Top Best Eye Candy Apps For Android

There are some amazing eye candy apps available for the android users. It might be very difficult for you to pick one of them and find the best one. Hence, I am going to take away the pain of going through all the apps and trying them. I have personally tried all the apps and below is the list of the same.

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These are all the android app that could be downloaded directly from Google Play Store. Hence, these are authentic eye candy apps that will serve you with their great quality filters and editing options.

There is at least one type of eye candy app present for all the occasions. As a result you can just dig in the list below and let the fun begin.

You also can check out the best selfie camera apps.

Top Best Eye Candy Apps For Android

Top Best Eye Candy Apps For Android

Eye Candy – Selfie Camera

Eye Candy - Selfie CameraWhenever anyone talks about eye candy apps, the first app that comes to my mind is eye candy – selfie camera.

It has got tons of filters, professional photo editors and easy to use photo editing options. The best part about this app that I like the most is the live filters selection.

This way I can choose the filter that I want to use. Like there is a filter present in this app for every occasion.

Hence, I totally love this app. Also, the developers have included the option to share the edited images to social media platforms, directly from the app.

It has got vintage filters, landscape photography modes, professional photography modes, night camera mode etc.

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Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera, photo editor

Candy Camera - selfie, beauty camera, photo editorAnother amazing app. I would prefer to call this app as the one stop solution to all your photo related issues. This app is an eye candy app, selfie app, beauty camera and a photo editor as well.

Candy camera has some amazing filters that will make your skin glow. It has specially designed filters for a selfie. For this very reason it is considered as one of the best and an amazing eye candy apps.

The developers have also added functions like lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara ! You also can use stickers. There are stickers for each and every occasion. On the photo editing front, the developers have added collage options, photo booth filters and other amazing effects.

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Sweet Candy Cam – selfie editor & beauty camera

Sweet Candy Cam - selfie editor & beauty cameraSweet Candy Cam is another eye candy app for android users. This one is the free app specially designed for selfie beauty camera.

Along with photo editing options developers have added Art Filters, funny Stickers, poster templates.

I just love the effects where I am able to remove wrinkles and pores from the face as well. This option is just amazing.

You also can smooth out your skin with the help of airbrush. It also has prism effects, neon effects and options to add colorful lights as well.

This app also has professional editing tools through which you can alter shadows, change light sources, add glares etc.

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Candy Selfie -Beauty Camera

Candy Selfie -Beauty CameraIf you have a habit of taking beautiful selfies anytime and anywhere, then this is the app for you. This app supports 100+ awesome filters and number of amazing effects to add.

These will make your image stand out and give it a professional look. Some professional editing effects include facial contour, smooth skin, brighten eyes.

The developers have also added silent option to make the app silently take selfies. By this way no one would be disturbed.

Hence, you can definitely try this app and check out its awesome editing options. The developers have also added photo frames and stickers as well.

This will enable you to take selfies according to the mood and place that you are present in. Also, directly sharing the images on social media is very easy when you are using this app.

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Sweet Selfie – Photo Editor & Beauty Camera Plus

sweet selfieAnother cool addition to this list of top best eye candy apps for android is Sweet Selfie.  This one is one of the widely used app when it comes to selfie camera.

But many people are unaware of the fact that it is also one of the best eye candy camera apps. This app has some awesome filters for each social media that you use.

Some of them are Snapchat filters, Facebook filters, TikTok filters etc.

It has also got stickers and emojis that could be used while editing photos. Some other effects include teeth whiter, pimple remover, acne remover etc.

You also can apply touch up and make up if you have not done so in real photograph that is being taken. There is an option of blurring photos, cropping photos and making a collage out of them

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Candy Camera

candy cameraCandy Camera is a sticker app that you could use if you are a sticker fan. It has collection of some of the most amazing stickers. Candy camera has awesome stickers for each and every occasion.

Hence, you would never be bored out of them. The developers have added stickers for each and every season. Namely, spring, summer, autumn, winter.

You can make your selfie look awesome and professionally edited just by using the sticker filters present on this app.

This is pretty new app and is being used by around 5 thousand users from all over the globe. Candy Camera is easy to use and works very smoothly on the android devices.

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Bestie – Camera360 Selfie

bestieBestie is one of the heavily used app by people who love to edit their selfie and photos. This is another great example of eye candy app for android users. This app has got some amazing touch up options that could be used.

With Bestie, you can easily make your simple selfie to look like a professionally shot image. It also has some basic options like Smart acne, blemishes & pimples remover. You also can easily make your skin glow and also change the complexion.

You definitely have the option to try out some of the most amazing filters. It also has red eye removal option and also option to color your eyes. You also can easily add cute stickers and amazing emojis to go with it. There are options to add GIFs with the image as well. This will make your image cool.

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