Easily Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

Yesterday, suddenly my iPhone’s camera crashed. I was wondering why my iPhone camera is not working. I tried searching for some quick fixes on google but was not able to find anything that could fix the issue. As a result, I was frustrated to the core. Then I decided to write something on this topic so that no one faces the same problem.

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My iPhone’s camera was crashed, but the below solutions are for when your iPhone’s camera stops working after an update as well.

When your iPhone camera not working and has a black screen, then also you can follow the guide to quickly resolve your iPhone’s issue with the camera.

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iphone camera not working


Step-By-Step Guide: Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

  • Fix 1: Force Close All Third Party Applications

    The first step for the solution to this camera problem is to close all the third-party apps. Third-party apps might have caused the iPhone camera to crash. So you need to double-tap the home button and close all the third-party apps. Now again open the camera app and check if that is working for you.

  • Fix 2: Force Close The Camera App

    This is one of the most basic things that you should do when your iPhone’s camera has a black screen or it stops working. By forcing the camera app to close, you can check if there is any software issue. For doing so you need to tap the Home Button twice quickly so that you find your used apps and swipe up to close the camera app. Hence, after closing, you may try re-opening the camera app and see if it works.

  • Fix 3: Find The Problem Origin

    For finding the base of the problem, you need to make sure that if there is any software issue with the camera app. Hence, you need to open a video chatting app or any selfie app, and see if your camera is working or not. You can check the camera if that is working or not. If it is working then you can be sure that there is a problem with the iPhone camera application. For resolving this you can download this Camera+ app from Apple App Store. After installing this application your camera would work.

  • Fix 4: Restart Your iPhone

    Sometimes when the phone is updated. You may see the iPhone camera not working on black screen. To solve this issue, you may have to restart your iPhone and check if this resolves the black screen issue with your iPhone. This is reported to be the most common issue after iPhone software or OS update. If the restart of the phone does not fix the issue, then you may follow the next fix.

  • Fix 5: Turn On & Off Low Power Mode

    This solution to fix iPhone not working might sound a bit strange to you. People have reported this as a quick fix for this iPhone issue. You just need to follow the simple step to turn on the Power Saving Mode. Go to Setting>Battery>Turn On Low Power Mode. This step you need to do 3-4 times and then you need to restart your phone. Now you need to start your camera app and see if the camera started working or not.

    phone battery setting


  • Fix 6: Reset All Settings

    If your iPhone camera is still not working, then this last step would easily solve the problem. There are high chances that your iPhone camera will start working after this step if the black screen of the camera was caused by a software problem.

    Whenever you reset all settings to your iPhone. All the data e.g. apps, apps settings, mobile settings and your wallpaper, etc will get wiped off. Your iPhone will be the same as what you received when it was new straight from the factory.

    Now you would need to select the “Reset All Settings”.

    iphone reset all settings

    It will remove everything. So after restart, you can try opening the camera application of your iPhone and most probably it would start working.

    reset done

  • Fix 7: Repair Your iPhone

    Once you have tried all the above steps, and still your iPhone camera not working. Then it is highly recommended that you visit the nearest Apple Store or you may also contact the Apple Support.

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