10 Electrical Engineering Apps For Android

These Electrical Engineering Apps are some of the most amazing apps that you could use. When and if you are using these apps, you would be able to cover a vast majority of topics in electromagnetism, electricity, and electronics.

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Hence, for an electrical student, these electrical engineering apps are nothing short of amazing. If you are one of them, then you should definitely try some of these electrical engineering apps.

I am pretty sure that you will absolutely love them all. Not to miss, that these electrical engineering apps are from the official app stores hence, there is absolutely no need to worry about the authenticity of these apps.

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Electrical Engineering Apps For Android

  1. Electrical Engineering

    If you have a passion for science and mainly for physics. Then you should definitely have this app on your device. Learning while being on the go is something that we should definitely get ourselves used to.

    The electrical engineering app is one of the most convenient and easy to use app. It is an app that has great and vast coverage of all the topics related to physics and electrical theory.
    Besides, this app proves to be very advantageous for all the people interested in knowing more about physics. In this app, you will see a wide range of topics starting from basic topics to more advanced topics.

    Furthermore, it covers topics like Norton theorem, DC Motor or Direct Current Motor, Alternator Synchronous Generator, Electrical Switchgear Protection, Digital Electronics, and more. You can download this app for free on the google play store and learn new things every day.

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  2. Basic Electrical Engineering

    The basic electrical engineering app is definitely a type of blessing in disguise. For all the students of engineering or even the ones in school, it makes learning the topics really easy.

    In this app’s topics list, you will find each and every topic that is there in all and any textbooks. Here in this app, you can learn about voltage and current, Ohm’s Law, the cosine waveform, inductor quirks, three-phase, four-wire system, and many more topics.

    Also, each and every topic is supported by full-fledged diagrams, pictorial representations, and equations. Now you can easily understand even the most difficult theorems with a single click. Downloading and using this app is super easy and free on the google play store.

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  3. Electrical engineering Books

    In the field of electrical engineering, you usually deal with and study the concepts and working of electromagnetism, electronics, and of course electricity.

    Among all the other apps that are related to the electrical engineering field, this app is most definitely a more informative app. You will find here books for engineering and as well as for maths.

    Yes, you will find here both the books with a well to do list of relevant and important topics. And also there is this feature of these books of having pictorial representations in the form of diagrams and graphs. Besides, there are pre-installed notes, pdfs, and other supplementary study materials to help out the students without any hassle.

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  4. Electrical Engineering Handbook 2018

    The electrical engineering handbook app is one of the many concise informative apps that gives out just the right amount of knowledge about many topics in physics.

    This app is available on the google play store for free and has a super friendly user interface. Because of this easy user interface, the app can be used and operated by anyone.

    You will also see that this app gives you the option to search for any topic by typing in the keywords related to it. Also when you have searched and scrolled through the entire list of topics you can bookmark any and or all those topics you want.

    What is more special about this app is that if you are having an online group study sesh. Then you can easily select the important text and or topic and share it with your study buddies on WhatsApp, Facebook, email, etc.

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  5. Electrical Engineering Mcqs and Interview guide

    As the name suggests of this app, the electrical engineering MCQs and interview guide app provide multiple-choice questions related to electrical engineering.

    This app is quite literally one of the best apps that helps the student in refreshing what all knowledge they have already gained. It also considered an excellent app for those who are preparing for electrical engineering exams and or interviews.

    For all those students going to college, this app is definitely a must-have. Because you can find here all the relevant topics and questions that you can practice a night before exams. One may also find here tips and tricks for cracking those nerve-wracking interviews with ease and calm.

    Besides, this app also has a well-dedicated section for past exam papers that will help you in the preparation for your forthcoming exams.

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  6. All Electrical Formula

    Do you remember how at the end before exam time when we sit down with all the will to do our prep for it? And you have everything with you like books, notebooks, notes, and even stationary. But just when you were solving your question you realize you do not have the formulas.

    Yes, this pain of not having the formulas in one place radiates to each and every one of the students. But worry not with the all electrical formula app you do not need to sweat over this haphazard formula dilemma.

    Here in this app, you will find formulas of electrical, power, ohm’s, power equation, and current formula. And this app also has an inbuilt calculator feature where you can calculate and estimate different units. Besides, you can use this calculator to convert Watts to amps formulas, Watts to joules formulas, Watts to volts formulas, Watts to VA formulas electrical, Watts to kVA formulas, and many more such unit conversion can be done.

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  7. Basic Electrical Quiz (MCQ)

    The basic electrical quiz app is in its own way a very exceptional app that works as a helpful guide as well.
    For anyone to learn the basic concepts of electrical engineering you can use this app anywhere and any time at your convenience.

    This app has a full dedicated section where you will find all the engineering related topic. And all these topics from A to Z are covered in detail with no single information left out.

    It is an awareness-based learning application where you can learn even the most basic of topics without any hesitation.

    This app comes with about more than 2000 plus questions which are very useful in improving your understanding of the topics related to electrical machines, DC motor, DC generator, and more. It has a very friendly user interface that is absolutely very simple to use. And you can install this app for free on your android devices.

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  8. Basic Electrical Engineering

    The subject of physics is itself a never-ending trail. You can keep on going following this trail but every time you will find something new that will make you question reality.

    The basic electrical engineering app is so very wonderful and obviously most helpful. If you are one of those people who consider themselves hungry for knowledge.

    Then it is highly suggested for you to download this app on your device. While using this amazing knowledge imparting app you will realize how fun and easy it could be to understand physics.

    And you can learn a lot of things about basic electrical topics by just sitting on your couch at home. Also, this app has taken the full responsibility of providing you with free educational material.

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  9. Electrical engineering handbook

    The electrical engineering handbook app is again a blessing in disguise for all those people who are not left with much time to prepare for their electrical engineering exams.
    This app has proven to be a very successful app for all the people who are part of this field of study.

    In the field of electrical engineering, you have to deal with all the electrical things. And therefore you should know about each and every concept and about the working of the electrical stuff.

    Because it is really very dangerous to work with electrical components this app lets the user know as much as possible about the topics of electrical engineering.

    With an interesting and simple user interface, you can browse, select, learn, and apply the knowledge gained from this app very easily. This app is obtainable on the google play store for free and works well on any android device.

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  10. Electrical Engineering

    Now we move to the last app on our list that is the electrical engineering app. This app also comes with a lot of descriptive and in-depth informative material that helps students to better grasp the topics in physics.

    This app is very useful for students appearing in online engineering exams. Here you can learn and refresh your know-how from basic to advanced level. You can also use this app for competitive examinations like ITI, Diploma, B.E./B.Tech, M.E./M.Tech and Ph.D.

    This app has its own community of students and professional that post their questions on the query panel. And people from this community only post answers too if they know it to help out each other. This app is easy to use and free to download on the play store.

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