10 Awesome Deer Call Apps To Polish Your Hunting Skills

Deer hunting is an amazing sport. If you would like to polish your deer hunting skills, then you may try these awesome deer call apps. Using these, you will be able to learn different techniques and tricks. For this very reason, these amazing deer call apps become really important.

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The experience that you will gain with these deer call apps would be really beneficial for your real-time hunting experience. Hence, for a true hunter, these deer call apps are a must.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind while using these deer call app is surety about the deer hunting laws. Since the laws are different for different states, hence you should always check those in your own state. You also may check out useless websites for time pass if you are feeling bored while deer hunting.

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Top 10 Deer Call Apps

  1. Roe Dear Calls and Deer Sounds

    roe deer callsThis pro app has got about 16 soundtracks for you to use while hunting. These soundtracks are clear, refreshing, lifelike, and impressive and you can easily connect to your speaker system for louder calls.

    It is compatible with Bluetooth speakers too which is very useful as you need not worry about carrying audio cables and other stuff for the louder hunting calls.

    You can purchase audio tracks like Roe Deer Barks, Doe Distress call, Antler Rattling, etc., and have an amazing hunting experience.

    You also may use volume booster apps to boost the volume, so that it could be heard from long distance as well. This would make sure that deer which are far away are able to hear your deer call.

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  2. Whitetail Deer Calls by Nielsen Family Creations

    white deer callsThis is a simple app with a user-friendly interface developed to improve your deer hunting experience by producing clear and realistic deer calling sounds.

    It has got different types of audio tracks like Doe Contact, Buck Bawl, Buck Wheeze, etc. with amazing sound quality which you can connect with your speaker and amplifier system with the audio cables for producing louder sounds to attract the deer even if they are present at a longer distance from your location.

    You can add any audio track to your favorites and play it on a repeat mode or set the total duration of the calls.

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  3. Deer Hunting Calls Soundboard

    deer hunting calls soundboardThis deer call app is developed to help you in deer hunting by playing the audio tracks with the best sound quality.

    It has got many types of soundtracks like whitetail doe grunt, buck bawl, buck grunt, fawn distress and so on which will give you an extra benefit over your fellow hunters during hunting.

    Another benefit is that you can also use these soundtracks as your ringtone or alarm if you want to. This app is free and easy to use.

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  4. Deer Calls

    deer callsThis app has got about 18 different deer calls like buck alert wheeze, buck snort wheeze, deer wheeze, fawn grunt, young buck grunt, and others with high-quality sound which is very effective for deer hunting.

    You can connect your phone with your speaker system for producing a louder sound so that it can cover a wide area.

    It also enables you to use any of its soundtracks as your ringtone, notification, or any other tones if you like.

    This is a paid app intended to give you the best hunting experience.

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  5. Hunting Calls Ultimate

    hunting calls ultimateThis is a very special app as it helps you not only in deer hunting but also other animals and birds like Wolf, Fox, Bear, Chicken, Wild Turkey, Crow, etc.

    It has got about 70 different audio tracks that can easily attract many birds and animals.

    The sound quality is amazing, it is very realistic and absolutely clear and you can connect it with external speakers for extending the range of the audio tracks.

    You can put it in the auto-repeat mode so that you need not worry about playing the tracks again and again and thus, concentrate on your hunting.

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  6. Real Hunting Calls

    real hunting callsThis is a cool app containing different hunting calls to attract different types of birds and wild animals like deer, ducks, rabbits, raccoons, and others.

    The collection of these sounds will help you in bringing the animals closer to you. It is a completely free app so you do not need to buy different devices for this and it is very effective in grabbing the attention of the animals.

    Connect it with your external speakers for a louder sound. It will enhance your skills in hunting too.

    This app is very easy to use and features a wide variety of electronic sounds like running, feeding, etc. which is very realistic and will give you the best hunting experience.

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  7. Whitetail Deer Calls Sound

    Whitetail deer calls soundsThis is an amazing app designed to aid you in whitetail deer hunting by producing a clean and clear sound that will attract them. It can be connected to Bluetooth speakers for extending the range.

    You do not require turning on your data or have access to a Wi-Fi connection for running this app. You can set the duration of the sounds and also use the repeat mode.

    I personally feel this is one of the better deer call apps. Because of its quick speed and lightweight app features. Hence, you may definitely give this a try.

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  8. Sika Deer Calls for Hunting

    sika deer callsThis app is designed to help you with hunting sika deer. It contains about five tracks featuring sika sound which is very clear and can be connected to Bluetooth speakers for louder sounds.

    You can use other applications of your phone like clicking photos or text messaging at the same time, the audio will keep on playing.

    Hence, you do not need to carry other unnecessary stuff and enjoy the smooth hunting experience.

    The purchasing cost of each soundtrack is low and affordable.


  9. Deer Calls For Hunting

    deer calls for huntingThis app is very effective in enhancing your hunting experience. It has about five different audio tracks that are very realistic and you can connect them with your Bluetooth speakers or with any other speakers for a louder sound.

    You can also run other applications simultaneously while playing the audio track. The audio tracks are long and clear and this app has proven itself to be very effective.

    You need to purchase the audio tracks but the cost is very less and it saves you from carrying unnecessary accessories while you go hunting.

    Just for the sake of fun, if you are not able to call any deer, use these amazing disco ball apps, they might get attracted to these amazing disco lights and show up.

  10. Deer Calls and Deer Hunting

    deer calls & Deer HuntingThis app provides you about 17 different calls recorded from actual monster whitetail deer which is very beneficial during deer hunting as it can attract them.

    You can easily avoid carrying an mp3 player and audio cables, you just need to connect it to your Bluetooth speakers and play the tracks for wide area coverage.

    Some of the deer calls and sounds are Antler Rattle, Doe Distress, Wheeze, and Buck Grunt.

    Your phone must be in silent mode so that the audio tracks can play smoothly without any interruptions. As a result, you will have better concentration as well.

So these were some of the best deer call apps. However, the legal obligations of your state or country should be followed strictly so that you do not lend yourself to trouble.

Disclaimer – This post by no means is promoting deer hunting. Users should consult their lawyers and make sure that they are abiding by all the laws before going on deer hunting. Your Top Best will take no responsibility if you break any laws.

You may check out below governmental resources for your reference.

  1. State Hunting Licenses
  2. US Fish and Wildlife Service
  3. Everything you need to know before hunting on public lands.

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