessions to you. And the quality or resolution of the video calls goes up to 720 pixels which is such a big relief to its users. You can use the dark mode in this app and also use emojis to better express your feeling to your close ones.

    Download From Google Play Store

  5. Video Calling Free

    Anyone can use the video calling free app to connect with your loved ones from any place and at any time.

    You can make free online video calls all this app asks you to have a working internet connection.

    All the video calls that are made through this app are one hundred percent in high picture quality. You can use this app on your smartphones, personal computer, tablets, laptops, and any other smart devices.

    This app also has many interesting and amazing filters that will make the whole video call more fun by giving it a creative and unique twist of characters.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Video Call All in One: Free Live Chat, Messenger

    The video call all in one free live chat and messenger app lets all of the app users connected.
    And also it serves as a wonderful medium in letting the users be in touch.
    This app has an amazing collection of live animation and wallpapers.

    It also lets the user go incognito where the user can read the messages even when they are offline and maintain privacy. This app also has many customized backdrops that can be set individually for every person’s call.

    You can also try its after-call feature as well you will surely like it. Besides it also has many tools like news, speed test, maps, and more. Download this app for free by using this link.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. Free Video Calls and Chat

    Yet another app making its way into our list is none other than the free video calls and chat app.

    This app is made to ease out the problems of android users that want to face time with their friends.

    The first thing is first, this app has an amazing store of brilliant communication ways. You can use this app to make video calls, chat through texts, and even file transfer.

    This free video calls and chat app is definitely one of the best alternatives to face time in the android market. This app lets the app user make high-quality and high definition calls and video calls both with super ease. It is available for free on the google play store app.

    Download From Google Play Store

  8. ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories

    The ooVoo video calls & messaging & stories app has proven to be quite a unique app. It has many unusual features which surprisingly are the ones we have been looking around for.

    You can call up to a maximum number of 7 people at one time that too for free. So if you have a small yet strong friend circle this app is for you.

    It has an amazing and quirky and funny set of stickers and app emojis. While using this app you can obviously talk to people face to face in the best way ( keeping in mind social distancing these days ).

    Besides you can also send them videos, images, and text messages to let them know you are thinking of them. Furthermore, to enjoy its many more features you can click on the link and download it for free.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9. Skype – free IM & video calls

    Who has not heard this name before in their lives? I am sure no one will say I have not heard it. Because it is that old of an app and that popular.

    The skype free IM and video calls app has been around for a very long time. And it can be used on phones, Macs, tablets, and of course on PCs.

    You can install and use this app for free to make high-quality video calls and even use it as a text messaging app. This app lets you connect with one to twenty-four people in a single call.

    Besides, it also lets you call any number be it local or international. So if one of your loved ones is living overseas skype connects you to them always.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. Viber Messenger – Messages, Group Chats & Calls

    To be honest you will see that there is already a pool full of such amazing video call apps. And the purpose of this list is to make you aware of it.

    The next app we will look into is the Viber messenger app. Also, this app lets you add 20 people in a group video call which is quite amazing.

    This free video calls and chat app is capable of being used as a chat app as well. That the user can combine while talking with their friends and family through video calls.

    It keeps in mind the privacy of the user thus ensures a safe and secure call-making procedure. Besides, the user can also share emoticons and stickers with others.

    Download From Google Play Store

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