Top Best Face Blender Apps For Android & iOS

Face blender apps are in trend these days. Suddenly everyone is talking about face blender apps. Having said that, there are lots of spam apps that look like face blender but are stealing your data and selling the same. Or have loads of advertisements. Hence, you should use authentic apps.

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For this very reason, I have written this article and curated a list of some of the authentic and best face blender apps. People love using face blender apps nowadays. It is just for fun and entertainment purposes with your friends and family members.

There are many face blender apps available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. I am going to discuss some of the best face blender apps with exciting features in this article. You also can check out trippy apps.

top best face blender apps

Top Best Face Blender Apps

  1. Multi-Face Blender

    multi face blenderIt is an amazing face blender app where you can synthesize several face photos. If you are crazy about some celebrities and want to know what you will look like when you combine your face with them, this app will be your send choice.

    You can easily combine too many faces quickly. You just need to select the number of faces you want, adjust the picture locations and erase the areas who don’t want to combine. The app also features changing the skin color.

    You can easily darken it or brighten it as per your preference. Rub the screen with your finger multiple times to get the result. You can easily enjoy other features like eye twitching, nose swiping, synthesizing a particular point, and automatic face recognition.

    Download From Google Play Store

  2. Mix Booth

    mix boothThis is a face mixing app designed for both Android and iOS devices. You can mix your photos with celebrities, photos preinstalled in your device, your gallery, or social media albums.

    The amazing fact is that the app features auto-cropping which means you do not need to crop the pictures and adjust them. The face detection feature will adjust it automatically.

    The app does not require an internet connection and to see the outcome you just need to shake your phone. You can save the picture and share it with your friends and family.

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  3. Face Blender

    face blender freeIt is an app where you can merge two photos by clicking through your phone’s camera or going through your phone’s gallery. It is entirely for entertainment purposes where you can mix photos of your friends or loved ones to make fun of new faces.

    If the face detection feature does not crop as you want, you can easily adjust manually by using the edit option. You can share your pictures on social media platforms, tag your friends for fun.

    For no ads, no logo, and other additional benefits you can go for the pro version too. I personally loved the pro version as it has additional funny objects that I can add. Hence, if you want you may go for the same. You also can check out eye candy apps.

    Download From Google Play Store

  4. FaceFilm

    face filmThis app is designed specifically for iOS device users. It is found only in the App Store. It is a simple app that allows you not only to merge photos but also to create videos while merging.

    The process is very easy and quick to give you the best results. You can merge any type of picture like a male picture with that of a kid or a female and even with pictures of animals.

    You can make GIFs of the saved pictures or add music to the videos which enhances your fun experience. Also, you can make a video out of your morphed pictures as well.

    Download From Apple App Store

  5. Ultimate Photo Blender/ Mixer

    photo mixerIt is a photo mixing and blending app containing advanced blending tools. You can not only merge more than two pictures at a time but also edit the pictures as you want using the editing tools.

    The app enables you to improve your picture quality to HD, crop it in the ratio you want, and share it with your friends.

    It also features different kinds of frames, stickers, special effects, overlaying of photos, and many other features for you to have an amazing experience with impressive results.

    Download From Google Play Store

  6. Photo Blender by Smart Photo Editor

    photo blenderThis app features the best editing and blending effects. You can merge several photos and make amazing collages. You can also add texts and stickers to these photos.

    When using this app, you can make different types of collages and post them on our Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media accounts.

    It also contains other features like photo blur and mirror image with amazing 3D effects. This photo blender app is updated with new content regularly and contains more than three hundred contents. It also enables you to create personalized templates.

    You can post the full photo or also crop and resize it. It has awesome filters in it. You can blend more than two pictures, blur the background or put it into a frame and share it wherever you want to. You can select the photo size and save it in HD mode.

    Download From Google Play Store

  7. My Animal Face Blender

    my animal face blenderThis app is designed for iOS users. It contains different types of animal face stickers like tigers and lions. You just need to choose the photo and add the sticker to it to get a quick animal face.

    The free version contains text editing functions with different fonts and more than twenty filters to make your picture look more beautiful.

    There are different frames for you to choose and share your wild side with your family and friends on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The app is supported on both iPhones and iPads.

    Download From Apple App Store

  8. Ultimate Photo Blender

    ultimate photo belnderThis app allows you to mix multiple photos in a creative way. It contains different types of photo effects like double and multiple exposures. The app features different blending tools and collages along with other photo mixing collages for you to use.

    Filter effects are available to make your photo look more attractive. You can use mirror effects, blur effects, and shape blends. This photo combining app is free and its popularity is rising day by day.

    You can also create display pictures for your social media accounts using special photo effects.

    Download From Google Play Store

  9.  Photo Blender by Devkrushna Infotech

    photo blender by infotechThis app enables you to create of eye-catching pictures. You just need to click a picture or select one from the existing picture and combine it with another existing one.

    It is a simple app with powerful photo editing tools. You can choose any ratio or crop any photo on your own. There are varieties of overlay effects and attractive photo frames.

    It also supports multi-layering which means you can merge more than two pictures and make them in one. It has a corner blend option and works smoothly on any screen resolution.

    Download From Google Play Store

  10. Pic Blender Photo Editor

    pic blender photoThis app is designed for iPhone users. It has about twelve blend modes which for you to use to create amazing pictures. It has its own library of pictures and different fonts for text editing.

    The app has a user-friendly interface, you can erase the portion as per your choice and apply unique filter effects. There are more than two hundred blending effects available for you which make your photo look attractive.

    You can adjust the brightness, sharpness, and exposure by yourself. It also features cropping and rotating. To enjoy all the features you can go for the yearly subscription plan with auto-renewal option available.

    Download From Apple App Store

So these were some of the best apps present in Google Play Store and App Store with excellent features. You should try it once and enjoy the fun!

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