10 Best Diabetes App To Track Blood Glucose

With the increase in the number of diabetes patients, keeping one of the best diabetes apps is a must. I myself have been using a number of these diabetes apps to track blood glucose. Personally, I feel really satisfied with the functionality.

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Also, these apps make it easier for me to track the number of things like daily readings, diet charts, and other important stuff.

I also love the fact that I am able to create multiple profiles for different family members. At the same time, I am able to sync the data on the internet. This enables me to use different devices to track all the readings and see the trend.

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diabetes managing apps

Best Diabetes Apps

  1. mySugr – Diabetes App & Blood Sugar Tracker

    If you want to keep your body sugar levels in check. Then you can use my sugar diabetes app and blood sugar tracker app.

    Here in this app, you can manually enter your personal data. And keep an eye on your average sugar level, carbs, hyper and hypos, deviations, and more. Besides, you can also keep track of the minutes or hours that you have been active in a day.

    It also lets you log in to your meal plans. And tells you how many carbs it contains. You can also enter it as to what type of food it was. Also, you can connect this app to your Accu chek device and monitor your insulin through that. It costs absolutely no money and you can install it for free on any of your devices.

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  2. Diabetes: M – Management & Blood Sugar Tracker App

    This virtual mobile application is very much capable of helping you monitor your blood glucose levels. It is quite an impressive app that gives realistic results.

    You can enter your sugar levels in this app manually without creating any kind of fuss. This app gives you the option to log in with details of your sugar level.

    And categorizes the data on the basis of date, time, and before and after bedtime. Altogether, you can also check your carbs intake, glucose levels, basal rate, and more. Besides, it also lets you calculate your insulin consumption and the bolus of your meals.

    With its top-notch tracking system, you can monitor at what time you take your meals. And its nutrition database helps you to check what meals and how many cal and carbs you have consumed. Personally speaking, I just consider it as one of the best diabetes apps.

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  3. forDiabetes: diabetes self-management app

    With its beautifully color-coordinated dashboard, you can easily keep a keen look at your blood sugar levels.

    You can manage your daily intake of food, carbs, calories, and more through this app. It also lets you analyze your blood pressure, insulin, and hemoglobin levels as well. In this busy work life, it is really hard to keep track of your active time.

    But luckily this app gives you the benefit of tracking that as well. You can easily open this app and see how many minutes you were active that day. Furthermore, this app lets you set reminders on when you are supposed to take your insulin.

    And also helps you check in on if you have taken the prescribed grams of meals. All in all, you can download this app for free on any of your devices.

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  4. Type 2 Diabetes: Lifestyle & BG by Nourishly

    The type 2 diabetes lifestyle and BG app make it perfectly easy for the users to manage their diabetes.

    You will find a quick and easy way to manage your blood glucose levels with the help of this app. Interestingly, this app suggests you specialized diabetes meals based upon the history of data that you enter.

    For all the type 3 diabetes people this is one of the best diabetes apps to track the blood glucose levels.

    This app also lets you build a connection with your personal dietitian, doctor, and nurse to get their expert care outside the clinic. It will track your caloric intake while also tracking your mood. This app also works as your very own personal health coach.

    Because it will also help you out in times when you feel down or are facing troubles mentally. With its 200 plus skills store, you can untangle yourself from any negativity, inactivity, and or stress.

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  5. Blood Glucose Tracker

    The blood glucose tracker app is most definitely the best app. And without a single doubt serve its purpose to the fullest and best.

    You can very easily find and download this app on the google play store. With its high standard functioning style, it makes the old fashioned sugar machine feel out of date.

    You will no longer need the blot strips every time you want to check your blood glucose level. Now, you can simply enter the relevant details in this app and save it for a long time. Furthermore, it provides you with the feature of statistical reports.

    You can easily access these reports on a weekly and or monthly basis. While using this app you will find it very easy to look back at your previous saved data. Since this app has the auto backup feature you can effortlessly restore your data in case your phone sees any damage.

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  6. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

    Keeping a track of your blood glucose levels is a really important job. If you are diabetic then you need to take care of yourself very keenly.

    This app lets you easily enter and log in data about your blood glucose levels. You can also record details about your medications. And as well as your daily meals to save your caloric intake.

    While you add all of these details this app prepares a virtual report for your benefit. Besides, you can analyze any changes that happen within an hour’s time. Furthermore, this app has an overall complete tracking for food, weight, A1C. And surprisingly provides you with a 12-week meal management problem.

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  7. Blood Sugar Log – Diabetes Tracker

    This is an absolutely free app that lets you track your diabetic episodes easily. First of all this app supports both of the SI units that is mg/dl and mmol/l.

    If there is any kind of variations in your blood sugar level. Then you can easily look it up in the graphical charts this app prepares.  This app also lets you import and or export any kind of medical data that you have previously stored in any device of yours.

    With its dual working feature, you can track your blood sugar level and your pulse at the same time. All in all, if you download this app it will help a great deal in keeping your health in check.

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  8. Glucose tracker & Diabetic diary. Your blood sugar

    Do you remember how we used to keep diaries to note down details about our day to day life? Well, what if I tell you that keeping your health in check and diabetes in order can be just as easy.

    The glucose tracker and diabetic diary your blood sugar app let you fill in the necessary details. Just like you would do it in your personal diary. It has both international and standard level of measuring units. That will help you out easily to track your blood sugar, carbs, calories, pulse, and many other rates.

    You can also with the help of this app set a reminder as to when you are supposed to take your insulin. In short, you can find this app easily on the google play store app and hit the download button to get this app for free.

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  9. MyDiabetes – Personal Diabetes Reversing Assistant

    This app brings to you the most effective and most efficient way to record your details about everything. And then uses all those details and data to help you keep your diabetes in control.

    When you will use this app then you will actually realize that it is not so difficult to journal these particular details. It is super easy to follow a diabetes management app which makes the whole process a whole lot easier than it seems.

    This app gives you meal plans with the exact need full amount of carbs and calories that are required. You can even go to the personal guide tab and keep a log of your progress throughout the journey.

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  10. Glooko – Track Diabetes Data

    This app may be the last on our list but definitely not the least. This is another one of the diabetes apps that helps the user to take care of their diabetes timely and properly.
    What is so interesting about this app is that it allows the user to see the trends in the charts in multiple ways.

    You can access the charts on daily basis. weekly basis, and monthly basis. This app will also let you sync your other devices like smartwatches, Fitbit, and others.

    So you could have the ease of monitoring and logging in from remote devices as well. Now easily log in what meals you have eaten at what time and keep your health and diabetes both in the best state.

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