Top 10 Dog Whistle Apps For Android & iOS

Dog whistle apps are becoming an essential part of our lives. If you have a dog, you need to train him, hence you need one of the best dog whistle apps.

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Keeping all the requirements in mind, I have listed out some of the best apps present in the market. These dog whistle apps will not only help you in training your dogs but also will help you in controlling them.

As a result of which you would be able to teach your dogs basic manners so that they always behave. Being a dog lover myself, I like to train my dog different skills that make every go aww! When they see such skills. I personally used all these dog-whistle apps, and they are just awesome.

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Top 10 Dog Whistle Apps For Android


  1. Puppr – Dog Training tricks

    pupprWith the maximum number of downloads, this dog whistle app secures the first position in our list.

    It is considered the best dog-training app available on the Google Play Store. It comes up with lots of training videos and lessons by professional dog trainers. With an in-built Clicker, this app further eases the process of teaching a dog good behavior.

    The best part is that we can use this app to train multiple dogs at a time. We can also track our training progress through the charts provided.

    For this very reason, I personally consider this app as one of the best dog whistle app.

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  1. Pawsitive – Best Dog Trainer App

    pawsitiveNow make it fun to train your dog with this wonderful app second on our list. This training app is suitable for both new and experienced dogs.

    The app provides us with the proper food guide for our dog. Also, there are several articles available on it that help in training dogs in a better way.

    With this app, we can teach our dog some basic tricks easily. It has other features like games for dogs, updated training videos, etc.

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  1. Dogo

    dogoDogo is another popular Dog whistle app on our list which is available on Android. It is seen that dogs are trained better and faster when they are rewarded for obeying commands.

    This app does the same; it helps us to praise our dog by clicking on the button which produces unique sounds (whistle). It comes with several articles that have a lot to do with training pets.

    One additional feature of this app is that we can create a profile of our dog on it with his photo and check the progress. Make it easy with weekly contests on this app which is just a click away.

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  1. Anti-Dog Whistle

    anti dog whistleAs the name suggests, this app comes with a variety of anti-dog whistles which helps in stopping barking dogs. Anti-Dog Whistle comes fifth on our list with some extra features.

    It is used to train dogs and teach them good behavior. Just we need to tap the screen to release the sounds audible by dogs only.

    It contains a list of tips helpful in training dogs. On this app, we can adjust the frequency of sounds to be emitted. Hence, now train your dog with this easy app. For your convenience, the download link is provided below.

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  1. Dog Whistle – High-Frequency Generator

    dog whistleThis is another great app on our list is Dog Whistle which releases high-frequency sounds ranging between 100 and 22,000Hz.

    These sounds are uniquely audible by dogs, i.e. we can train our dog without disturbing others with these sounds.

    One more thing, this is a free app to use available for Android users. With this app, we can train our dog with some call tricks. Now use this app to make your dog much smarter.

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  1. Train Away

    train awayAutomated Dog Trainer. This app with some distinguishing features comes on the seventh position on our list.

    It comes with recorded sounds by professionals like doorbells, footsteps, thunder, etc. which helps in making our dog familiar with these sounds. We can set the duration for which the training is to be given.

    Also, we can adjust the volume boost to be emitted. This app provides us with the opportunity to track our training progress. Save your time and money with this automated dog training app.

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  1. Dog Whistle –Train your Dog

    dog whistleAnother useful app for training dogs is this amazing app on our list. With this free app, we can not only train our dog to behave in a good manner but can also use it to stop the neighbor’s barking dog.

    It is also known for its anti-mosquito repellent feature. This app comes with several dog games.

    It should be noted that this app does not occupy our phone’s internal storage instead it gets downloaded straight to the SD-card.

    Also, the step-by-step instructional videos help a lot in making dogs well-trained. To explore other features of this app, you may download this amazing dog whistle app.

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  1. Dog Training Whistle Sound

    dog training whistleFree Train a Dog. This is another free dog whistle app available easily on the Google Play Store. It holds the ninth position on our list.

    We can set the timer on it to train our dog. It is like all the other apps on this list, come with lots of articles, tricks, and techniques that are helpful to employ while training a dog.

    It is observed that whistle sound is more effective than the human voice in training a dog.

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  1. Dog Whistle with Training Lessons

    dog whistle with trainingIt comes with preset modes like come, stop, and turn that are helpful in training dogs. This app releases high-frequency tones of 1Hz to 25,000Hz which only a dog can hear.

    We can also adjust the frequency of the sounds. Using this app, we can make our dog obey commands like sit, come, stay, down, leave it, etc. Now train your dog with this app.

    This app has some amazing easy to use features, hence this is a pretty handy app when it comes to dog-whistle apps.

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  2. Dog Training, Whistle, Clicker & Sounds

    dog trainingThis app, fourth on our list comes with a multifunctional clicker which makes it unique on its own.

    There are many detailed lessons and training videos by professional which are provided to help us out in the training process. It has 3 Clicker types with a squeaking toy.

    Now make the neighbor’s dog stop barking with this easy-going app. It can also be used as a mosquito repellent.

    There are many more to know about the app.  Just tap the link provided to see its other features. A number of people find this app to be one of the better dog whistle apps.



In this article, we looked at the list of top best dog whistle apps available on Android. These apps are really helpful in training dogs efficiently.

Now we do not need to search for expensive training centers for dogs. Go and get the one to teach your dog some cool tricks!


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